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Topic: Books (Christian)

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Helpless Dependence: Could you help me to understand what you mean by "helpless dependence" in your book, "The Kingdom of God"? [I John 2:6, Psalm 127:1, Galatians 3:3].
Pre-Trib Rapture Evidence: How would you answer David Jeremiah when he indicates that because the church is not mentioned after Revelation 3, it is indicative of a pre-tribulation rapture? [Revelation 13:7, Revelation 19:6]

Steve Gregg & Evangelicalism: How do you define "evangelical"? Do you consider yourself an evangelical? Why or why not? (Book mentioned; Nancy Pearcey, "Total Truth").

Book, "Jesus Calling": Caller comments in support of Sarah Young's book, "Jesus Calling".

The Book, "Jesus Calling": What is your thoughts of author Sarah Young's book, "Jesus Calling"? [I Corinthians 14:29].

Meditation for the Christian: Are you familiar with "The Practice of the Presence of the Lord" by Brother Lawrence". What parallel can be made between meditation for the Buddhist and the Christian? [Psalm 1:2-3].

Family Curses & Divine Counsel for Prayer: Have you heard of bringing prayer to a "counsel of divine judges" which may be tied to Genesis? He feels he may have a family curse. [Genesis 1:26-28, I Corinthians 6:3].
The Didache: What do you think about "The Didache"?

Changing My Evil Heart: How do I, who has backslidden and feel that evil is deeply rooted, actually change my heart? Lecture recommended lecture; Spiritual Warfare & both books, "Empire of the Risen Son". [Romans 7, Matthew 26:41].
John Owen's (Puritan): What do you think of the Puritan writer, John Owen's book, "The Mortification of Sin"?

Steve's Chapter on Social Justice: Caller suggests others send Steve's new book, "Empire of the Risen Son", Volume 1, particularly chapter 15 on "social justice".

Steve Gregg's Books: Steve talks about his books; "Revelation-Four Views", "Hell-Three Christian Views", "Empire of the Risen Son", Vol 1-"There is Another King", and Vol 2-"All the King's Men".

Secular Roman Historical Records of the Resurrection: Who are the secular historians and figures to which we can point in order to support the resurrection records (Tacitus, Suetonius, Josephus)?
Steve Gregg's New Books: Would you talk more about your two new books, "Empire of the Risen Son", volume 1 &2?

Idealist and Amillennial Views of Revelation: Could you talk about how the book, "More Than Conquerors" by William Henriksen, helped you change your views of Dispensationalism? Recommended books; "The Time is at Hand" by Jay Adams, and "The Parousia" by James Stuart Russell

Steve Gregg's New Books: Are your new books ("Empire of the Risen Son", Volumes 1 & 2, "There is Another King" and "All the King's Men") coming out on audio?

Using "Empire of the Risen Son" as a Study Guide: What do you think about using your new book, "Empire of the Risen Son" as a study guide?

Conscious Eternal Torment: Steve clarifies what he said and believes about conscious eternal torment on a previous show. Recommended; "Hell-Three Christian Views" by Steve Gregg.

Steve Gregg's New Books on the Kingdom of God: Caller commends Steve on his new books on the Kingdom of God, book 1 (There is Another King), particularly, Chapter 19.
Dominion Theology: Are you gravitating toward "Dominion Theology" (Dominionism)?

Christian Book Recommendation: Are you familiar with the book, "Reimagining the Way You Relate to God" by Skye Jethani? Caller recommends it.

The Kingdom of God, Not of This World: How does "The Kingdom of God is not of this world" fit into your new book? [Matthew 12:28].

Steve Gregg's New Books: Caller commends Steve's new book; "Empire of the Risen Son" (Vol 1, "There is Another King", and Vol 2, "All the King's Men").
Those That Don't Want to Hear: How does one evangelize those that know about Christ and just don't want to hear about it? Recommended book; "The Kneeling Christian" by the Unknown Christian.

Steve Gregg's New Books: Caller commends Steve's ministry and his new books; "The Empire of the Risen Son"-("There is Another King", Vol 1. & "All the King's Men", Vol. 2).

Christians Living and Encouragement: Could you give me scripture to help me live my life as a Christian? I need some structure. Recommends "The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life", by Hannah Whithall Smith. [Matthew 6:33, Psalm 1, 2 Timothy 2:15].

Caller Asks for Direction for His Christian Growth: Caller shares personal testimony of his recent conversion and asks where he should next focus his attention to grow? Recommends lecture; "Biblical Counsel for a Change" and his new books; "Empire of the Risen Son" (Vol 1-"There is Another King", & Vol 2-"All the King's Men").

Group Forming; "Live Not by Lies": Forming a group around the ideas presented in the book; Live Not by Lies", by Rod Dreher
Book about Home Church: What do you think of "Reimagining Church" by Frank Viola?

Group for Shared Values: Announcement about a community group in the Vancouver, Washington area (go on Craig's Lies/ Groups) sharing about the book, "Live Not by Lies", by Rod Dreher

Buying Steve's Books: Any advice, as I am having trouble buying multiple copies of your book?
Compromised Writers of Worship Music: As a worship leader, I have learned some negative things about some of those that write and perform songs I have used before, any advice on helping me decide if I should use them anymore?

Book Recommendation: What is the name of that book you recommended about lies? ("Live Not by Lies", by Rod Dreher).
Art for God: If you were an artist, what would you create to please God?

The Book, "The Secret": Have you read the book, "The Secret"? (Rec Lectures: Steve Gregg's "Word of Faith".)

Revelation-Four Views: Caller remarks that Steve's book on Revelation has now caused him to rethink his comfortable position.

The Tongue on Fire by Gehenna: How is the tongue set on fire by Gehenna? [James 3:6, Matthew 5:22].
Book Recommendations: Caller recommeds Steve's books on "The Kingdom of Go"; Bk 1, "There is Another King" & Bk 2 "All the Kings Men" and "Live Not by Lies", Rod Dreher. [Acts 17:36, Matthew 24:14].

Bob Kirkland's book: Are you familiar with Bob Kirkland's book on Calvinism, "None Dare Call it Heresy"

Hell & C.S. Lewis: What was C.S. Lewis' view about the Doctrine of Hell? Was he an annihilationist?

Steve's Newest Books: Steve talks about his two new books.

Recommended Book by Steve Gregg: What book did you recently recommend recently over the air? ("Live Not By Lies" by Rod Dreher).

Christian Book Choices: Which book should I read next, "Live Not By Lies" or your second volume on The Kingdom of God, "Empire of the Risen Son"?

Fear of God & Steve's New Books: Compliments on Steve's new book, "Empire of the Son," especially his thoughts on the fear of God. Would you talk about the fear of God? [I Peter 1:17, 2 Corinthians 5:11, Revelation 14:7, Proverbs 9:10, Hebrews 12:11, Proverbs 3:7, Proverbs 23:17].

Bible Study Tools: Could you recommend Bible study tools? Rec: Blue Letter Bible, Bible Gateway, Strong's Concordance, Gesenius or Thayer's Lexicon, Vine's Expository Dictionary, Zodhiates Complete Word Study, Interlinear Testament(Greek & Hebrew).

Major Ian Thomas & The Torchbearers: What do you think of Major Ian Thomas and "The Torchbearers"?

Recommended Book by Steve Gregg: Steve recommends a new book, "Live Not By Lies" by Rod Dreher.

Self-Help & Positive Thinking Books: Should Christians read self-help books, such as "The Power of Positive Thinking" by Norman Vincent Peale?

Jessie Penn-Lewis: What do you think of Jessie Penn Lewis? (Book, "War on Saints").

Heaven-bound Upon Death-or Not: In your new book on the kingdom of God, "Empire of the Risen Son", you talk about our calling is to the kingdom and to glory, not to heaven, so can you clarify where I go when I die? [I Thessalonians 4:14].

Guest, Sam Frost, former Full-Preterist discusses the Second Coming and the Enthronement of Christ: Guest, Sam Frost, former Full-Preterist, and author of "The Parousia of the Son of Man", talks with Steve about eschatology, the timing and kingship of the return of Christ. [Daniel 2, Daniel 7:13, Matthew 24, Acts 4:25, Psalm 2:6].

Studying the Manuscripts: Caller recommends the book, "Encountering the Manuscripts" by Philip Comfort for studying the scriptures.
Old Testament Metaphors for Evangelism: Can you find any flaw in Christians seeing metaphors of Christ in any of the Old Testament and then sharing that with unbelievers? [John 5:46, Isaiah 53].
Greg Boyd: What do you think about and Greg Boyd?

Steve Gregg's New Book: Steve talks about his two new books on "The Kingdom of God", the title being, "Empire of the Risen Son".

What's Going on with Steve's New Book and Recent Travel: Caller just got Steve's new book, and requests that Steve talk about his recent travel.

Drugs, Occult, & Old Testament Prohibition: Where would I find Old Testament Law about prohibiting drugs and occult potions? [Galatians 5:20, Deuteronomy18:10, Hosea 4:11, Proverbs 4:23, Matthew 15:18].
Meanings of Words in Old Testament Opposed to Modern Meanings (Pharmacia/ Pharmacy): Do you agree with D.A. Carson, in his book, "Exegetical Fallacies", that there is misinterpretation of some words as they are used in the Old Testament and how they are used today?

The Kingdom of God: Why have we not heard more about "The Kingdom of God" from the pulpit? [Matthew 6:33]. (Editor's Note: There's a lot of missed audio regarding this call.)

Madame Guyon & Thomas Kempis: Could you comment on writings of the authors, Madame Guyon and Thomas Kempis?

"Celebration of Discipline" by Richard Foster: what do you think of the book called, "Celebration of Discipline" by Richard Foster?

The Holy Spirit & Oil: Is there a connection between the Holy Spirit and oil, or is there an inappropriate conflation of the two? [Zechariah 4:6, John 7:37-39].
Books on Church History: Do you have any particular recommendations of primary books on church history?

Andrew of Caesarea: Are you familiar with Andrew (Andreas) of Caesarea's commentary from 1614 and did you figure out what his view of Revelation was? [Revelatioin 13].

Christian Fiction Writer of "Harbinger", Jonathan Cahn: Have you read the books by Jonathan Cahn, "The Harbinger"?
Bidden/ Harris Ticket: Would you comment on the Bidden/ Harris ticket potential for harming our government?

Steve Gregg's New Book on the Kingdom: When is your new book coming out and will it deal with Dispensational views?
Jesus Didn't Inherit Mary's : How could Jesus not inherit Mary's sinful human nature, since she was just human? [Genesis 3, Psalm 51:5, Romans 5:12, Romans 8:4, Galatians 5:16].

"Kingdom of Heaven" and "Kingdom of God": Are you going to do part 2 of a lecture I heard about the "Kingdom of Heaven" and "Kingdom of God".

Book on the Antichrist: Caller gives the name of a book by a church father, Hippolytus, on the antichrist (Hippolytus - "On Christ and Antichrist").

Steve Gregg's Book on Hell: What did you delete from your book on hell?
Steve Gregg's Book on Revelation: Did you have to change your book on Revelation for the publisher?
Steve Gregg's Book on Kingdom of God: When is your book on the Kingdom of God coming out?

Westminister Confession: Is the Westminister Confession related to the Calvinists in England?
End Times author, Salem Kirban: Have you heard of Salem Kirban and his writings about end times?
Opposite of Calvinism: What is the opposite of Calvinism?

Sealed Up Until the Time of the End: If the prophecy in Daniel is sealed until "time of the end", how can it have been fulfilled in the time of Antiochus Epiphanes? [Daniel 12:4].
Premillennial View of End Times Book: Can you recommend a good book on the premillennial view of end times? (George Eldon Ladd).

"The Unseen Realm" by Michael Heizer: What do you think of the book, "The Unseen Realm", by Michael Heizer? [Psalms 82].
Meaning of Elohim: What do you think of his interpretation of the word, Elohim, meaning a class of gods, rather than God the father? [Genesis 1:1, Psalm 82:1-6].

Norman Grubb: What you think of Norman Grubb?

Good Books About Satan: Caller offers book suggestions on the topic of Satan: by Michael Brown.
Christian Fundamentalism: How would you define Christian Fundamentalism? Is is a good thing or a bad thing?

Info for a Pre-believer: What literature would you recommend for a pre-believer? [Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis, Basic Christianity by John R.W. Stott].

Good Ministries: Voice of the Martyrs, Open Doors, Food for the Poor, Mercy Ships, World Vision.
From the book, "Jesus Always": Caller just shared from Sarah Young's book, "Jesus Always." [Psalm 46:10, 62:8, Isaiah 41:23, Jeremiah 41:3].

Vasectomy: As a new believer should I reverse a vasectomy as part of my repentance?
Book-Jesus is Calling: Do you think the book, "Jesus is Calling", is a good book to read as I start my Christian walk?

Dake's Study Bible: What are some good study Bible recommendations (Dake's Study Bible)?

Child of God: Is everyone a child of God, or are just Christians? [I John 3, Genesis 4, John 8:39, Acts 17:28, Luke 15:11-32, John 1:12].
Derek Prince-Demons: What do you think about Derek Prince's book , "They Shall Expel Demons"? [I John 4:4, 5:18, I Corinthians 6:19-20].

Must Read Books: Would you share your list of "must read" books?
Steven Anderson of Tempe AZ: Are you familiar with Pastor Steven Anderson of Tempe AZ? (King James only)?
Steve's Views on Hell: Which view of Hell do you lean toward?

Hell (Steve's book): Just want to thank you (Steve Gregg) for the book you wrote about the scriptural views of hell (All You Want to Know about Hell, 3 Christian Views of God's Final Solution to the Problem of Sin).
Old Testament Saints Not in Heaven: Did the Old Testament saints not go to heaven? [Hebrews 9].

Hell & Purgatory: What is the Catholic idea of purgatory? What are the three different views of hell you write about in your book? Where do you get your book?

Book Recommendations: Another's book recommendations: The Cloud of the Unknowing (anonymous), writings of Teresa of Avila
Contemplative Prayer: What do you think about contemplative prayer?

Book Recommendations: Would you recommend some contemporary books for a Sunday school class to read through together?

Book Recommendations: Would your recommend some books that are good for study? ["The Pursuit of God" (A.W. Tozer), "Imitation of Christ" (Thomas a Kempis), "Pilgrim's Progress" by (John Bunyan), "Mere Christianity" (C.S. Lewis), "The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life" (Hannah Whithall Smith)].

Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit: What is meant by "blasphemy of the Holy Spirit" [Matt 12:32]?
Repentance: Is there scripture to support post-mortem forgiveness? Many scriptures noted in Steve's book on Hell.

Bible Background - Inner Man & Outer Man: Can you recommend a book that gives a reliable background of the books of the Bible? Would you talk about the "inner man" vs the "outer man"?

Origen: Did the church father, Origen, have access to the New Testament scriptures? What would you recommend of his books?

Stewardship: Have you ever heard of the book "Practicing the King's Economy"?

Crucifixion Discrepancies: How do you resolve the apparent discrepancies regarding the time of the crucifixion of Jesus? [Mark 15:25, John 19:14].
Church Fathers: What are good sources for reading the church fathers?
Writing of Revelation date evidence: Is there evidence that Revelation was written after 70 AD?

John Bevere: Have you (Steve) ever heard of John Bevere?
Alcohol: Is drinking alcohol sinning? Being drunk?

Must Hear the Gospel: In a book by John Piper called,"Jesus: The Only Way to God", he says that people must hear the Gospel in order to be saved or they can not be saved. Is this true?

Book on Hell by Steve Gregg: How do I get your book on hell?
Apostles & Missionaries Today: What do you think about apostles today? And how do missionaries fit in with apostles? [2 Corinthians 8:23, 12:12, I Peter 1:1, 2 Peter].

Old Testament Chronology: Can you refer me to a resource to help me put the Old Testament books in a chronology [].

White House: Why is the White House called the White House?
Rulers of Evil: Caller wants to recommend a book called, "Rulers of Evil".

Jesus Calling Book Endorsement: "Jesus calling" book endorsement, the caller makes.

Praying in Jesus' Name: What would you say of a pastor who says, we are not saved by grace, but we are the sons of God & we don't need to pray "in Jesus' name"?
Jesus Calling Book: What do you think of "Jesus Calling" book?

Full Preterism & Partial Preterism: I am reading a book by a Brian Godawa called, "End Times Bible Prophecy: It's Not What They Told You", & he's a Full Preterist, & wondering what you can say about the "New Heaven & the New Earth" found in 2 Peter 3:10-13]

Speaking in Tongues: On your show recently you've had people talking about speaking in tongues, & so they might be interested in Perplexed by Tongues by Larry Christenson

Distinguishing Evil Spirits & Demons: Is there a difference between evil spirits & demons?
Supernatural Reports: What do you think of the books "Heaven is for Real" or "23 min in Hell"?

Sent a Book: I sent you a book about numerology, did you receive it?
Concept of Fairness: There's no real Fairness in Christianity, is it? It's either grace or condemnation, but there seems to be nothing in between.

David Baxter: Have you ever debated Ervin Baxter about eschatology?
Church Fathers: Do you have any books you recommend, especially re: the church fathers?

Steve Gregg's 2 Books: My question is in relation to your book about the 4 views of Revelation. Where did you get the info about Francisco Ribera being the father of Dispensationalism? I also like your other book about the 3 views of Hell.

Book of Jasher: The Book of Jasher that is available in bookstores right now is not the same as Book of Jasher in the Bible, is that correct? [Joshua 10:13, 2 Samuel 1:18]

Doctrine & Teaching on the Speaking in Tongues: Have you ever heard of the book Doctrine & Teaching on the Speaking in Tongues by Gideon Hereb?

The Pilgrim's Progress: What is the theology of the Pilgrim's Progress? (Puritan, Calvinist viewpoint)

Christian Literature on all your information: What was the website you were talking about? Are there any resources, printed material, on all your info? [

Book of Jasher: Have you ever seen or read the Book of Jasher?

Any Good Books about Living Through us: Can Steve please recommend some good books for inspiring growth in the Lord, living through Jesus. (A.W. Tozer)

The crucifixion of the Warrior God (God's Character in OT vs NT): the crucifixion of the Warrior God by a greg boyd discussion

R.C. Sproul: What do you think about R.C. Sproul's writings?

John Calvin's Persecutions: Where can I find about the persecutions that John Calvin handed down back in his day?

The book, "The Secret": Do you have any thoughts about, "The Secret"?

Gerhard Kittel: What is your opinion on Gerhard Kittel's theological dictionary of the New Testament?

Commentary in the Gospel of John: In John 5:14, why did Jesus say, "see, you have been made well. Sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon you"? [John 5:14]
A. W. Tozer & The Pursuit of God: What are your thoughts on A. W. Tozer? What do you think about his book, "The Pursuit of God"?

Midrash: "Not in God's Name" by Rabbi Johnathan Sacks (caller calls it, "Not in the Name of God" by Rabbi Jeremy Sacks), but the caller would like to know about the Midrash?

The Unseen Realm: Have you ever heard of "The Unseen Realm" by a Michael Heiser & wondering what you think about it? He says God had 2 families. [Psalm 82]

The Ladder of Divine Ascent: Has Steve ever heard of the book called, The Ladder of Divine Ascent (caller calls it letter of divine ascension)?
Gnosticism & Asceticism: There's a lot of talk about Gnosticism in the Bible, but Christians don't have to practice Asceticism, even though people like John the Baptist & Paul seemed to practice asceticism, since Jesus didn't, & we are supposed to follow His example!

Lectures to start with: What lectures do you recommend that I start listening to?
Driven by Eternity: Are you familiar w/ a book "Driven by Eternity" by John Bevere? He says we need to really focusing on our Eternal Destiny.

The Awakening: I've been reading, "The Awakening", about exorcisms by Blumhardt, & should I be reading it? A lot of stuff about demonic activity & levitation.

Hank Hanegraff & the Eucharist & EO Church: Hank Hanegraaff converting to Eastern Orthodox was mostly because of the real presence of Jesus' body in the bread and wine? Have you ever heard of the book, "Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist" by a

Kingdom of God: Caller really enjoyed the lecture about the Kingdom of God Steve had done in WA state recently. (Steve just wrote a book about the Kingdom of God called, "Empire of the Risen Son", Part 1 & 2, October 2020)
The Dove, the Flood & Holy Spirit: The Dove never coming back because he had a place to land, & soon as Jesus got baptized, & His followers were going to start being baptized, the Holy Spirit having a place to go, is what the caller thinks. [1 Peter 2:20-21]
Sons of God: We as Christians have authority as the Sons of God & our Father is our Righteous "Judge". We need to realize our authority over demons, our own sins & God's extreme love for us as His children.

Bad Religion by Ross Douthat: Have you heard of a book by the name of "Bad Religion" by a Ross Doulthat?
Church Flourishing: From after World War 2 to 1960, was the church flourishing?

Matthew 24 Being Fulfilled: Is reading a book by john l bray called, Matthew 24 fulfilled beneficial? Isn't he a full preterist?
Johann Blumhardt: Discussion about Johann Blumhardt & the exorcism he performed of a girl who was demon-possessed.

Book on Evolution: Douglas Acts' book, "Undeniable", "", I highly recommend.

More Suggestions of Good Evolution Books for Young Children: The grandfather asking for good books for his grandson, i have a godo one, a book by a dr walter brown, "In the Beginning - Compelling Evidence for Creation".

Jesus Calling Devotionals: Caller is concerned about people that think the book, "The Jesus Calling", that they are not really fond of the author talking in first person as if they are speaking for Jesus.

The Jesus Notes, Sarah Young Book: The book, "The Jesus Notes" (followup).
The Flat Earth: Discussion about the Flat Earth, & if the earth was flat, how would radio & television reception happen?

The Jesus Notes: The book, "the Jesus Notes" followup.
Women Teachers: Women teaching the Bible class, is that acceptable?

The Jesus Calling Book: Discussion about the book, "The Jesus Calling", both about the book itself & a critique publication OF the book.

Good book to Rebut Evolution for a 12 year old: This caller also is recommending a book that a caller requested for his 12 yr old grandson about science (followup)

More Suggestions to Combat Evolution for a 12 year old: Also for the guy who wanted good books on science, but being in harmony w/ the Bible: Website,

Good Books on Evolution for a 12 year Old: (followup) Caller is responding to caller who wanted good on Evolution for a child: 1) The Bible & Science Made Easy by Mark Water 2) The Right Questions, Truth, Meaning & Public Debate by Phillip Johnson 3) Deliver Us From Evil: Restoring the Soul in a Disintegrating Culture by Ravi Zacharias 4) Evidence for Creation,Intelligent Answer for Open Minds by Tom DeRosa

Grandson becoming Atheist: My grandson has decided that he is going to be an atheist & be a "man of science" because of the influence of a teacher, do you know where I can find some good books to refute evolution?

The Kingdom of God: "Understanding the purpose & power of prayer" by Myles Monroe, is a book about the Kingdom of God. Have you ever heard of or agree with him?

A Book by Philip Mauro: "Of things which must soon come to pass" by philip mauro

Neil Cole & the Book Organic Church: Have you ever heard of Neil Cole, & his book Organic Church? What do you think about his ministry?

Universal Reconciliation: George w. Sarris about hell, are we going to be get out of hell eventually like he suggests?

Capital Punishment: Corporate Punishment going to a gentler, kinder kind of punishment.

Differing Views of Hell Have you heard about George w. Sarris who wrote an interesting book about hell?

Universalism: So since all of Israel will be saved, does that mean Universalism? I've been reading a book called, "The Inescaple love of God" by Tomas Talbott.

Bible books & Training Children: what would be a good bible series book for a young child & how do I train my child to love Jesus?

The Shack, Movie & Book: Discussion about "the shack", the movie & the book, it deviating from the Bible, does the end justify the means?

Baptism for Salvation: Do you have to be baptized, because isn't it just symbolic of our inner life?
Apologetics: I'd like some good books on apologetics.

Claiming Jesus' Power: Bill Johnson, in his book, "When Heaven Invades Earth", says that Jesus performed the miracles by being in right communion w/ God, not because He WAS God, & since there's no cancer in heaven we can say no cancer down here as well, & what does it mean that He emptied Himself? [Philippians 2:5-8]

Christian Psychology: Should I listen to Christian psychologists? Should we read secular literature, have you ever read Paradise lost

As a Man Thinketh Book: "As a man thinketh" by James Allen, do you know anything about it?

Minor Prophets: Do you have anything you'd recommend about the minor prophets & how & when they existed wit everything else?

Greg Boyd: Are you familiar with Greg Boyd on open theism? Have you his book about the Sovereignty of God & our free will, called, "Is God to Blame?"?

A Book about Jesus: Have you ever heard of a book called, "The Historical Records Concerning Jesus the Christ"?

The Shepherd of Hermas: How much credence do you think we should give "The Shepherd of Hermas"?

The Course in Miracles: What do you think about, "the Course in Miracles"?
Two Witnesses: Who are the 2 Witnesses of Revelation 11?
Woman of Revelation 11 & 12: Who is the pregnant woman of the last part of Revelation 11 & chapter 12?

Randy Alcorn & Crowns of Heaven: What does Randy Alcorn believe involving heaven, & do you align yourself w/ whatever he believes, & what are the Crowns we will be receiving in heaven since they represent power & glory here on earth, will we be receiving that in heaven also?

Remission of sins: i'd really like to know the meaning of this verse, the "remitting or retaining the sins of people". What does that mean? [John 20:23]
"All you want to know about Hell": Caller likes both books of Steve Gregg, "3 views of Hell", as well as "4 views Revelation". Steve comments.

Chronicles of Narnia: What do you think of the C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia, fantasy & fiction, verses reality, especially since they have witches in them & such?
Leviathan: How literal should we take Leviathan?

Good Book recommendations Can Steve please recommend some good Christian books, as the caller has appreciated his recommendations in the past.

Blood Moons: Caller likes documentary, "The Star of Bethlehem" by a Frederick A. Larson. What does Steve think about it?

Teaching Steve's book on the 4 views of Revelation: Caller is about to teach a class using Steve's book & wants some pointers on how to do it, Revelation, Dispensationalism, Replacement theology, Supersessionism.

"Revelation, Four Views, A Parallel Commentary": Do you have any ideas on the best way to read your book on the 4 views of Revelation?

Rees Howells - Intercessor by Norman Grubb: Has Steve ever read, "Rees Howell, Intercessor"?
George Müller: What about George Müller?

Divorce for Financial Benefit: She will NOT do that after listening to Steve on that, divorce because it's more expedient financially!
Two Witnesses: Have the 2 Witnesses already happened or not? [Revelation 11]
Views on Hell book: It never made sense about the Traditional View of Hell, people burning forever & ever, it's so against God's character.

"The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven": The book & movie turned out to be a fraud. Don't stories like this hurt the credibility of Christianity? We've never heard of Lazarus's experiences while he was dead & other people who were dead for awhile in the Bible.

2015-07-01 Selling Steve's Books: Caller just wanted to announce about how cheap is selling Steve's Books for.
Hell: As a result of that call, Steve commented about Hell.

Reimagining Church by Frank Viola: This book suggests no Pastors/Elders in the Church, but completely led by the Holy Spirit? It's a solid, NT church, it says. Does Steve think that is a LITTLE extreme? [1 Corinthians 14:26]

Good Books on Evangelizing Christ: Caller would like some good books to share Jesus w/ people that are really effective.

Books that Steve Loves: Caller would like to know the list of books that Steve has read 10 times or more.
The Koran: Does Steve have the Qua'ran on his bookshelf? Do they have different Translations like the BIble?
Pastors Being Okay w/ Homosexuality: Caller is surprised Pastors are so accepting to the homosexual lifestyle.

The Book, "Pagan Christianity" Does Steve know about the book called, "Pagan Christianity", has he read it, & what does he think about it?

Archeologist find - Book of Barnabas: Has Steve ever heard of them finding the book Barnabas?
Adam - Father of all Mankind: Are Adam & Eve really the first parents of the human race, or did God create humans before them, & THEN Adam? [Romans 5:12-21, Genesis 1:26-27, Genesis 2]

Demon-Possession: Caller thinks she has a relative that is demon-possession, so could Steve please talk about it? Could she have the power through Christ?
Books on Possession - John Nevius: What was the book you were mentioning about demon possession? (Answer is: "Demon Possession" by John Nevius.) (Also, Demon Possession By John Warwick Montgomery)

Michael the Buddhist: Michael wants to avoid pain, but the thing we need to get away from is sin, so he needs to change his entire belief structure.
Lewis Sperry Chafer: Caller reads a quote from Lewis Sperry Chafer & wondering what Steve's thoughts are on it, about works & Calvinism.

Revelation of God Through Dreams: Decision Making & the Will of God by Friesen, if it isn't expressly commanded in Scripture or forbidden by Scripture, you can't make a wrong decision.

Liberty Savard: Has Steve heard of Liberty Savard? He needs to get her books & read the positive side of the binding & loosing [Matthew 16 18]

A. W. Pink & Calvinism: What can you tell me about AW Pink? Was he a Cessationist, & was his book, "Sovereignty of God" strongly Calvinistic?

"The Story": Does Steve know anything about "The Story"?

The Bible Mini-series: Caller didn't really think the Bible mini-series by Downey and Burnett was not biblical & wondered if Steve thought the same way.

Soul-Sleep: Being on a operating table, being under anesthesia, makes me think of soul go out & then you are suddenly being woke up!
The Knowledge of the Holy by A.W. Tozer I enjoyed this book very much & see parallels of what you teach.
Put to death fleshly things: Isn't choosing to put away fleshly, carnal things a matter of an Act of Will, so doesn't that take away the idea that it's just all up to God?

Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola & George Barna: In a book called, "Pagan Christianity", which is about what's gone wrong in the Institutional church, it talks about the Pastoral Leadership mentality, which is more like tradition of man than biblical thing. What are your thoughts?

"The Republic" - Plato, Socrates: What do you think about Socrates, Plato & Aristotle having a lot of wisdom before Christ? The Republic which i'm reading just seems to have such good parallels to the Bible.

Basic by Francis Chan: Have you heard of a book called, "Basic" by Francis Chan? What are some of the things you disagree with him about?

Life of David: Is there a good book on the life of David, especially when he wrote the book of Psalms? [1 & 2 Samuel, 1 Kings 1]

New Thought - Metaphysical: (Call is very garbled) Have you ever heard of Emmit Fox & his book on the Olivet Discourse, which is about New Thought, Metaphysical?

Caiaphas the High Priest Jesus told Caiaphas the High Priest that he'd see Him coming on the clouds of Heaven, & we take that as 70 AD, but didn't Caiaphas die before he had a chance to see that? Mark 14:61-62
Kenneth Gentry: Have you seen Ken Gentry's YouTube videos on Partial Preterism?

Dead Sea Scrolls & the KJV Bible: Did the KJV Bible come from the Dead Sea Scrolls?

The Bible Answer Man: How did you happen to be on Hank Hanegraaff's show, The Bible Answer Man?
Genres: Can you explain Genres, & what genres are what in the Bible?

Abomination of Desolation & Man of Lawlessness: What is the Abomination of Desolation in Daniel & Matthew 24? Who is the Man of Lawlessness? Hank Hanegraaff thinks it's Antiochus Epiphanes IV. [Daniel 9:27, 12:11, Matthew 24:15, Mark 13:14]
Using Maccabees as a reference: Is it appropriate to use the books of Maccabees as a historical reference?

Protestants Saved or not Saved: In our last discussion you said Vatican 1 Protestants were condemned to hell, & that in Vatican 2 they were only separated brethren, but wasn't it the Council of Trent that said it & not Vatican 1?
Apocrypha books - Epistle of the Barnabas: Where does it say that an apostle can be the only ones that write a book of the Bible, & if it doesn't say that, why can't people like Mary Baker Eddy or Joseph write a book for the Bible?

Firstborn: Not necessarily the Firstborn in chronological order, but in status, a follow up from a discussion about JW's from the day before. [Colossians 1:15]
Calvinist & Arminianism - God's Sovereignty & Free Will: You were talking several shows back about you only writing books that fill a void in an area, so is there any books that you'd recommend on Calvinism & Arminianism & God's Sovereignty & Free will, etc?

Man Alive by Patrick Morley: Caller just wanted to recommend a good book for isolated men.

Memorial Service: Is it necessary to have a Memorial Service?
Meat, not Milk: Caller feels that Steve needs to teach more of the meat of the gospel more than the milk of it. [1 Corinthians 3:1-3]
Steve's books on Hell & Revelation: Caller thinks Steve taking the time write books on irrelevant topics such as Hell & Revelation was a waste of time.

Replacement Theology: Have you had a chance to read an article by John Piper on "Replacement Theology"? Israel rejecting Jesus the Messiah, they've broken their covenant w/ God, & because the Gentiles share the inheritance of Abraham, we share in the inheritance of the Jews.

The book & movie, America by Dinesh D'souza: Caller wanted to know if Steve ever heard of a book & the movie called, "America" by Dinesh D'Souza?

Glory Invasion by David Herzog: Do you know anything about the book called, "Glory Invasion" by a David Herzog?

Christian Martyrdom: What is the best book on Christian Martyrdom?
Steve Gregg Debates: Have you ever debated Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses or Muslims?

3 Views of Hell Book Comment: Caller really enjoyed & wanted to put accolades on Steve Gregg's book called, "All You Want to Know about Hell: Three Christian Views of God's Final Solution to the Problem of Sin".

Websites of good bible speakers: Caller wanted to followup on where to go to listen to good tv sermons: &

Bart Ehrman & the Suffering Servant: Could Steve comment on a paragraph that the caller wants to read on something Bart Ehrman wrote about the Suffering Servant in Isaiah? [Isaiah 42:1-4. Isaiah 50-59]

Overview of the Books of the Bible: You recently did a Lecture of an overview of all the books of the Bible, but are you going to play it over the air? Do you know of any good books that would give a good overview?

Describing Heaven: A caller relays a story about how describing heaven is difficult as a result of reading Steve Saint's book, "End of the Spear". [Ephesians 2:7, 3:5, 3:21]

The Daily Bible (Chronological Bible): Have you ever heard of the chronological Bible called, "The Daily Bible"?

David Bercot - Will the Real Heretic stand up: A caller calls to reply to a previous caller of good resources, & David Bercot would be a good one with some of his books, but especially his encyclopedias. (

Early Church Beliefs: Where is the BEST source I can go to find what the Church Fathers taught?

Books on Apologetics: What are the best apologetics books?

Heaven is for Real: What do you think about people who say they went to Heaven & back?
Paul not allowed to reveal: Paul wasn't allowed to disclose some of the things he saw while in heaven, so why would it be okay for others to do it now? [2 Corinthians 12:1-4]

The Jefferson Lies by David Barton This is a followup call to calls about Thomas Jefferson.
Bible Contradiction: Matthew quotes from Jeremiah that 30 pieces of Silver would be used to betray Jesus, but it's actually from Zechariah 11. [Matthew 27:9, Zechariah 11]

The Dark Night of the Soul: Is the Dark Night of the Soul biblical or just anecdotal?

"Hellbound" Documentary: Have you ever watched the documentary called, "Hellbound"? (A discussion about hell pursues for awhile & then more about the documentary.)

Tyndale Commentaries & D.A. Carson: What do you think about the Tyndale Commentaries? How about D.A. Carson & his commentaries called, "Understanding the Times: New Testament Studies in the 21st Century"?

Wider Hope Theory: I was reading in your book on 3 views of hell, & you were talking about the Wide Hope Theory. Can you expound on it?
Evolution: Adam & Eve were fully grown mature adults when they created.

Canonicity of Scripture & Peter: Do you believe Peter wrote the 2nd epistle of Peter?
The Nag Hammadi Library - Chenoboskion Manuscripts: Was this just a collection gnostic books or books of the Bible also?
James & Jude & Hebrews: Authorship of James, Jude & Hebrews, & how do we know to accept those books?

Books on Prayer: Do you know of any good books on Prayer?

Dispensationalism & Premillennialism: I enjoyed your book about the 4 views of Revelation as I was making my transition to Partial Preterism.
Views of Hell, Traditional View, Eternal Torment: I want to talk about your views of hell now. What would you call Hell if you didn't call it the "traditional view"?
Bible stories resembling Babylonian Mythology: People have said that Christianity & the Bible have just copied stories from Babylonian Mythology. Do you have thoughts about this, especially regarding the Rich Man & Lazarus? [Luke 19:19-31]

Good books to help understand the Bible: Followup to the gentleman who called about a good resource or concordance to help supplement understanding the Bible.

Non-Calvinism & Amillennial: Do you know of any scholars with good books who take both a Non-Calvinistic approach & is also an Amillennialist?
Dating of the Book of Revelation: Do you have strong evidence for an early date of the writing of the book of Revelation? Can you be an amillennialist & still believe in the LATE date?

The Book of Enoch: What about the Book of Enoch? Was that book ever considered inspired & in the Bible? Was it authoritative?

Steve's Lectures & Books about Eschatology: Do you say the same stuff in your book about the 4 views of Revelation that you say in your 14 lectures, When Shall These Things Be? Do you have any more books written besides that one? (Answer: 3 views of Hell & 2 books on the Kingdom of God.)
70 Week Beginning: When does the 70th week begin? At the beginning of His ministry or the right before His crucifixion? [Daniel 9:27]
Fleeing from the 70 AD Siege: If all the people fled there'd be none left, all Israel & Christians leaving. Do you & Hank agree with each other about the events of 70 AD?

God Loves You, He Always Has, He Always Will: Have you ever read the book by David Jeremiah called, "God Loves You: He Always Has-He Always Will"? Caller then tries to relay a story on the judgment that i also couldn't follow.

God Space by Doug Pollock: Are you familiar at all with a book called, "God Space" or its author Doug Pollock? He's coming to speak at our church for a few days & wanted to know what you thought of him & his teachings.

David Bercot's book, In God We Don't Trust: Have you ever heard of "In God we Don't Trust?" by David Bercot, which is about the American Revolution?

Satan Accusing Us: Can Satan still access Heaven & accuse us to God?
Christ making Intercession for us: [Romans 8:33-34]
Revelation-4 Views: I'm really enjoying your book, "Revelation-4 Views".

N.T. Wright & the New Perspective on Paul: Have you ever read or know about N. T. Wright's book on the New Perspective of Paul?

Understanding Romans: I don't understand these verse in Romans 5. Can you please help understand them? [Romans 5:13-14]
Purpose Driven Life: Our church is going through the book, "Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren, & they want all the members to go through the classes & then sign a piece of paper for membership. I don't like the idea.

Anthony Norris Groves & his Book: Have you ever heard of "Father of Faith Missions: The Life and Times of Anthony Norris Groves" by Anthony Norris Groves?

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