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Topic: Jubilee

Episode Topic Audio

Year of Jubilee: Would you describe the "Year of Jubilee" and if there is application to us today? [Luke 4:18, Isaiah 61:2, 2 Timothy 2, Hebrews 2:15].

Blood Moons, Shmita, the Jubilee: Does Steve give any credence to the Jewish Feasts, the Jubilee, the Shmita, the Blood Moons, that the economy is going to collapse in September 2015? Can we consider them "markers" that we are in the end of the world?

Shmita - 7th Year Rest - Jubilees: What does Steve know about the Shmita, every 7 years letting the soil rest? What about Jubilees?
America's Economy: Is America's economy about to collapse?

Year of Jubilee: Did the Jews ever keep the Year of Jubilee? What is the spiritual application for us today? [Luke 4:18]

Year of Jubilee: Can you expoud on the year of Jubilee?

Sowing & Reaping: Sowing & Reaping, why did they have to wait until the 3rd year to sow & reap? Does it have to do with being that the 3rd year is a Jubilee? [2 Kings 19:29-30]

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