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Topic: Public School (Education)

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Day of Rest Continues: Is the day of rest (the 7th day) referred to in Hebrews 4, still continuing even until today? Can you reconcile that wilt John 5:17? [Hebrews 4, John 5:17, Genesis 2:1-3].
Teaching in Public School: What do you think about a committed Christian taking a job as a teacher in a public school?

Education Today: What do you think about the state of education today?
Classical Education: What do you think of a classical education, including taking Latin - especially with the inclusion of Greek and Roman pagan literature?

Public Schools: It's a sin to put children in public schools, some think. What are Steve's thoughts?

Changing of Hearts & Bibles in School: Is there ever occasion when we should "force" the Bible back in schools? It's sad that they are allowed to teach all the other religions in school except for Christianity.

Put Bibles Back in Schools: People are saying how we need to get rid of guns, but how come we never hear anything about putting the Bible back in school?

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