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Topic: Tithing vs Giving

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Application of Old Testament to Christians (Tithing): Could you help me understand how to determine what in the Old Testament applies to us and what doesn't, like tithing?

Giving One's Tithe to Needy Family Members: What do you think about giving to one's own family members that are in need, over giving to the local church? [I Timothy 5, Matthew 15].

Tithing Under the New Covenant: Is tithing 10% of your money or of everything (our time, treasure and talent), and are we still supposed to be giving a tithe? [Matthew 23:23, Luke 14:33, I Corinthians 6:20, Matthew 25:14-30].

Tithing vs Giving: Could you talk to me about the difference between tithing and giving?

Giving to Animal Care Rather Than a Church: Am I wrong to give money to organizations that care for pets rather than to the church? [2 Peter 3:9].

Giving to a Political Candidate: Do you think that giving to a political candidate is considered legitimate giving as Jesus directed?

Tithing-an Old Testament Obligation: Isn't tithing an Old Testament requirement, therefore not really relevant to us today? [Hebrews 7, Matthew 23:23].

Tithing: Can you tithe as you decide rather than 10%, and can you tithe to other ministries, other than your church?

Tithing Other Than to One's Local Church: Is it acceptable to tithe to other ministries rather than only to one's own local church?

Tithing when you are Poor: Does not scripture suggest we should test God by tithing even if we don't have much, and He will supply our needs? [Luke 6:38, Matthew 6:33, I Timonthy 5:8].
Tithing when you are Poor: Can you give money to your poor mother, rather than to the church? [I Timothy 5:8].

Best Bible for Study: What do you think is the best Bible for study?
Tithing: Do you have any studies about tithing?

Tithing-Christian Requirement?: Are Christians today required today to give a tithe to the local church? [Acts 4:32, Matthew 23:23].

Tithing: Do we need to be tithing in order to receive God's blessing, particularly when we hope to support more ministries than just our local church? [Malachi 3].

Seniors Tithing: Should seniors still have to pay a tithe if they are tithing from the limited retirement funds of Social Security? [2 Corinthians 9:7].

Financial Stewardship: Retiring, Saving, Living by Faith, Giving, What to do financially?

Giving Your Extra Funds: After you pay your bills, how do you save and disburse your extra money? [Matthew 6:19f, Matthew 10: 17-27].

Tithing: When giving and tithing is difficult, should we expect it to be easier? [Malachi 3:10f, Philippians 4:19, Luke 6:38].

Tithing: What is our obligation in regard to tithing?

Tithing: What else would the website, The Narrow Path, have about tithing, besides the posted article? Steve recommends "Toward a Radically Christian Counter-Culture." and his verse-by-verse; [Genesis 14, Malachi 3, Luke 12]. What do you think about a pastor who questions one's salvation if they are not tithing, and suggests that tithing is not a ceremonial law, but a moral law?

Coffers: Are these 2 passages of scripture talking about the same thing where everyone just put all their money in one pot & people took what they needed? [Acts 4:34, Hebrews 10:34-36, 1 John 3:18]

Tithing & Giving: Isn't our first responsibility to tithing and giving to be in our own homes?

Eternal Security: Can you lose your salvation?
Giving to the Narrow Path Ministry: Can I give to your ministry instead of my church?

Pressured to Tithe at My Church: Churches that demand you pay tithe (53:05)

Tithe: How much does God want me to tithe (a very specific situation)?

Tithing: My husband & I have been being convicted to tithe, wondering how to do it, who to give it to?

Paying Tithe: Abraham paid tithe to Melchizedek, so tithing is still enforced, is it not? [Hebrews 7, Matthew 23:23]

Tithing: Is tithing a biblical principle?
Life in Other Parts of the Universe: Is there life in other parts of the universe with which God interacts?

Wealthy Pastors: Pastors who have a lot of money in their accounts, charging for the ministry.

Twisted View of First Fruits: About tithing, pastor says we need to give our entire first fruits, our entire pay check, to them.

Steve's Giving: How & where do you give?

Tithing: What is your view about tithing, especially when they bring up Malachi 3?

Wealthy People: You were talking about wealthy atheists giving money the other day, & Warren Buffet, "There are many ways to get to heaven, but this is a good way" after he gave a whole bunch of money. How would you rebut that?

Giving Sacrificially: Even though atheist gives billions, it's a drop in the bucket to them. They need to give sacrificially in order for it to count. [Mark 12:41-44]

Tithing & Malachi: What is it saying in Malachi 3:10 about tithing?
His Righteousness: "His righteousness, & all the things shall be added unto you", can you please interpret that for me? [Matthew 6:33]

Freely Giving: I'm w/ you on the not being legalistic about tithing, but we still need to exercise the practice of giving

Tithing: Is tithing mandated?

Playing the Lotto: Is it wrong for christians to play the lotto, & if you happen to win, is it wrong to give a portion of the proceeds to church?

Upkeep of the Church: So what about the upkeeping of the church when you pay tithe?

Paying Tithe: Going to Hell if you don't pay tithe, is that true?
Territorial Demons: The Prince of Persia preventing prayer, does that mean territorial demons? [Daniel 10]

Pastor Wanting more & more Money: Concerning giving money, she is concerned that her pastor wants her to give more

Tithing to your Local Church: Tithing & giving (Editor's Note: continued dialoguing with caller after break, didn't announce it like he usually does.)

Tithing for the Modern Era: Is tithing for the modern church today?

Tithing: We don't have to pay tithe, is that true? How do we support the local church?

First Fruits into the Storehouse (Tithing): Involving tithing, who was responsible to bring the first fruits into the storehouse?
Giving over entire Check: Pastors say that people's first check of the month has to be given over to them. Is that true?
Mount of Transfiguration Experience: Was the Mount of Transfiguration a vision or an actual appearance of Elijah & Moses?

Tithing Controversy: What did the early church look like as far as tithing?

Tithing: Can you shed some light on tithing? Do we need to tithe?

Tithing: what do churches make the mistake about saying you have to tithe?
Mary's Knowledge of Jesus' Miracle Capability: Did Mary know about Jesus' ability to turn the water into wine?

General Questions about the Narrow Path Ministry: Questions about how to donate, is it okay to pay his tithe to his ministry, & how thankful he is for Steve's ministry.

Tithing: What is Steve's opinion of Tithing? Pastor says if you don't tithe 10%, you are robbing from God! [Malachi 3:8-10]

Tithing: Isn't the Church like the temple of the Old Testament, so what's wrong w/ Tithing?

Tithing: Caller wanted to followup on a call about Tithing that Steve had recently...… need to be a cheerful giver, not a legalistic giver.

Tithing: Caller heard a few calls back about no Tithing commanded in the NT? She wants to contest that, that our Righteousness needs to EXCEED the Pharisees Righteousness, so don't WE need to Tithe? [Matthew 5:20, 23:23]

Legalism & Tithing: What is Legalism, especially when it comes to Tithing?

Tithing: What is the Bible stance on Tithing (in the New Testament)?

Tithing: Is it unbiblical to divvy out the 10% to different churches instead of just one church?- storehouse tithing.

Church Building Expanding Project: Our church is thinking about expanding the physical church by purchasing more property, but wondering if that's a good idea since are many needy people.

Tithing: Caller has a friend who has told him he is wrong for not tithing. How do he share w/ him that he is wrong?

Robbing God: Jesus asked if we were going to rob God w/ our tithes & offerings? [Malachi 3:8, Mark 12:38-44]

Tithes & Offerings: What does the New Testament say about Tithes & Offerings? [Matthew 23:23, Hebrews 7:1-10]

Tithing: We SHOULD give as much as we can because God DOES bless us! [Malachi 3:10]

Donating: Donating to Steve Gregg personally & donating to the Ministry, how does he do both?
Apostle Smith: Apostle Smith wants to charge for the gospel.

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