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Topic: Glory (Glorify, Glorification}

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New Earth Sinners: What is going to keep people from sinning on the new earth, and why would He not do that from the beginning?

False Prophets: How do the churches hold false prophets accountable for bad prophecies? [I Corinthians 5:13, Revelation 2:20].
When Do We Get Glorified Bodies?: When do Dispensationalists think we receive our glorified bodies? [John 5:25-28, I Corinthians 15:53]

The Glory Experienced in Near-death Experiences: In view of the fact the glory to come has not yet been revealed, what do you think about the many reports of near-death experiences? [Romans 8:18, I Peter 5:10, I Peter 4:13-14, 2 Corinthians 3:18, I John 3:2-3, Colossians 3:4, I Corinthians 15:43, Revelation 20-21].

Glory: What did the receivers of the letters think "glory" meant, and what does it mean, "from glory to glory"? [2 Corinthians 3:18, Hebrews 1:1-3, I Corinthians 11:7, I John 3:2, Colossians 3:4, Titus 2:13, Luke 9:28-36].

Our Glorified Bodies: What will we be doing in our glorified bodies? [I Corinthians 13:11, I John 3:2, Psalm 16:11].

Glorified Bodies Need to Eat: Is it necessary for resurrected bodies to eat to live in the glorified state? [Revelation 22:2].
Sheep, Goats, & Brethren: Are the sheep, the goats, the brethren, etc. all referring to the same people in Matthew 7 & 25? [Matthew 7:23, Matthew 25:41].
Serving God in the Glorified State: What does serving God in a glorified body look like? [Revelation 4, Revelation 5, Revelation 21, Revelation 22, Luke 19].

Becoming More Like Jesus: Does scripture possibly support the idea that we will continue being changed to be more like Jesus in the intermediate state? [2 Corinthians 3:18, I Corinthians 15:52, Hebrew 12:14, Philippians 1:6, I John 1:3].
Protestant's Idea of Purgatory: Is there a possible purgatory-like process of becoming more like Jesus?

Intermediate Body Before Heaven: Do we have an intermediate body before we go to heaven?
Heaven's Prayers: Do people see us from heaven and pray for us?

Glorified Bodies in the Resurrection: Why will we need glorified bodies in the resurrection, and will be continuity between our present body and those new bodies? [Matthew 5:28-29].

Unequally Yoked in Church to Unbelievers: How does "unequally yoked" work if we are asked to bring unsaved people to church? [I Corinthians 14, 2 Corinthians 6:14].
The Kingdom of God: I love your lecture "Beholding the Glory", I wish everyone could hear it! Do you think you will write about "The Kingdom of God"?

Shekinah Glory: What can you tell me about the Shekinah?

Boasting in Infirmities: "Boast in my infirmities", what did Paul mean by boasting in his infirmities? [2 Corinthians 12:9]

Our memory on the other side of Glory: Are we going to remember our past on the other side of glory?
Dead seeing us: Can the deceased in heaven look down & see us?

Dreams & Vision: Falling back to sin in my DREAMS only, is there anything the Bible possibly has to say about that?
Relative's Death: My mom recently died. Where is she right now, & what is she doing? Is she possibly sleeping? [1 Corinthians 15:51-52, Philippians 1:21-23]

Absent from the Body, Present with the Lord: "TODAY you will be w/ Me in paradise", "absent from the body, present w/ the Lord" but then it says our resurrected bodies are raised to meet Him in the air. [Luke 23:43, Philippians 1:21-23, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18]

Other side of Glory: What do you think we are going to be doing on the other side of glory?

Intermediate State between Death & Glory: What happens after you die?

Knowledge in Heaven: What will we know in heaven? Will we know each other or care if we do?

The Other Side of Glory: Will we remember people who are didn't make it on the other side of glory?

Memory in Glory: What are we going to remember of our previous life on the other side of glory?

Supernatural Beings: (Steve said this kid could call back in the same show; he took advantage of it.) How much influence does supernatural beings have on the natural world?
Free Will: Why didn't God plan the world to be like what heaven will be since they won't be able to sin there? Why did He allow sin?
Beliefs & Denominations: Are there some denominations that won't go to heaven? Or one denomination that will?

Dead in Christ Resurrection: Why do the people who are in Heaven have to be resurrected? [1 Corinthians 15, 1 Thessalonians 4]

Eternal Security: Once saved, always saved, glorified & sanctified in God

Remembering the Bad Stuff in this Life: Caller doesn't think that we'll remember all the bad stuff anymore on the other side of glory, including lost loved ones. [Isaiah 65:16-18, Revelation 21:4]
Estranged Children from the Lord: Children that are not following the Lord, caller will be praying for a previous caller who's son has departed the faith.

Glory of the Lord: What is Paul talking about in the last verse of 2 Corinthians 3, the veil being removed & us able to see the glory of the Lord? [2 Corinthians 3:18]

Justification, Sanctification, Glorification: What are the definitions of Justification, Sanctification, Glorification?
Glorification: Are we already glorified when we come to Christ through our salvation? [Romans 8:30]

Videos of your Verse by Verse Lectures: Do you have a VIDEO of all your verse by verse?
Eternal Life: What will eternal life be like?

Purifying Process: Are we made perfect when we die and before we enter heaven or do we have to be purified before we can enter? [Isaiah 6, Zechariah 3, 1 John 1:9, Ephesians 2;6, 2 Corinthians 5:17, 1 Thessalonians 5:23, 1 John 1:8, Revelation 21:27]

Proof of Pre-existence: Does this supposedly talk about our pre-existence because the disciples thought he supposedly could've sinned himself to cause his blindness? [John 9]

Divorce: Divorce is it not allowed at all? You are always committing adultery if you remarry someone who is divorced?
Adolph Hitler: Why would God allow an Adolph Hitler to happen?
Worshipping God all day in Eternity: why should we want to sit in heaven all day worshipping God?

Jesus' Old Flesh: What happened to Jesus' flesh after He was resurrected?

Soul, Spirit & Body: I've been being taught that our soul/spirit & body are all one unit, all part of the same thing. What do you think?
Resurrected Bodies: What are our resurrected bodies going to be like? Are Jesus' scars from His hand & side going to be gone?

Righteous in Eternity: Where do the righteous go after the judgment, to heaven & come back again to the New Earth? When is the judgment day? What is the judgment for?
Hades & Paradise: Can you explain what you were saying about Hades & Paradise?

Judgment Private or Public: Will the judgment be private or public where everyone can see it? [Romans 2:16]
Adam as a Sacrifice: Jack hayford says that if Adam had not sinned, but Eve had, he could've been an acceptable sacrifice instead of Jesus. What do you think about that idea?
Greatest in the Kingdom of God: What can you tell about this verse? [Matthew 18:1]

Falling in Eternity: What if I can't go the distance in the next life, in the new heaven & earth, since we are required to be good SO long; for eternity?

Power of God: Caller wanted to chime in about marriage on the other side of glory. He shares a story about having so much power from God that he had enough energy that he didn't have to sleep more than 10 minutes a day, & there was no interest in sex.
Luke & Paul: When did Luke join up with Paul? How soon after Paul's conversion?

No Marriage in Heaven: There is going to be no marriage anymore in heaven? [Matthew 22:30]

Activities in Heaven: Do you have any idea what we will be doing in Heaven or what it will be like?

Negative Emotions in Heaven: When we get to heaven how are we not going to be jealous or have major regrets of people getting rewards we could've gotten?

Inherit Salvation in Future: In Hebrews it says that our inheritance of Salvation is future, but there are a few future aspects of it anyway, Justification, sanctification, glorification, transformation. [Hebrews 1:14]

Trinity in Heaven: Will we see the Trinity in Heaven?

After Death: Where do you go after you die?
Dismembering a Body: Why did the husband dismember one of his concubines body & send it to different places after she was gang-raped & killed? [Judges 19:24]

No Afterlife mentioned in the OT: People of the OT didn't believe in life after death?

Illness for God's Glory: Does God cause illness for His glory? (followup #3)

Suffering for God's Glory: Continuing from the last call of previous show, God causes bad things for the purpose of His glory?

Blind for God's Glorification: God made that man blind so He could be glorified? [John 9]

This Generation Shall Not Pass: Was Jesus mistaken when He said, "this generation shall not pass until all these things shall come to pass"? [Matthew 24:34-36]

The Afterlife: The descriptions of the afterlife, are they literal or metaphorical?

Recognizing each other in Heaven: Will we know one another in heaven?

The Transfiguration: During the transfiguration, when Jesus was transfigured, did that represent the resurrected body, & why Moses & Elijah?

Seeing God's Full Glory: People can't see the full glory of God until we are in our new bodies?

Paul Going to the 3rd Heaven: When Paul said he went to the 3rd heaven, what was he talking about? [2 Corinthians 12:1-4]

Eternal Life: What will we be doing in eternity, & what will it be like?

Remembering Loved Ones who didn't make it: Will we be grieved on the other side of glory for people who didn't make it?

Seeing God & Living to Tell about it: How come some people got to see God & live when it says that if you see Him die?
God "trying" to Kill Moses: Why did He "try" to kill Moses? [Exodus 4:24-26]

Spiritual Maturity at Death: When a believer dies, have they reached their full maturity/perfection that God wants them to be at? [John 15:2] Incomplete(?)

Meeting Family in Heaven: Is there anything biblical about us meeting family in heaven?

Christians Sinning: Why do believers choose to sin after they are saved?
Free Will & No Sin in Eternity: How will we have no sin on the other side of glory, but yet still have free will?

Reunited with Loved Ones: Is there any biblical evidence that we may be reunited with loved ones when we die or not until the other side of glory?

Glorified Bodies: Did Jesus eliminate while in His glorified body? Is there going to be sex? Should we use birth control?

Sermon on the Mount: Was the Sermon on the Mount pre-New Covenant, or does it not come play until the other side of glory (or millennium)? But it's not for us today, is that true? [Matthew 5]

David Bednar - Mormonism: Are you familiar with David Bednar?
Mortal & Resurrection bodies: What is the difference between the glorified body, the celestial body & the terrestrial body? [1 Corinthians 15:40-50]

The Millennium: What if we slip again like Adam & Eve did after we are in Heaven, after Satan is loosed again? [Revelation 20, Genesis 3]

Randy Alcorn & Crowns of Heaven: What does Randy Alcorn believe involving heaven, & do you align yourself w/ whatever he believes, & what are the Crowns we will be receiving in heaven since they represent power & glory here on earth, will we be receiving that in heaven also?

Lazarus & Abraham's Bosom: Where were they when they were dead? [Luke 16:19-31]
Transfiguration, Moses & Elijah: Where did Moses & Elijah come back from? How did the disciples recognize them?

No Resurrection, Most Miserable: If there was no resurrection, WHY would we be so pitied? [1 Corinthians 15:17-19]
Spiritual Bodies: Why are we pitied though? We could be in Heaven in spiritual bodies?

Absent from the Body, Present w/ the Lord: What kind of body do we have in Heaven? So we're naked there? [Philippians 1:21-23]

Soul Sleep: Do we go to Heaven or stay here when we die? He's having trouble finding any place in the Bible that we go there. [Philippians 1:21-23]
Heaven or Planet Earth On Side of Glory: Misphrased his Question: Do you go to heaven or live on the earth in eternity?

Most Perfect Mate: We won't be married in Heaven, but we'll have the Most Perfect Mate, according to the caller by the Holy Spirit.

Resurrection - Marriage will cease: Caller doesn't understand no marriages after Resurrection? [Luke 20:28-38], especially 34.

Glory of God & Character: It says in Isaiah that God does not share His glory w/ anyone else, how does that harmonize w/ that we are supposed to share in the glory? [Isaiah 42:8, Israel 48:11, 2 Thessalonians 2:14]

The Transfiguration: What were the Apostles seeing when they saw Moses & Elijah? Were they in their glorified bodies, in their spirits?

The Spiritual vs the Physical: What is the difference between the Spirit & the Physical? (A very convoluted question)

God's Glory, God being around evil: Moses couldn't see God's face because of His glory, it says in some places that He can't be around evil, but Satan traveled up & down to Heaven.

Time: What do we know about time? God lives outside of time?

Recognizing each other in Heaven: Will we know each other on the other side of glory?

God's Glory in the Temple: Did God's glory remain in the Temple throughout the entire time until Jesus declared God had left it? [Ezekiel 11:23, Ezekiel 43:4, Matthew 23:8]
Wailing Wall (Western Wall): (aka as the Kotel) What about the Wailing Wall, how come it wasn't destroyed since Jesus said not one stone upon another will remain? [Matthew 24:2]

Recreation in Heaven: Will there be recreation on the other side of glory? Is recreation acceptable here on earth for that matter?

Rewards in Heaven: In some places of the Bible it makes it seems the rewards will be the same for everyone, but then there's ones about Storing up Treasures in Heaven.

Heaven: What is Heaven, where is Heaven & what will we do there?

Recognizing Relatives in Heaven: Will we know our relatives in Heaven? What age will be appear in Heaven? Will we be speaking the same language in Heaven?

God's Glory, Shekinah Glory: Is john referring to the glory of Jesus in relation to what happened in the Transfiguration? [Matthew 17:1-9, John 1:14]

Reward for Obedience: Should we expect a reward for Obedience?
Partaking of Divine Nature: What does it mean to be a partaker of the Divine Nature? [2 Peter 1:4]

Glory of God: What is God's glory? Moses asks God to see His "glory", & said He'll let His glory pass in front of him, & we fall short of His "glory", & we are to do everything for His "glory", How do all these compare with each other? Are there different kinds of glory? [Exodus 33, Isaiah 43, 1 Corinthians 10:31]

Jesus Glorified: When was Jesus glorified?
Moving Mountains: Jesus wasn't really saying He was expecting us to move mountains just because we had a strong faith, was He?

Paul's suffering & glorying over it: What is Paul saying when he said people would be able to glory in suffering? [Ephesians 3:13]
Descending to Hell: Did Jesus go to hell during His death? [Ephesians 4:8-10, 1 Peter 3:18-20]
Sign of Jonah: [Matthew 16:4, 12:39-40]

"Slain for the Word of God": Can you explain who the souls are that are crying out that were slain for the word & testimony of God? [Revelation 6:9-11]
Activity in Heaven in Contrast to the New Earth: What is everyone doing in Heaven when they die? I know some things we are doing on the New Earth, but what are we doing in Heaven?

Righteousness exceeding in glory: What does it mean that our righteousness exceeds in glory more than the ministration of condemnation? [2 Corinthians 3:9]

Glory Invasion by David Herzog: Do you know anything about the book called, "Glory Invasion" by a David Herzog?

Forgetting former things: Where in the Bible does it say that we'll be absolutely happy in heaven & won't remember the things of the past, especially negative things? [Revelation 21:3-4, Isaiah 65:17]

Recognizing each other in Heaven: Will we be able to recognize each other in Heaven?

Glorifying God: What does it mean to give glory to God?

The Resurrection: Can you explain the similarities of Daniel & Revelation about the resurrection of the dead? [Daniel 12:1-3, Revelation 20, John 5:28-29]
Daniel's People: It says in Daniel 12 about the resurrection of "his people", Daniel's people, the Jews, so is this talking about just them or them & Christians together? [Daniel 12]
Jesus' Resurrection: Do we have any idea how many people were raised with Jesus during His resurrection? [Matthew 27:52-53]
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