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Topic: Naked

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Removing the Mark of Circumcision: Was there a lot of social nakedness in Corinth that would explain why there was a surgery that could hide circumcision? [I Corinthians 7:18].

Naked Man in Mark: What do you think about the bed sheet being a metaphor for one's faith being stripped away? [Mark 14:51].

Naked Man in Mark: What does the story about the man running away naked man in scripture? [Mark 14:51-52, Acts 12].

Noah & his son Ham: Did Ham molest his father? what is going on in this story? [Genesis 9]

Adam & Eve's Naked Conscience: Why is this verse here, Adam & Eve being ashamed of their nakedness as a result of the Fall?

The 6th Sense: Do you think we have a 6th sense? Did we lose it at the Fall of Adam?

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