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Topic: Rituals (Rites)

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Catholics Saved: Are the Catholics who confess to priests and bow to idols of saints, saved? [John 20:23, James 5:16].

Old Covenant vs New Covenant: If I see the "Law of God" not as the Old Covenant, but as more of a model of for what should reflect our behavior toward God? [Genesis 9].

Uncleanness Requirements for the Disciples: Were the disciples free from Jewish rites and laws regarding uncleanness already, or did they still have to practice the law? [Matthew 10, Luke 10, Matthew 5:23-24].

Catholic Practice of Lent: When did "lent" begin, and what do you think about those that practice it?

Catholic Traditions & Inconsistencies: Are not Catholics inconsistent when they indicate there are not new revelations since scripture was written, however they have all these oral traditions, such as various beliefs about Mary?

Liturgy & Traditions for Worship: Should our worship include some of the liturgy of the Catholic church or Old Testament Jewish traditions? How do we determine what to include?

Method of Baptism: Is there only a certain way Baptism should be done?
Abraham's Sons: How was able to have more sons after Isaac if it was such a miracle to have Isaac?

Cremation: Does The Bible talk about cremation?

Observance of the Sabbath Day & Ten Commandments: Does the fact that observance of the Sabbath Day is listed in The Ten Commandments solidify it as one that we should still observe? [Genesis 2:2, John 5:17, Romans 13:9-10, Colossians 2:16-17]. (EDITOR'S NOTE: Steve Gregg's answer continues after the break.)

Ten Commandments: Have you thought about the fact that the Ten Commandments were established before the Law of Moses? [Exodus 20, John 1, Hebrews 4].

Parables-Bridegroom, Wineskins, Patches: Could you clarify Jesus' answer as to why the disciples don't fast like the Pharisees do, in the parables about the bridegroom, wineskins, and patches? [Matthew 9:14-17, John 3].
Questions Answered by Email: Do you answer questions by email?

Baptism-Immersion: How did we get the pagan practice of being immersed in the ritual of baptism? [Hebrews 10:9].
Baptism Ritual Ended: Didn't Jesus do away with the practice of baptism and other ritual washings? [Hebrew 9:10, 10:9, John 3:25, 4:1f].

Worship Service in Church: What form of worship should take place in church, when worshipping in Spirit & Truth? What should it look like on a Sunday morning as far as the raising of hands, singing, and so on? [John 4:19-24, 5:42, Isaiah 29:13].

Choosing Salvation for our Children: Is this verse saying that the children of Christians will be saved, if we choose life for them? [Deuteronomy 30:19]
Blue Ribbons, Fringe, & Black Israelites: As a particular religious sect suggests, do we still have to wear Blue Ribbons and fringe, since scripture says, "from generation to generation"? [Numbers 15:38].

Praying for the Dead: I told my daughter to not pray for my dead sister. Can you help me support that decision with scripture? [I John 5:16].
Lighting Candles: Is the practice of lighting candles for spiritual reasons toying with witchcraft?

Old Testament Ritual Laws: Why did the Old Testament law list laws about mixing different fabrics, together?
Saints in Glorified State: Regarding the saints in heaven in Revelation, are they in their glorified state? [Revelation 6, 7, 19].

Catholic Traditions: How do Catholics respond to Romans 14, especially regarding not eating meat on Fridays? [Romans 14:1-8].

Fasting & Mourning Rituals: What do the verses about fasting for the bridegroom, the patches on the clothing, and the new wine in old wine skins really refer to? [Matthew 9:14-17, Mark 2:18-22, 2 Corinthians 3:17].

Sacrificial Rituals: What did it look like in New Testament times, what did the sacrificial ritual look like? Are the sacrifices in China similar today? [I Corinthians 10:28].

The Lord's Supper & Christian Censorship: In contemplating the meaning of "The Last Supper", I am reconsidering whether it should be a ritual today. [I Corinthians 11:17-33]. Also, I am finding that I am being censored somewhat in fellowships if I question some of the doctrines they hold.

Catholics: Are Catholics saved-particularly in light of the fact they confess to a priest and pray to Mary? [John 20:23].

Torah Observance: Why do people stay in Torah observance, when it seems so fruitless?

Christian Foundations in Hebrews 6: Are the foundations listed in Hebrews 6, distinctly Christian? If so, then what about the use of the Jewish word used for baptisms (ceremonial washings), instead of the one used for baptism in other scriptures? [Hebrews 6:1-2, 5:11-14, John 3:25f].

Sabbaths: What is the difference between a "low Sabbath" and a "high Sabbath"?

Ashes on Foreheads: What do you think about people putting ash on the forehead for Lent? Is it OK?
After death: What happens after death to the believer & unbeliever?
Soul & Spirit: What is the difference between spirit & soul?

Foot Washing: Regarding foot washing, was there some more symbolic connection to the priest washings?

Foot Washing: Why is foot washing not practiced in the United States since it is clearly demonstrated in the Bible? [John 13:14-15].

Relationship over Rituals: The New Testament seems to speak of relationship & condemn rituals, can you find any rituals besides the Lord's Supper & Baptism, & what about traditions?

Relic Bones of Elijah: Relic bones in the Catholic Church, what should I make of them? [2 Kings 13:20-21]

Salvation without Works....but Works: How does salvation w/ out works coincide with the required works?

World Wide Church of God: Do you know of a network of a world wide church of God, & they they believe in sabbatarian worship.

Feast Days: I'm confused about the Passover & feast of Unleaven Bread timeline

Foot Washing: Are we lacking in traditions in our ceremonies like foot washing?

Fulfillment of the Law: Why don't we still do all the law's rituals?

System of prayer: Do you have any systems of prayer that you recommended?

Jewish Rituals & Festivals: Christians celebrating Jewish rituals & festivals, are we to adhere to them?

Types & Shadows: Can you talk about any type of "type & shadow", foreshadow & so forth?

The Blood & Fat: I was reading Leviticus, & there's a lot of talk of blood there, & wondering why God was so specific w/ what to do w/ the blood & fat. [Leviticus]

Rituals in Old Testament down to the Minute Detail: All these small tiny rituals that had to be done that seem so petty, why were they necessary so exact? [Exodus & Leviticus]

Water Veith (Adventist Minister): Have you ever heard of Walter Veith, who is an Adventist minister?
Adventists, Sabbath Keeping & other Rituals: Can you discuss Sabbath keeping & the New Covenant & Rituals?

Flat Earth: Flat Earthers.
Eastern Orthodoxy & Rituals: Caller talks about the Eastern Orthodox Church & so much Ritualism.

Calvinism: God provided the red heifer & the ashes to get ceremonial clean, but THEY had to actually do something to get clean. Isn't that the right way to think of our salvation, that God does provide everything for us to be able to receive Him, but it's ultimately up to us? [Numbers 19:9,13,10,21; 31:23]
Two or three gathered together: Is this passage of Scripture taken out of context, most thnking that where 2 or 3 people are gathered together, Jesus is there, but isn't this actually talking about church discipline? [Matthew 18:20]

Communion: What is Communion for, what are we supposed to do with it, how important is it? Why has it become so ritualistic?

Passover & the 10 commandments: Are we supposed to still keep the Passover & the 10 Commandments?

The Ceremonial Law & Love Relationship: One time Steve was differentiating between the ceremonial law & a relationship w/ Jesus & others, but what about Matthew 5:17-19? [Matthew 5:17-19]

Sabbath: Since the Sabbath is mentioned in the 10 commandments, doesn't that make it above the ceremonial sabbaths? [Exodus 20:8-11]

Grace over the Law: Are we still supposed to be absolutely obedient to Christ even though we are under grace, which Martin Luther believed we were under.
God being Unisex: So He made Adam unisex until God separated Eve out of him, & both were equal, until the curse, then man took headship, until the resurrection of Jesus.

Fasting - Negative connotation: God didn't want fasting or it wasn't always effective, is that what He was saying? [Isaiah 58]

Once Saved, Always Saved: Once Saved, Always Saved just isn't right!
Faith & Works: We aren't saved by works, but it isn't all just faith either!
Judaism: Should I do any Jewish practices as a Christian since I was born/raised a Jew?

OT practices: As long as it's not spoken against in the New Testament, are believers permitted to do things you had to do in the Old Testament? Such as Tithing?

Comments about naming some Ishmael: Caller makes a comment about naming her son Ishmael.
Saying "God Bless you!": Someone suggested that we shouldn't say, "God bless you" to people. What does you think? [2 John 1:10]

Triune-immersion Baptism: How can I refute the doctrine of Triune-Immersion Baptism?

Holding my Peace & Let the Lord Fight: Does it say anywhere in the Bible, "If I hold my peace & let Lord fight my battles" or is that from a song or something?
Sweat Lodge: A follow-up to the caller that was wondering if he should attend a Native American sweat lodge or not, just tell them that you believe in the Great Creator but that you don't want to attend.

Sweat Lodge: A Native American invited me to a sweat lodge because I donated to them a cedar tree that was in my yard. Should I attend?

Ritual laws - Sabbath: Why in Matthew 12 did Jesus seem to endorse breaking "ritual laws", the shew bread & the Sabbath, but in Numbers, someone got killed for breaking the Sabbath by picking up sticks? [Matthew 12:1-4, Numbers 15:32-36]

Leper that was cleansed: The reason Jesus wanted the leper cleansed was just to show the Priest that Jesus healed him, but he didn't have to go through the rituals. [Mark 1:40-45]
Soaking Rooms: Have you heard about the Soaking Rooms for prayer?

Hebrew Roots - Messianic Jews: There are some legalists in EVERY group, but just because you want to do additional things than most Christians do, like keeping the festivals, that does NOT mean you are a legalist...necessarily. [Romans 14:5-6, Colossians 2:14-18, Galatians 4:8-10]
The killing of the first-born: Wasn't Pharaoh the first born of his family so why wasn't he killed? [Exodus 12]

Obeying the 10 Commandments, Pride & Reading OT: What do we take from the Old Testament to the New Testament? The 10 Commandments? [Romans 6]

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