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Topic: Humble (Humility)

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Pride: Is pride really the root of all sin? [Isaiah 14:12-14].
Bondage vs Sinful Behavior: How does one distinguish being in bondage versus just falling to sin? [John 8:31-36].

Learning From the Disciples in Heaven: When we go to heaven, so you think that we will still be learning from Paul, Peter, and James?
Authorship of Hebrews & Paul's Humility: Do you think that Paul wrote Hebrews? Why do you think he was so humble? [2 Corinthians 12:7-10].
Book on Dispensationalism: Have you considered writing a book about Dispensationalism?

Satan Fell Like Lightening: When scripture talks about Satan "fell like lightening", is that about pride? [Luke 10:18, John 12:31].

God Hiding From Us: Why does God hide from us? Is it to humble us? [Isaiah 50:10].

God's Promise to Heal the Land: How applicable is the verse in Chronicles about God's people humbling themselves and His healing the land to us today? [2 Chronicles 7:14].

Moses Meekest Man: It is hard to believe that Moses was the most humble and meek man, and odd that he wrote this about himself. Would you comment? [Numbers 12:3, Matthew 11:29, Deuteronomy 34:10-12].

Humility as Heirs to the New Earth: How is it possible to be and stay humble, but also inherit the earth? [Romans 4:13, Matthew 5:5, Matthew 20:25, Psalm 8, Philippians 2:8, John 13:13-16]

Rude & Opinionated Bible Teacher: If a Bible teacher is being rude, and not allowing alternate views to be considered, what would the Bible instruct?

Incense Recipe: Does the incense in Exodus 30 have any significance to us today?
Humility: Does a humble people know they are humble?

Jesus's Appearance: Why is Jesus depicted as a soft looking man when He would likely be darker and buff? Does this misrepresentation cause people to stumble?

Foot Washing: Regarding foot washing, was there some more symbolic connection to the priest washings?

Foot Washing: Why is foot washing not practiced in the United States since it is clearly demonstrated in the Bible? [John 13:14-15].

Calvinism-The Elect: Are Calvinists similar to the Jews that assumed salvation based on their ethnic election-or chosen status? [Romans 9]. Are Calvinists more humble because they believe in total depravity?

Enemies your Footstool: What enemies is the Hebrew's writer referring to & how are they going to be humbled? [Hebrews 1:13, Psalm 110:1]

Humility & I don't know: I love listening to your program because sometimes you just say, "I don't know".
It is Finished: What does it mean when Jesus said, "it is finished"?

John the Baptist & Humility: Is this is talking about John the Baptist & having humility? [Isaiah 40:4]

Pride: What is pride? Is there a pride that is not a sin? How do we define it?

Advise for Newly Married Couple: A funny discussion of marriage success; humility & "I was wrong".

Donald Trump: Caller doesn't think Donald Trump is a Christian & is certainly not very humble.
Spiritual Warfare: What should we know about it? did you say that you've performed an exorcism before?

Humility & Humiliated: What is the difference between humility & being humiliated?

First Shall be Last & the Last Shall be First: What do these phrases mean: "The last shall be first, and the first shall be last" and "Many are called, few are chosen"? [Matthew 20:15-16]

Jesus Baptizing John the Baptist: Was John the Baptist ever baptized by Jesus? [Matthew 3:14]
Not Worthy to Unlatch Jesus' Sandals: Why did he say he was not worthy to unlatch the sandal from His foot? [Matthew 3:11]

Loving Ourselves: Where does it say in the Bible besides Matthew that we should love ourselves? [Matthew 22:37-39]

Humbling Yourself Before God: How do you humble yourself before God? [1 Peter 5:6]

Being Gentle in Delivering Truth: How does Steve have the ability to be gentle & have humility w/ people who don't quite believe what we believe yet? How do we get people to read the Bible?

Meekness: What does being meek mean? [Matthew 5:5]
Defending Yourself w/ Firearms: What does the Bible say about defending yourself w/ guns?

The Miracle of the Cross: The Miracle of the Cross was that He was humble enough to come & die for us.
Dying on the Cross: If Jesus hadn't voluntarily died on the Cross, would He have lived forever? [John 10:17-18]

Salvation (by Works): There's a required preconditional work, like saved by faith, but you have to have Fear of the Lord for instance.

Converted & Becoming as Innocent as a Child: What does Jesus mean by becoming a child, converting to an innocent child? [Matthew 18:3]

Sheep & Goats: When do we come a Sheep or a Goat? [Matthew 25:31-46] Wasn't David's son who died at 2 years old a sheep? Are we all sheep & become goats?
People's Level of Importance: Why is the President esteemed so much important than a garbage man?

Humility: Does God expect us to grovel towards Him? [Matthew 15:22-28, John 21:15-17 Philippians 3:4]

Eternal Life: What is God's basis for showing grace to someone to bring them to eternal life? Everyone who is weak, humble, meek & needy, does God automatically give them that grace & saves them? (the same caller that was on for a half hour from the day before.) [Luke 8:4-21]

Not Peace but a sword: Doesn't it say that Jesus came to bring a sword & not peace? [Matthew 10:34]
Importance of Man: Just how important is man?

First shall be last, Last shall be first: What did Jesus mean by "the first shall be last, & the last shall be last"? [Matthew 19:30]

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