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Topic: New Age

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Meditation for the Christian: Are you familiar with "The Practice of the Presence of the Lord" by Brother Lawrence". What parallel can be made between meditation for the Buddhist and the Christian? [Psalm 1:2-3].

Roy Masters: What do you know about Roy Masters?

God Speaking: As I am going through a difficult marriage with an adulterous wife, how does one know when God is speaking to you? [Colossians 3:15].
Satan Getting into Prayer: Can Satan get a hold of people through their prayers to a more generic God, and use it to mislead?

Auras: Did you know that a link to something about one's "aura" is on There is nothing in the Bible about "auras, right?"

The Book, "The Secret": Have you read the book, "The Secret"? (Rec Lectures: Steve Gregg's "Word of Faith".)

New Age vs Christianity, Self & Selflessness: Caller comments on Steve's assessment of the difference between New Age and Christianity being one is about "self" and one is about "God" and "selflessness".

Greek Rule in Bible Times: Comment about the Greek rule in Biblical days.
Revelation & New Age: Caller comments on the harlot in Revelation its relationship to the New Age Movement. [Revelation 17:6-8].

"A Course in Miracles": What about the book, "A Course in Miracles"- which seems to sound really good, but seems compromised?

Jesus Touching Unclean Things & People: Could you explain how healing a leper would establish Jesus as The Messiah, since touching him would have made Him unclean? [Matthew 8:3, Luke 5:12-16].

New Age vs. Christianity: Would you talk about the differences between the "New Age Movement" and Christianity?
New Age & the Antichrist: Would you clarify if the deception of the New Age Movement can be linked to the beast? [ I John 2, 2 Corinthians 11, Revelation 13, 2 Thessalonians 2, Daniel 8-11].

Healing & Quantum Physics & Chakras: Do you think that quantum physics and Chakras have anything to do with the woman who was healed in the Bible?

Heaven-Unity in the Trinity: Does this statement indicating that heaven will be us "living in unity with the trinity?" Is this a little too new age, or is it fairly accurate?

Memorizing the Bible: Comment; Should Christians find 65 friends and each memorize a book of the Bible, then we would have it when in prison together.
The Imagination: What do you think about one using their imagination?

Bible Translations: Which Bible is best to use?
New Age Bible Translations: Can you talk a little about the "new age" Bible translations?

Christian Television: Have you ever been interviewed on Christian television network shows?
Street Ministry: Have you ever witnessed on the street, holding up signs?
New Age Higher Consciousness: Have you ever reached a higher state of consciousness?

Christian Myth: Isn't there evidence that supports the idea that Christianity is a myth and Christians actually unknowingly worship the sun, rather than the son? (Non-believer calling about the differences between his Gnostic belief and Christian beliefs).

Jesus in India as Youth: Did Jesus go to India in His youth?
Lot Offering Daughters: Why did Lot offer his daughters to the men at the door? [Genesis 19]

Inner Healing: Would you have any problem working with people who did "inner healing"?

My ex-wife going to Bethel: My ex-wife going to a Bethel church, & I want to help her, & called the pastor if he would do counseling with us, & he said I had to go through a program called, Sozo, an inner healing program. What do you think?

Inner Healing: Have you ever heard about Inner Healing using something called, Splankna & Sozo? It's sort've New Agey.

Prophecy & Fortune Telling: How do we tell the difference between real genuine prophecy & fortune telling?

New Age is the Christianity: There seems to be a New Age emphasis in Christianity & the new apostolic movement prophetic ministries

Demonology & Auras: A fortune teller told me that I had a darkness, a lot of demons surrounding me. Is there anything to this?

Landmark Forum (Education): Caller was invited by a neighbor to go a Landmark Forum seminar & he looked into it before he went, & he thinks it's just a rehash of Werner Erhard's Est, & would like to know if Steve knows anything about it.

Visualization & Affirmation: Is it wrong to use Visualization & Affirmation because according to Johanna Michaelsen, it is not a good idea to do that.

New Thought - Metaphysical: (Call is very garbled) Have you ever heard of Emmit Fox & his book on the Olivet Discourse, which is about New Thought, Metaphysical?

Deja Vu: Is there such a thing as Deja Vu?
God's Foreknowledge: Jesus slain from the foundation of the world, By His Stripes we are healed, & He knew us before we were formed in the womb, is all that the same as Deja Vu?

Eating & Drinking the body & blood of Jesus: Caller is concerned about people preaching that we need to literally eat & drink the body & blood of Christ. Can Steve explain what's really going on about that? [John 6]
Deja vu Is the word Deja vu New Ageish or Occultic?

Jesus' name in Aramaic: Do you know what Jesus' name in Aramaic?
Inner Healing: What should I be cautious of regarding inner healing?

One World Religion: Do we know what the One World Religion will be? I heard it was the New Age Movement.
Islam: If any religion is going to take over the world & be the anti-Christ, it sure seems like it's going to be Islam religion.

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