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Topic: Nations

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"Table of Nations" in Genesis: Could you clarify the origins of the Anglo-Saxon's in the "Table of Nations" in Genesis? [Genesis 10].
Esau & the Edomites: Did the Edomites come from Esau?
Herod, the Last of the Edomites: Was Herod the Great the last of the Edomites (descended from Esau)?

Noah & Abraham: How come Noah isn't considered the father of all nations but instead Abraham?

The "ites" at the end of a Word: What does the "ites" mean at the end of a people such as the Edomites, Israelites?

Healing of the Leaves: Why are do you need leaves for the healing of the nations from the tree of life? [Revelation 22:2]

Abraham's Blessing to All: Would you help me understand the controversy about interpretation of the Abrahamic blessing- does it mean that, “through Abraham all will be blessed?” or does it mean that “all people will bless themselves through Abraham”? [Genesis 12:3, Galatians 3:8].

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