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Topic: Heresy (Heretic, Heretical)

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"America First" Slogan Heretical: Is the "America first" slogan a heresy? Can any non-religious slogan ever be considered a heresy?

Calvary Chapel's View of End Times: Could you clarify what differences you have with Calvary Chapel and why they would consider some of your views as heretical?
Angels Could Fall Again: If angels have fallen in the past, what prevents them from falling again? [2 Peter 2:4, Jude 6].

Bart Ehrman Video: Bart Ehrman thinks the Bible was just handed down from Heaven in immaculate form, & Steve asked who actually believes that, & caller points out that that is what his church taught.
Ordination & Seminary What is your opinion of ordination and seminary training its relationship to competency when teaching the Bible?
Leah, Rachel, Jacob & Laban: Was Laban always planning to substitute Leah for Rachel, or could it have been a last minute decision because she had not found a husband by then? [Genesis 29].

Diotrephes: Do we know anything about the doctrine of Diotrephes? [3 John].

Jews Identified or Black Jews (Black Israelites): What do you think about Jews being black (Black Israelites)? How do we know and identify those that are considered Jews?
Jews, Not Really Jews: What do you think about when the Bible says that some confess themselves to be Jews, but are not? [Revelation 2:9, Revelation 3:9].

Hyper-Dispensationalist Bullingerite Calls Steve a Heretic: Caller (Hyper-Dispensationalist Bullingerite), insists that Steve is a heretic and not following Jesus. [I Corinthians 11, Acts 9, Acts 28:30-31, 2 Timothy 2:7-8, I Timothy 1:16, I Timothy 6:3-4, Mark 16, Galatians 2, Matthew 10, Matthew 15, Romans 2:16, Matthew 24].

Full Preterism & Heresy: Is Full Preterism a heresy?

Heresy: What is heresy? What makes one a heretic?

Oneness Theology: Is it heretical to not believe in the Trinity? Is Oneness Theology heresy?

Trinity: If you deny the Trinity, you can't be saved, is that true? It is a heresy not to believe that, people tell me. How can I refute that?

Pelagianism: Steve explains that he is NOT a Pelagian, clarifying the position of what the Bible says about original sin and whether people have the ability to not sin.

Steve is a Pelagian: Caller thinks that Steve is too Pelagian more than he is an Arminianist and perhaps accepting heretical views.

Jesus being Michael the Archangel: Is calling Jesus Michael the Archangel heretical?

United Pentecostal: Are United Pentecostals a cult? They don't embrace the Trinity, so is that heretical? being saved by faith, rather than having the correct doctrine

Calvinism being a Heresy: Is Calvinism a heresy?

Not Believing Trinity: If you don't believe in the Trinity, are you a heretic?

Steve a Heretic-part 2: Catholics considering Steve a heretic

Steve a Heretic: You do know that the Catholic Church would consider you a heretic, right?

Universal Reconciliation: George w. Sarris about hell, are we going to be get out of hell eventually like he suggests?

The Movie, The Shack: Wondering if you saw the movie, "the shack", & wondering what you thought about it

The Notorious Heresy: Notorious heresy discussion, Mary the mother of Jesus/God, & Jesus having 2 natures

Jesus & a Sinful Nature: Did Jesus have a sinful nature? Is it heresy to think He did?

John Calvin Executing Heretics: Did John Calvin or martin Luther actually participate in the execution of "heretics" & was it justifiable?
& personal opinion vs essential doctrine

Heresy: What is heresy, & can you give me an example of it in church history? Are elements of Calvinism heresy?

Lordship Salvation: Why do Dispensationalists consider "Lordship Salvation" a heresy?

Martin Luther: What do you think about Martin Luther, especially still be called a heretic in the Catholic church.

Pastors & Non-Essential Doctrines:: Is it sort've an obligation of the pastor to share the main views of non-essential doctrines other than just their own?

Seventh Day Adventism: Are SDA's a cult or not?

Hyper Preterism: Is full Preterism a Heresy?

Lordship Salvation: What is Lordship salvation & why is it considered a heresy?

The word "God": What does the name/ word "God" exactly entail?
Jesus the Son before Incarnation: So did Steve say Jesus was not the Son of God before the Incarnation in one of the lectures the caller heard?

Sin Nature & Calvinism: Do babies go to hell when they die? [Psalms 51:5]
Presuppositional Evidence & Calvinism: Some Calvinists think having evidence to prove there is a God is heretical.

Trinity: I don't believe in Trinity, but i'm not heretical for not believing that, am I?

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