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Topic: Apocrypha

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Missing Books of the Bible: Why would the books, such as the Books of Enoch and Jasher, not be in the Bible, but are quoted in scripture?

Death Angel: Is death an angel, based on Hebrew mythology?
Catholic Church & Their Traditions: Has the Catholic Church changed many things in the faith in order to gain more control?
The Apocrypha: Should one read the Apocrypha?

The Septuagint: Should not The Septuagint have a more prominent position in the Christian world?

The Apocrypha: Regarding the Apocrypha, isn't it more appropriate to consider it a Jewish area of expertise, rather than Catholic or Protestant? How did it's inclusion in Catholic Bible come about?

Bible Compilation: How did the books of the Bible get selected? Why do Catholics have the additional books of the Apocrypha?

Extra-biblical Books: What do you think about some of the extra-biblical books such as, The Apocrypha, Gilgamesh Epic, and The Emerald Tablets of Toth? Do they predate the Bible?

Gospel of Thomas: I just came across the gospel of Thomas, have you ever read of it & if you have, what did you think of it?

Book of Enoch: Is it wise or unwise to read the "extra" books of the Bible such as the Book of Enoch?

Book of Enoch & Judas: I learned about the books Enoch & Judas.
Prayers: Is it okay to say the prayers from the Old Testament or only the New Testament?
No Place to Lay His Head: the Son of Man having no place to lay His head. [Matthew 8:20]

Jesus in the Koran: Is Jesus the same Person in the Bible as in the Koran? ?
Protestant Bible & the Apocrypha: Why doesn't the protestant Bible have the Apocrypha?

Book of Enoch: Have you read the book of Enoch and do you think their is truth in it?

Apocryphal Letter: Is the letter from Pontius Pilate authentic?

Apocrypha: The Books of Jasher & Thomas, how come they are not in the Bible?

Apocrypha-Maccabees: Shouldn't the Apocrypha books, especially the Books of Maccabees, not have been taken out of the Bible? Shouldn't we get grass-roots movement saying they should be put back in there?

Apocrypha-Lost Books of the Bible: Why is the Apocrypha not recognized by Protestants?
Baptism in Jesus Name: A preacher says you are to only be baptized in the name of “Jesus”.

Book of Enoch: Is the Book of Enoch reliable, legit or a fraud?

Celebrating Christmas: Should Christians be celebrating Christmas? [Jeremiah 10:2-5]
Missing Books of the Bible: Are there books not in the Bible that should be?

Numerous Bible Translations: Why so many translations? Can't people just get together & just figure out which is the ONE best translations?

Book of Enoch: Is the Book of Enoch of today the same book that is mentioned in the bible? Is it dangerous to read? Is it true?

Catholics & Protestants Believe in Same God: Catholics & Protestants might get their information from different sources, but they believe in the same God. But the question is, if you say some books aren't part of the Bible, aren't you also following tradition?

Apocrypha Books: Why are the apocrypha books that are mentioned in the Bible not included in the Bible?

Catholics & the Apocrypha: Are the Romans Catholics the ONLY church that use the Apocrypha?

1 & 2 Maccabees: Did the Maccabees books used to be in the Bible & they took them out & if they did, why did they take them out? Was the time period for the Maccabees about the abomination of desolation in Daniel?
KJV Only People: How do KJV only people deal w/ the fact that the Maccabees books used to be in the KJV? There were several different versions of the KJV!

Archeologist find - Book of Barnabas: Has Steve ever heard of them finding the book Barnabas?
Adam - Father of all Mankind: Are Adam & Eve really the first parents of the human race, or did God create humans before them, & THEN Adam? [Romans 5:12-21, Genesis 1:26-27, Genesis 2]

Divorce & Remarriage Concern: Caller is concerned if his 2nd marriage is valid or not.
Canonization of Scripture: "All Scripture is God-breathed", does that include the books of the Apocrypha? [2 Timothy 3:16]

Apocrypha: Is the Apocrypha inspired Scripture since they were in the Septuagint?

Apocrypha Books: Jude seems to quote from Apocrypha Books, doesn't it, especially the book of Enoch?

Rising of the Sun & Incense being offered: Caller follows up on a call about a verse they were talking about sacrificing in a previous call. [Malachi 1:11]
Apocrypha Books: The New Testament supposedly quoting to or alluding Apocrypha Books.

Protestants Saved or not Saved: In our last discussion you said Vatican 1 Protestants were condemned to hell, & that in Vatican 2 they were only separated brethren, but wasn't it the Council of Trent that said it & not Vatican 1?
Apocrypha books - Epistle of the Barnabas: Where does it say that an apostle can be the only ones that write a book of the Bible, & if it doesn't say that, why can't people like Mary Baker Eddy or Joseph write a book for the Bible?

Canon of Scripture & its 66 Books: How would defend the Canon of Scripture as it stands today?
Apocrypha Books: What do you think of Apocrypha Books of the Bible, such as the Epistle of Barnabas?

Lost Books of the Bible: Why would some books that are mentioned in the Bible be lost if God wanted them to be in the canon of Scripture? [Psalm 12:6-7]

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