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Topic: Catholicism (Catholic)

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Catholics Saved: Are the Catholics who confess to priests and bow to idols of saints, saved? [John 20:23, James 5:16].

Catholics and Preterism: When you were introduced to Preterism, was it through a Catholic source? [Matthew 24, Luke 21, Mark 13].

Catholic Theology Saves: Do you think if one adheres to Catholic theology all their lives, one can go to heaven when they die? [John 8:32]

Lent: Caller offers insight into the origins of "Lent".
Caller shares His Miracle: Caller shares his recent miracle.

Catholic Practice of Lent: When did "lent" begin, and what do you think about those that practice it?

Catholic View of Revelation: Where do Catholics stand in light of the four views of Revelation and end times?
Partial Preterist View of Revelation: Could you share your Partial Preterist view on the book of Revelation and the four various views, particularly, about the fall of Rome and A.D. 70?

A Vision for Children: Caller recommend Steve Gregg lectures; "A Vision for Children" on
Abstaining for Lent: How does one share a concern about abstaining from something for 40 days for lent, when we should be doing things right all the time?

Catholic Traditions & Inconsistencies: Are not Catholics inconsistent when they indicate there are not new revelations since scripture was written, however they have all these oral traditions, such as various beliefs about Mary?

Liturgy & Traditions for Worship: Should our worship include some of the liturgy of the Catholic church or Old Testament Jewish traditions? How do we determine what to include?

Catholics in Government Prophecy: Do you see a connection between current events; Catholics becoming dominant in government offices, and Bible prophecy? [2Thessalonians 2].

Which Catechism: Do you adhere to any one catechism? If so, which one, and if not, what is wrong with them?

Praying to the Saints: Could you help me understand the verses and tradition of praying to the saints? [Revelation 5:8, Revelation 8:1-9:20].

Christian Scientists & Catholics: Could you comment on Christian Scientists and Catholicism?

Catholic Liturgical Experience: Could you comment on my overwhelming sensation I experienced in the Catholic church in contrast to my experience in the Protestant church?
Medications for Anxiety & Depression: What do you think about Christians taking medications for anxiety and depression, etc.?

Apostolic Succession: Would you talk about Catholic "apostolic succession" and the early church fathers? [Acts 12].

Praying to Mary and the Saints: Is there any scriptures that tells us not to pray to Mary and the saints?

Good Catholics-Saved or Lost?: What happened to my parents who were devoted Catholics, but not possibly not saved?
Supernatural Events: Caller shares what seems to be supernatural events and wonders what Steve thinks about it?

The Crusades: Was what happened in "the Crusades" actually justified as self-defense due to Christians being persecuted and killed?

Watchman Nee & Witness Lee: What do you think of Living Stream Ministry and Local Church (Watchman Nee, Witness Lee) and their view that the Catholic Church was apostate?
The Recovery Bible: What do you think of The Recovery Bible?
The Eucharist: Do you believe that in the Eucharist actually turns into the real body and blood of Jesus?

Books Removed from the Bible: Why did church leaders remove some of the books of the, such as, Enoch, and Maccabees?

Remitting and Forgiving of Other's Sins: Could you talk about the verse about "the remitting of sins" or the forgiving of other's sins in John? [ John 20:23].

Origins of the Bible: Did The New American Bible come from the Catholics?
Easy-to-Read Bible: What is an easy-to-read Bible?

Death Angel: Is death an angel, based on Hebrew mythology?
Catholic Church & Their Traditions: Has the Catholic Church changed many things in the faith in order to gain more control?
The Apocrypha: Should one read the Apocrypha?

Influence of Catholics on the Supreme Court: Regarding the Supreme Court and the dominance of Catholics, do you think that they could overly influence the decisions of the courts and mandate Catholicism?

Mary Never Died: Did you know that Catholics believe that Mary never died?

Former Catholic Questions "What is Essential": From a Former Catholic, who is now attending a non-denominational church; "I get confused about the meaning of being "Born again" among other things. What should I be more focused on to grow in my faith?"
The Pentecostal Denomination & The Trinity: Does it matter what church I go to? The pastor of the Pentecostal church is nice, but his view of The Trinity doctrine is different.

Pre-millennial & Anmillennial Church History: When did the church transition from Pre-millennial to Amillennial? [Revelation 2:6, Matthew 20:25-28].

The Holy Spirit & Mary, Mother of Jesus: when the Holy Spirit came upon Mary, did she then have the Holy Spirit as we do? [Acts 1, Acts 2:17, Psalm 51:11, John 7:39].
The Holy Spirit in The Old Testament: Can you clarify the Spirit coming upon people in the Old Testament and if He would then stay with them?
Hail Mary, Full of Grace: What does it mean to say, "Hail Mary, full of grace?" Does it mean she was born sinless?

The Stigmata: Was Paul talking about the stigmata in the verse about bearing the wounds of Christ? What do you think about the stigmata? [Galatians 6:17].
Calvinists & The Thief on the Cross: How do the Calvinists explain the story of "the thief on the cross"?

Catholic Indulgences & Martin Luther: What do you think about some Catholic claims that there was only one priest that sold indulgences, so Martin Luther's 95 Theses (objections) is misleading.

Peter, the Rock, & Apostolic Succession: Can you clarify apostolic succession, and Peter as the Rock or foundation? [Matthew 16:18, I Peter 2:5, Isaiah 28:16, Ephesians 2:20, I Corinthians 12:28, Acts 7:54-60].

Destruction of Catholicism: Could you clarify Revelation 17, and if it could be about the destruction of modern day Catholicism (the new Israel)? [Revelation 14, 17, 19:2, Matthew 23, Romans 13].
Modern Day Israel: Isn't it reasonable to assume that modern day Israel is a temporary custodian of the land?

Catholicism & Celibate Priests: How did Catholicism come up with priestly celibacy? Is this what is discussed in I Timothy 4? [I Timothy 4:3].

Authority to the Popes to the Apostles: Do the popes have the authority of "binding and loosing" that Jesus promised to the apostles? [Matthew 16:19, 18:18, 2 Corinthians 8:23].
Mary & the Saints Perfected in Righteousness: Relative to the Catholic claim that Mary and the saints are prefected in righteousness, are we not already prefected in righteouseness in Christ? [3 John].

Catholic Church Influenced King James Version: Did Catholic influence on the KJV obscure the fact that Jesus was crucified on Wednesday? {Mark 6:9, Matthew 28:1].

Beasts in Revelation: I just want to point out the two beasts in Revelation and their identity and how it is connected to the papacy and Catholic church. [Revelation 13].

New Testament Reliability: Did the Catholic church alter the New Testament? Is it still trustworthy?

Catholics-Saved or Unsaved: Can Catholics be true Christians and saved?
Infant Baptism & Salvation: If someone was baptized as an infant, as in Catholicism, could they still be saved without being re-baptized as an adult?

Catholic Traditions: How do Catholics respond to Romans 14, especially regarding not eating meat on Fridays? [Romans 14:1-8].

Crossing Oneself in Catholicism: Is there a protestant equivalent of crossing oneself when you hear of someone's passing-like there is in Catholic tradition?

The Apocrypha: Regarding the Apocrypha, isn't it more appropriate to consider it a Jewish area of expertise, rather than Catholic or Protestant? How did it's inclusion in Catholic Bible come about?

Traditions of the Elders: Could you enlighten me about this verse and if it suggests that Catholic emphasis on tradition might necessarily be reconsidered? [Matthew 15:6].

Praying to Mary: Why do Catholics pray to Mary? Is it in their Bible?

Praying Souls from Purgatory into Heaven: Is there any biblical reason to believe that people can be prayed out of purgatory and into heaven? [2 Maccabees, I John 5:16].

Religious Practices-Eastern Orthodox & Catholic: Is there much of a difference between Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic practices and then how do those relate to the original Biblical practices?

Catholic Eucharist: Is it not support for the literal body of Christ being eaten, if we parallel the body of Christ to the tree of life, and that they were to literally eat? [John 6, Revelation 21:5].

Little Horn: Is the "little horn" speaking of the papacy (popes) in these verses? [Daniel 7:8, 25].
Forgive Sins-the Catholic Church: Do not Catholics commit blasphemy when they think that the priests can forgive sins?

Eucharist-Body & Blood of Christ: Catholic caller wants to challenge Steve's critique of the Catholic view of the Eucharist and the questioning of the literalness of "The Body of Christ". [John 6:53, 63, 2:9, 3:1-21, 7:37, 4:14,32, 11:11].
Miracles Being Viewed in Scripture: Caller challenges Steve's position that miracles in the Bible are always seen by witnesses in the Bible. [Mark 2:5-6, John 20:30].

Roman Catholics: Should we try to evangelize Roman Catholics, or should we accept them as fellow believers?

Catholic Traditions-Praying to Mary, Forgiven by Priests, Holy Water: Is it really sin, or idolatry, when Catholics pray to Mary, instead of to God? What about when they say you have to go to a priests to get your sins forgiven [Acts 8, James 2].

Protestant to Catholic Converts: What are you thoughts about a woman who converted from Protestant to Catholic, and makes the claim that if the Catholic church's views are disproven, then all of Christianity fails?

Praying to the Dead Saints: Would you explain this passage in Deuteronomy, particularly about how necromancy it relates to praying to dead saints? [Deuteronomy 18:9-13].

Transubstantiation: Caller comments on his experience as a Catholic who had taken the Eucharist and how his experience has changed when he was saved.

Communion (Eucharist): Do Catholics think they are actually at the foot of the cross when they are taking communion?
Assyriah's Judgment: Did God direct Assyriah to Israel, to levy judgment on them, and then also punished Assyriah for that? [Isaiah 10:5-16, Habakkuk].
God's Punishment: Is God using capital punishment and other things against us now, using pagan people? [Romans 13, 1 Peter 2:13-17]

Transubstantiation (Eucharist): Would you clarify the fulfillment of the Lord's Supper in light of the Catholic view of transubstantiation (Eucharist)? And is it a dangerous doctrine? [John 6:40, 54, 66, 5: ??? 2:19, 3:5-7,4:32, 4:16, 11:11 6:63].

Catholic Priests: What are the origins and background of religions that feature a priesthood (sacerdotal) as they do in the Catholic and Eastern church? [Philippians 1:1].

Catholics: Are Catholics saved-particularly in light of the fact they confess to a priest and pray to Mary? [John 20:23].

Exegesis and Eisegesis: Can you clarify the difference between "exegesis" & "eisegesis"?
Mary: What do you think about the answer I got from a Catholic about how could Mary hear prayers of more than one person at a time?
Debating Catholics: Would you debate a Catholic radio host?

Immaculate Conception & the Rosary: Would you comment on the Catholic beliefs of "The Immaculate Conception" and their rosary beads?

Catholic Concept of Purgatory: How should these passages be interpreted, in light of Catholic ideas and belief in purgatory? [I Corinthians 3:10-Ch 4, 3:14].

Helping Catholics: How do we help Catholics come out of their traditions and misconceptions and bring them to true faith?

Hell & Purgatory: What is the Catholic idea of purgatory? What are the three different views of hell you write about in your book? Where do you get your book?

Satan Cursed by God: When God cursed Satan, did Satan understand the ramifications? And did Satan then response with the tactic of false religions, and errors in Catholicism, to deceive people? [Genesis 3, I Corinthians 2:8].

Praying to Mary: Comments from a Catholic about why he feels that it is Biblical to ask Mary or other saints to pray on the behalf of others [Luke 15:4-7, I Corinthians 12:20-27].

Wood, Hay & Stubble: What is meant by the passage about "wood, hay, stubble"? Does it support the Catholic view of purgatory? [I Corinthian 3:5, 12, I Corinthians 1-4, I Peter 2:5].

Praying to Mary: What do you say when you speak to a Catholic about praying to Mary? [Matthew 6:9, Luke 11:2].

Mary's traditional attributes: Where did all the Catholic traditional beliefs about Mary begin (being the mother of God, perpetual virginity, etc.)? [Matthew 1:25, Hebrews 13:4].

Catholic traditions: Is holding one's hands a certain way restricted to the priests?
B.C. & A.D.: How did people date the years prior to the BC & AD identifiers? And when was this instituted?

Eastern Orthodox Church: How is it different from the Egyptian Coptic Church? and from the Roman Catholic Church?

Wedding Wine Miracle: When Mary told Jesus about running out of wine at the wedding, why did He address her the way he did and what did Jesus mean by "my hour is not yet come." Why did He ultimately end up performing the miracle? [John 2].
Praying to Mary: What about praying to Mary?

Catholic Christian: Is the Catholic church a Christian church? Have you ever heard of Alpha course?

Catholic traditions: So you think that some of the traditions in the Catholic Church seem to be bordering on idolatry?

Purgatory: Where does the doctrine of purgatory come from?

White House: Why is the White House called the White House?
Rulers of Evil: Caller wants to recommend a book called, "Rulers of Evil".

Climate Change Encyclical: An Adventist Caller wants to know if Steve has ever read the encyclical from the pope about climate change & that we need to have a day of rest?

Peter as Pope: Why do the catholics say Peter was first pope?
God being Elohim: What does it mean to the Jews who call God Elohim? What about Adonai?

Praying to Mary: Caller was listening to a Catholic radio show, & they were talking about a book called, "Rethinking Mary", a book explaining why you should be able to pray to Mary. Will praying to Mary affect people's salvation?

Relic Bones of Elijah: Relic bones in the Catholic Church, what should I make of them? [2 Kings 13:20-21]

Becoming a Roman Catholic: What reasons would you give to not becoming a Roman Catholic because I'm thinking of becoming one?

Purgatory: Is there really a purgatory like the Catholic church says there is?
Praying to Mary: What about praying to Mary?

Jesus still on Cross: Catholics say Jesus is still on the cross hence what is why they have the crucifix. What do you think about that?
Transubstantiation: Same with Transubstantiation, if Jesus has to still give His blood every time they take Communion, isn't that still indicating He's still on the cross?

Harlot: So you don't believe the Harot of Revelation 17 is the Catholic Church, so who is she?

Catholic Prosecution: How can "Christians" who have slaughtered 1000s of people be eligible to have eternal life?

Sabbath Keeping Catholic: Keeping the Sabbath as a Catholic. I don't keep the Sabbath day very well, but what do you think about the importance of that?
Praying to Mary: I pray to Mary as a Catholic. What do you think about that?

Eastern Orthodox: Is the Eastern Orthodox Bible different than Protestantism, Catholics, etc?

Crossing Yourselves: How come protestants don't cross themselves?
Communion of the Saints (Praying to Saints): Why don't protestants do communion w/ the saints?

Marian Apparitions: Can the apparitions of Mary be real that supposedly happened in Fatima?

Only Their Denomination: Why do some denominations think they are the only ones going to be saved (Catholics, for example)?

Apostle's Creed & Jesus descending into Hell: According to the Apostle's Creed Jesus descend into hell, is this true?
Obeying the Civil Government: We are supposed to submit to the government, but what if it is a bad government like the North Korean government? [Romans 13, 1 Peter 2]

Blessing Them Which Bless You: God told Abraham, "I will Bless those that bless you and curse those that curse you", can you comment on what this means? [Genesis 12:3]
Tradition & Scripture: Is tradition in the church as important as scripture like the Catholic Church seems to suggest? [1 Thessalonians 2:15]

Not Worshipping Graven Images: Caller calls right back from the same show to clarify what the catechism says about graven images.

Jesus in the Koran: Is Jesus the same Person in the Bible as in the Koran? ?
Protestant Bible & the Apocrypha: Why doesn't the protestant Bible have the Apocrypha?

Catholic Catechism & Graven Images: Caller doesn't think Steve Gregg is right about catholic church leaving out graven images in the catechism. (followup from 8/13, 3rd Q)

The Whore in Revelation: Is the whore in revelation 17 the catholic church being used by the muslims?

Purgatory: Is purgatory biblical? I can't find it anywhere in the Bible.

Hank Hanegraaff: What do you know about the Eastern Orthodox church? My family & I have started attending one, & Hank Hanegraafff switching over has influenced our decision.

Justification by Faith: So Martin Luther re-discovered the fact that we are Justified by Faith alone, so did God use a proviso for all the people who were taught by the Catholic Church that it was by works?

Narrow Path's Show Introduction Music: I was always like your introductory music too.
Jesus Leaving it up to the Priests of the Catholic Church: So did Jesus really leave the Catholic church to tell us what to do? [Matthew 23:2-3]

Transfiguration: I don't understand the Transfiguration. Can you explain it?
Mother of God: It says the mother of Jesus was persecuted, how do we know that? [Revelation 12:1-6]

Praying to Mary: Where does the Roman Catholic Church get the idea of praying to the Mary, the mother of Jesus?

Apostles Catholics: All the apostles were Catholics? [Genesis 15:6, Galatians 3:8, Romans 4:3]

Taking Bible Stories Literal-Noah & Jonah: Do you take the stories of the Bible literal or figurative, especially Noah & the flood & Jonah?
Catholic Confirmation: Does catholic confirmation count as being saved? What about Infant Baptism?

Jesus not Sinning & Calvinism: Did Jesus sin when He stayed at the temple in Jerusalem when He was 12 years old? Didn't God sin when He flooded the whole world & killed everyone?

Stan Monteith: Did you associate with Stan Monteith a lot? What did you think of his conspiracy theories?
Jesuits: Caller thinks there's a massive conspiracy involving Jesuits.

Works and Grace: DO all Catholics believe we can earn our Salvation through our works & Sacraments?
Tradition: Paul said we should keep the traditions. Does that mean like the Catholics do? They always emphasize Protestants are wrong about "Sola Scriptura", that Scripture & Tradition are equally important. [2 Thessalonians 2:15]

Denominations: Is the splitting of so many churches a good thing or a bad thing? Does it weaken or strengthen the church? Do you we need to unify again?

Call no one Father: What did Jesus by not calling anyone "Father"? [Matthew 23:9]

Transubstantiation: You use physical things to perform spiritual stuff so why can't we assume that about emblems for the euchiarist turning to the body & blood of Jesus?

Tithing: Caller responds to something he heard about Tithing earlier. [Malachi 3]
Reprobate: What does "reprobate" mean? [Romans 1:28]

Paul Losing his Salvation: Where does it say that Paul thought he could lose his salvation? [1 Corinthians 9:27]
Catholic Priesthood: Isn't the Catholic priesthood null & void? Aren't they like a cult? [Hebrews 10:10]

Sola Scripture: Is sola scriptura wrong because the Bible was compiled according to tradition?

Lent: Can you explain Lent?

Catholicism and Protestantism: Can you comment on the Protestant belief that Roman Catholic church is a heresy and the Catholic Church saying Protestantism is a heresy?

Jesus Carrying the Cross: Did Jesus fall down 3 times when carrying the cross? Did He carry the cross at all?

Jesus Prophecy about the Catholic Church: Do you think Jesus was foretelling about the Catholic church when he said not to call people "Father"?

Praying to Saints: What motivated prayer to saints?

Catholic Church: You just got done talking about "sacerdotal". So are you saying the Catholic is sacerdotal?
America in the Bible: Is America in the Bible? Are we going to be the one remaining Sovereign Nation, won't have to worry about taking the Mark of the Beast?

Priest-Oriented Religions: There was a term once you used regarding religions that were priest-oriented. What was that term? Sacerdotal. When did they start using priest in a religion? What are some reasons you'd be against them?

No Salvation Apart from Catholicism: Not being a Catholic will prevent me from being saved, someone has told the caller. What does Steve say?

Converting to Catholicism: What counsel would you give for someone who's about to convert to Catholicism, mainly because of being in love & wanting to marry her?

Exorcisms: Are exorcisms only performed by the Catholic Church or in all Protestant denominations as well?

Harlot of Revelation: Is the harlot describing the catholic church like a lot of people think it is? [Revelation 17]

Ark of the Covenant: Where is the Ark of the Covenant? Do you think it really exists? Should we even care about it?
The Pope, Capital Punishment & Homosexuality: Even Catholic laymen seem to be getting mad at their pope because he's being anti-capital punishment & embracing Homosexuality & other liberal agendas.

Eating the Word: Aren't we already "eating" the Scripture so why would we need to do that at the Eucharist…hence literally eating His body there. [John 6]

Private Interpretation of Scripture: Catholic church says there can be no private interpretation of scripture. What do you say about that? [2 Peter 1:20]

Canon of Scripture: So the canon of scripture was organized by the catholic church?

The Assumption of Mary: the Assumption of Mary, wondering if you knew how far that went back, & other catholic traditions

Catholicism a Different Gospel: Shouldn't the Roman Catholic church be considered teaching another gospel? I was watching the movie called, "Silence", which came out in 2016, with my son & it brought a lot of discussion between us. [Galatians 1:8-9]

No Redemption Message in EO or RC: I'm wondering how we should feel w/ the Eastern Orthodox & Roman Catholic church since they have no message of redemption?

God Parent in the Catholic Church for Infant Baptism: Is it biblical to be a God-parent to an infant who is being baptized in the Roman Catholic church?

Steve a Heretic-part 2: Catholics considering Steve a heretic

Steve a Heretic: You do know that the Catholic Church would consider you a heretic, right?

Catholic Church & Confession: Catholic church claims this verse mandates confession. What do you say? [Matthew 18:18]

Catholic Relatives: My parents are in the catholic church & so are concerned about some siblings who died who weren't in it are lost, but they believed you have to do the rosary & so on.

Self-Defense with a Gun: Is it okay to have a weapon to defend yourself?
Praying to Mary: My wife is Catholic, & prays to Mary. What do you think about that?

A False Christ: Would disproving Catholicism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism, & Adventists have a false Christ endanger your salvation? (The person called several times seeming to have a vendetta against SDAs.)

Sabbath & Sunday: I'd like your thoughts on the Sabbath & other Holy Days. Did the catholic church change the sabbath to Sunday?

Spirits & Demons: (followup) to the catholic caller about spirits/demons

Reality of Demons: I just became a Christian, but my wife is Catholic & doesn't really believe in demons, & I'm trying to show her they are real.

Catholic Church teaches false Doctrine: Roman catholic teach doctrine

Catholic are Christians: Catholic caller calls back re: some catholics are true Christians.

Visiting a Catholic Church: Even though I'm not one, what do you think about me visiting a Catholic church once in awhile?

Extreme Unction: Can you tell us about "extreme unction" in the catholic church?

Communion-Eucharist: What are main differences in the communion/eucharist between the catholic church & the protestant church?

Lent: Where did Lent come from?

Purgatory: I used to believe in purgatory, but don't anymore, so I'm curious to know what REALLY happens to you when you die?

Anti-Christ Darwin: Could Darwin be considered an anti-Christ?
Mary Apparitions: Is it possible these Marian Apparitions are true? [1 John 4:1]

Mary, the Mother of Jesus: The Assumption of a Mary & believing in Catholic Tradition. Paul didn't believe that, did he?

Kneeling to Pray: kneeling in the Catholic church, why don't the Protestants kneel?

King Herod: Was Herod a jew or not? If he wasn't where do you think they got this idea?

The Catholic & Eastern Orthodox Church & Purgatory: Caller is answering a previous call about whether the Eastern Orthodox Church believes in Purgatory like the Catholic Church does or not.
Eastern Orthodoxy & Transubstantiation: Caller also comments about whether they believe in transubstantiation like the Catholics do.
Eastern Orthodoxy in General: Caller gives a couple more insights about the Eastern Orthodox Church in general.

Literally Eating & Drinking Jesus' Body: Can you explain why we are not literally eating & drinking the literal body of Christ, why it's not correct? [john 6:53]

Eastern Orthodox Church: Is the Eastern Orthodox Church the same as Roman Catholic Church but without the Pope?

Martin Luther: What do you think about Martin Luther, especially still be called a heretic in the Catholic church.

Broken Cross: What do you think of the pope wearing the new form of a broken crucifix? What about wearing a cross upside down? & now they are incorporating the 6 day creation week w/ evolution.

Catholic Christians: Are Roman Catholics Christian?

Hell & the Early Church: What was the view of the early church about Hell?
Roman Catholicism: Is the Catholic Church Christian?

Birth Control: Is there anywhere in the Bible that says we can't use birth control?

Reformers, Calvinism & the Church Fathers: What was the reason for Reformation to get back to correct doctrine or get the church back from wherever the Catholic Church took it?

Catholicism influencing Islam: Is there any truth to the Roman Catholic church influencing Islam?

Seventh Day Adventists: I follow politics & really like Ben Carson but found out he was SDA. What can you tell me about them?
Evangelical Catholics: And what can you tell me about "Evangelical" Catholics because I also like Rick Santorum.

JW's - Charles Taze Russell: It's interesting that the founder of Jehovah's Witnesses was only 20 yrs old & had infidelity problems.
The Pope of the Catholic Church: Pope John Paul II said at the UN the other day, "I come in my own name." Isn't that exactly what it says in the gospel of John? [John 5:43]

Roman Catholic Church & the Vatican: Why does the church pray to Mary, among other things?

Purgatory: People use a particular Scripture in 1 Corinthians 3 about purgatory, but I had never heard it being used as such. Can you comment on it? [1 Corinthians 3:13]
Blood Moons: What do you know about Blood Moons?

Catholics & Life after Death: What do Catholics believe happen to you after you die? Saints get to go directly to Heaven & if you were not a saint you have to go to Purgatory?

Catholic Authority: Where does the Catholic Church get the idea that they have all authority, that if it didn't originate w/ them, it is wrong?
Sola Scriptura & Tradition in the CC: Catholic Church Believes in Scripture & Tradition?

Saints - The Catholic vs The Protestant Usage: Caller wants to discuss something she heard her pastor say regarding the Catholic usage of Saints verses the Protestant usage. [Colossians 1]

Pope's Visit: What does Steve think about the Pope's Visit & addressing the US Congress? Isn't prophecy fulfilling itself in Revelation 13?

Catholics & the Apocrypha: Are the Romans Catholics the ONLY church that use the Apocrypha?

Sabbath & the New Covenant: Caller reads a couple quotes about the Sabbath & Sunday & the Catholic Church. If Steve agrees w/ the statements he just read, then how come we shouldn't collectively keep Saturday as the Sabbath?

Steve & the Holy Spirit: Does Steve think of himself as in the Holy Spirit? How are we born-again?
Trinity: Does Steve understand the Trinity? The Father loves the Son, & the Son loves the Father, so the Love IS the Holy Spirit.
Virgin Mary & her Son Jesus Christ: Does Steve understand Mary & her Son Jesus? Who is the closest to Jesus that is our mother? Who was the most obedient, who was there every step of the way but His mother? He was brought in by her because she was the most faithful. She is full of grace!

Elijah, Enoch & Mary being Translated: Was it Ezekiel that was translated into heaven? Is there any Biblical basis for saying that MARY ascended to heaven without Death like Elijah & Enoch?

Catholicism: Are Romans Catholics Christians?

Church Growth in Dark Ages: How was the church growing in the Dark Ages during the monopoly the Catholic Church had on the Bible, on the Truth? [Matthew 13:31-32]
Materialism: Western Society seems to have lost their way, the husband & the wife both working, undermining the family by being taught by schools & daycares, ignoring Christianity.

Forgiving & Retaining Sins: Catholic priest told the caller that that verse give him the authority to forgive sins....or not. [John 20:23]

Bible Authority, Biblical Interpretation: You need to use Biblical Hermeneutics or exegetical method of interpreting the Bible, a followup from Tom the Catholic.

Catholicism: Is Catholicism Biblical Christianity? Why is or isn't it? What is their view on the Gospel of Christ?

The Torah & the Talmud: You could sort've compare the Torah & the Talmud to the Word of God, & the "tradition", exactly like the Catholic Church.

Catholic Church: Caller asks about the Church Fathers, if they said the church was a spiritual institution or not?
Women Pastors: Steve wouldn't attend a church who had a woman pastor, is that true?
Catholic Mass: Has Steve even attended a Catholic Mass? Does it follow the dictates of what Jesus wants?

Salvation from the Bible: Taking our Salvation only from the Bible, Tom the Catholic disagrees. Baptism saves. [Matthew 19:25, 10:22, 24:13, Mark 16:16, John 6:50]
Church is built on Apostles: Church is gone, invisible!

Catholic Tradition & Word of God: Tom the Catholic wants to continue his discussion of a few days ago regarding Church Tradition, w/ addition to the Word of God.

Catholic Tradition: Tom the Catholic who used to always call in the early years want to chime in on a call he heard to March 6, the first Question, about Tradition.

Sola Scriptura: What does Sola Scriptura mean, a Catholic asks a Protestant, that all the problems/divisions that the Protestants are having stems from that.
Catholic Church the only way: Anyone who is not under the umbrella of pope or in the Catholic church are not saved, caller's Catholic friend says.

Apostasy & Strong Delusion: When is the Apostasy & what is the Strong Delusion that are mentioned in [2 Thessalonians 2]?
Catholic Church: Could the Catholic Church get more evil (again) as we get closer to the end time?

Intercession, Mary, & Psychics: Is intercession through Mary, like Catholics do, is that sort've like psychics talking to the dead, which the Bible forbids? [Deuteronomy 18:10-12]

Grace over the Law: Are we still supposed to be absolutely obedient to Christ even though we are under grace, which Martin Luther believed we were under.
God being Unisex: So He made Adam unisex until God separated Eve out of him, & both were equal, until the curse, then man took headship, until the resurrection of Jesus.

Sunday the Sabbath: A friend of the caller won't go to a restaurant or go shopping on Sunday because she thinks it's the Sabbath & we can't work or make others work. [Romans 14:5-6, Colossians 2:14-17]

Purgatory: What's the biblical support for even slight evidence of a purgatory, if there is any?

Church History & Coptic Church: When was the Coptic Church excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church?
Pastor in the Bible: The word Pastor in the Bible discussion from a previous call. [Ephesians 4:11]

Catholicism & Christianity: How do Catholicism & Christianity (Protestantism/Evangelicalism) differ from each other?
Mormonism & Christianity: What is the difference between Mormonism & Christianity?

RCC & Confession & Worshipping Mary: Caller thinks that Confession or Worshipping Mary in the Roman Catholic Church are wrong or unnecessary to do.

Protestants Saved or not Saved: In our last discussion you said Vatican 1 Protestants were condemned to hell, & that in Vatican 2 they were only separated brethren, but wasn't it the Council of Trent that said it & not Vatican 1?
Apocrypha books - Epistle of the Barnabas: Where does it say that an apostle can be the only ones that write a book of the Bible, & if it doesn't say that, why can't people like Mary Baker Eddy or Joseph write a book for the Bible?

Miracles in the Catholic Church: What do Protestants think the miracles that have supposedly happened in the Catholic Church, such as the Miracle of Fatima, Marian Apparitions? Does the Stigmata ever happen in the Protestant church? Do any Catholics speak in tongues like some Protestants?
Martin Luther, Predestination, Calvinism & Augustine: So if Martin Luther believed in Predestination under the influence of Augustine, does that mean Augustine believed the Calvinism doctrine?

Catholic Church as opposed to real Cults: The Catholic church or Catholic Christians are not that different than other Christians. They aren't cultic like say Mormons, JWs, Christian Scientists.

Jehovah's Witnesses: So do you classify JW's as a cult?
Abomination of Desolation & Man of Lawlessness: Do you think the Abomination of Desolation is the Papacy? What about the Man of Lawlessness then?
Jehovah's Witnesses & the Papacy: Why then do you not denounce the Papacy as much as Jehovah's Witnesses?

Traditions of the Catholic Church: How to make people see beyond the Veil of the Roman Catholic Church, that is the problem.

Roman Catholic Church & the Bible: It's true that the RCC claims they believe in the Bible, but they need to READ the Bible & learn & do what it says.

The Catholic & KJV Bible: What is the difference between the Catholic & KJV Bible?

Doctrines of the Catholic Church: What do you think of the teachings of the Catholic Church?
Pope: What about their Pope?

Judgment & the Last Day: Where is the Judgment placed in the Last Day? [John 12:48, John 6:39, 40, 44, 54, 2 Timothy 4:1]
Orthodox Church: Orthodox belief system is very close to the Roman Catholic church.
Reconciling the world: What do these verses mean in Romans about Israel & Gentiles, the riches of the world & the reconciling of the world? [Romans 11:12, 15]

Mother Teresa: Mother Teresa seemed a little harsh to someone witnessing to a person on their deathbed.
NIV: Able to learn much easier from the NIV, so it is profitable to use.
Conditional Immortality: He that is dead is justified from his sin, from what you gave in someone's answer about hell, you seemed to have changed your position a little bit. Is that true? [Romans 6:7]

3 John & Catholic Church: How can you have a system like say the Catholic church in light of what happens in the 3rd Epistle of John? [3 John 1:9-10]

Roman Catholics: What do Catholics believe & why do they believe it? Their belief about the 2nd coming of Christ, the confession booth, the Eucharist, & so on. (convoluted question a little bit.)

Roman Catholic Church & Missing books of the BIble: Did the Roman Catholic Church take books out of the Bible?

Venerating Mary: Do people like Catholics who venerate Mary have a completely different Gospel than we do?

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