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Topic: Lot

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Lot's Drunken Incest: Could you bring clarity to the passage about Lot being so drunk that he didn't know he was having sex with his daughters? [Genesis 19:30].

Lot-Unrighteous Man: Could you explain why Peter calls Lot a righteous man, when he was so dishonorable in his choices? {2 Peter 2:7, Genesis 19].

Lot: How does one understand the nuances of the Bible especially in some of the distasteful stories about Lot (when he offered his daughter to the visitors, or when the daughters slept with their father)? [Genesis 19: 8, 30-38].

Jesus in India as Youth: Did Jesus go to India in His youth?
Lot Offering Daughters: Why did Lot offer his daughters to the men at the door? [Genesis 19]

Lot & His Hired Help: What happened to the cattle hands that Lot had when he had to flee the city sodom?

Lot's Righteousness: How exactly was Lot righteous? [2 Peter 2:6]

Remember Lot's Wife: Lot's wife was "taken" but she wasn't really taken, but remained, even though she eventually turned into a pillar of salt, so isn't there basically 3 categories of what happens to people, one to the righteous, & 2 for the wicked? [Luke 17:32-37, Genesis 19:17,26]

Lot's Children: Did Lot have sons? [Genesis 19:12]

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