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Topic: Christ (Types of)

Episode Topic Audio

Being a Type of Christ: So as God's children and as Christians, are we a reflection of Christ ourselves?

In Christ and Identifying with Christ: Caller believes there is a difference between being "In Christ" and "Identifying with Christ".

Tree of Life & other Trees in the Garden: Was the Tree of Life as a type of Christ? What other symbolism do the trees in the garden of Eden represent?
Communion: Does Communion connect us to Christ like the Tree of Life did?

True Christianity: What is the true way to be a Christian, because Buddhists seemed more Christ-like than Christians?

King Ahaz's Sign: How was the Virgin Birth of Jesus a sign to King Ahaz since he never got to see it? [Isaiah 7:10-14, Isaiah 8]

The Devil: You didn't believe in the literalness of Satan? [Ezekiel 28, Isaiah 14]
Jesus Addresses Satan through Human Agents: Yeah, but Steve, Jesus alludes to Peter that he is Satan, but he's actually talking to Satan & not really talking to Peter. In contrast, just like there's many types of Christs behind people.
Covering Cherubs: What about the Covering Cherubs?
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