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Topic: Epistles

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Early Christians and the Old Testament Law: If the early Christians didn't have the New Testament, how did they know that they did not have to follow the Old Testament Law? [Acts 15].

Date of Naming the Book of Matthew, Etc.: When did the book of Matthew, and the rest of thee books, get its name?
Gospels Not Written in the 1st Person: Isn't it odd that the gospels were not written in the 1st person?
Epistles: What is an epistle?

Letters (Epistles) from the Disciples in the Bible: Should we not read the entire letter (epistles) when studying the letters from the disciples?

Baptist Seminary Amillennial: Comment that a Baptist seminary was Amillennial.
The Book of Revelation: Isn't the book of Revelation actually a letter written to the churches in Asia Minor?

End Times Timeline & Dispensationalism: Why don't Dispensationalists pay attention to who the epistles were written to, and the timeline references in scripture about "this generation", "soon" and "shortly come to pass"? [Revelation 1:1-3, Revelation 22:10, Matthew 24:34].

Gnostic Gospels: what is the Gnostic gospel?
Epistle of Barnabus: What is the gospel (actually epistle) of Barnabus?

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