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Topic: Divine Providence

Episode Topic Audio

Hearing the Holy Spirit & His Direction: Do you have any suggestion as to how know or recognize the leading of the spirit of God? [Romans 8, Psalm 23, Colossians 3:15, John 10:27].

Arminian & Calvinist Analogy: Could the contrasting views of Arminian & Calvinist be paralleled to the formation of diamonds and superstitious alchemy?

Miracles: Would you share your thoughts about the supposed miracles, such as the growing of a leg, etc. And when was the last miracles you witnessed?

Hardening Some Jews: Did God choose some Jews to be bad, reject Jesus, so that they would crucify Jesus?

Steve's Most interesting Experience from the Bible: What is the strangest experience you had involving the Bible?
Transcendental Meditation: Caller relays a story about transcendental meditation.

God Ordaining Ever Step: Does God ordain every step of our life?

Cults Helping: If wrong religious groups & cults have helped people leave a bad life style, why would God use them this way if they are wrong, if they were so bad?

Good because it's Naturally Good or God commanded it Good: William Lane Craig, is something good because God commanded to do it or is it good because it's naturally good?

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