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"The Jesus Christ Show" Radio Program: What do you think about the "Jesus Christ Show"? Do you think it is blasphemous?

Business as Ministry: Is my business really my ministry, or have I just missed God's calling? [Proverbs 16:11].

Ravi Zacharias' Ministry: In light of the recent the exposure of the failures of Ravi Zacharias, was he sincere or was it all false?[I Corinthians 13:2].

End Times (Eschatology) Lectures: Caller recommend Steve Gregg lectures; "When Shall These Things Be" on
People Praying Together: Does God pay more attention to people praying together in unison?
"Remnant Call" with Benjamin Baruch: Would you look into Benjamin Baruch and "Remnant Call" radio?

Harold Eberle-Victorious Eschatology: Do you know anything about Harold Eberle, the author of Victorious Eschatology?

Ministry to Eldercare: Why is it so hard to get people to care for and visit the elderly as part of their ministry? [I Timothy 5:4, Matthew 25:36, Luke 6:31].

Vaccine: What do you think about taking the vaccine, as I am afraid I might not be able to work if I don't take it?
Genesis Bible School: Are you familiar with Genesis Bible School out of Santa Rosa, California?
Government Interference with Church Gathering: What do you think about the government not allowing us to gather so that we can love on each other?

Deliverance Ministries: Can you comment on some of the deliverance ministries who indicate that every negative thing in one's life is a demon?

A Minister Who Goes on State Subsidized Furlough: What do you think about a pastor who is going on a state subsidized furlough because the church can't pay him? It seems that ministry should not require either retirement, leave or salary at all.
A Better Prayer Life: I desire a better, longer, and more devoted prayer life as many great men of God in the past. Can you direct me?

Studying the Manuscripts: Caller recommends the book, "Encountering the Manuscripts" by Philip Comfort for studying the scriptures.
Old Testament Metaphors for Evangelism: Can you find any flaw in Christians seeing metaphors of Christ in any of the Old Testament and then sharing that with unbelievers? [John 5:46, Isaiah 53].
Greg Boyd: What do you think about and Greg Boyd?

Doug Pollock: Do you know anything about Doug Pollock?

Struggling with the Wealth of Pastors: I am struggling with reconciling the wealth of some of my favorite pastors, such as, Charles Stanley and Chuck Swindoll? Can you help?

Comment About Junk Mail: Comment in appreciation of the lack of junk mail The Narrow Path sends compared to what other ministries send.
New Creations in the Jewish Proselytes & Church Today: Are you familiar with the history of the proselytes in the Jewish faith being called "new creations" and does this relate to the New Covenant Church new creation? [Romans 8:18-22, 2 Corinthians 10:17, 5: 17, Hebrew 9:11, Isaiah 65:17].

LDS View-Unbroken Chain: How do you respond to the very important LDS view that one must have someone lay hands on them from an unbroken chain in order to be filled with the Holy Spirit, or baptize others?
Qualifications for Church Leadership: What do you think the scriptural qualifications are for starting or leading a church? [I Timothy 3, Titus 1].

Aaron Budjen: What do you think of Aaron Budjen and his hermeneutic?

Child of God: Is everyone a child of God, or are just Christians? [I John 3, Genesis 4, John 8:39, Acts 17:28, Luke 15:11-32, John 1:12].
Derek Prince-Demons: What do you think about Derek Prince's book , "They Shall Expel Demons"? [I John 4:4, 5:18, I Corinthians 6:19-20].

Emanuel Swedenborg: Emanuel Swedenborg, and others, have claimed that they had a special connection to the spiritual realm. What do you think about reported experiences like these?
Deconstruction of Faith: What do you think about the newer term for losing one's faith, called "Deconstruction of Faith"?

The Cause: Have you heard of "The Cause"?
Filling of the Holy Spirit: Are these chapters in Acts telling us how to be filled with the Holy Spirit? [Acts 1, 8, 10, 11].
Tongues: Can people get the filling of the Holy Spirit before they speak in tongues?

Full Preterism: Are you familiar with Ed Stevens and how he differs with other Full Preterists in regard to the literalness of certain events (rapture, resurrection, etc.) described in the Bible?

Must Read Books: Would you share your list of "must read" books?
Steven Anderson of Tempe AZ: Are you familiar with Pastor Steven Anderson of Tempe AZ? (King James only)?
Steve's Views on Hell: Which view of Hell do you lean toward?

Jonathan Edwards: What do you think about Jonathan Edwards? Was he really America's greatest theologian?

Ascension into Heaven: Why do people always talk about ascending into heaven, when the Bible seems to indicate that no one has? [John 3, Acts 2:34, 2 Corinthians 5:8].
Hank Hanegraaff: What happened to Hank Hanegraaff?

Sinlessness: Do you know Jesse Peterson? He says that people cannot sin once they have been born again. [I John 3:8, I john 2:, I John 1:7, Galatians 5:17,]

Cult-like churches: Do you know anything about Victory Outreach?

Church Loyalty: Should I leave a church that seems to think that I should simply go to a church that has the same views as I do, rather than discuss the concerns and differences I hold?
Bible Study Fellowship (BFS): What do you think of Bible Study Fellowship?

Emanuel Swedenborg: What do you think of Swedenborg?
Supernatural: What do you think about some of the supernatural events people report? (call was cut-off too short to really answer).

Reincarnation: Edgar Cayce indicated that the Bible supports reincarnation. What are those verses? Lazarus and the Rich Man [Genesis 9:27, Luke 6].

Bethel: Bill Johnson & associated ministries: What do you think about the Bethel ministries and 'The School of Supernatural Ministry'? [I Corinthians 12:10, Acts 1-4]
Mental Health - Depression: If prayer and the church doesn't work to help with one's depression, and other mental health issues, where does one go next? Does the mind control the brain, or the brain control the mind? Determining whether someone has spiritual or physical issues.

Christian TV: What do you think of Gene Scott?

Gospel in the Stars: Is there anything related to the subjects of the constellations and Zodiac at the website [topical lectures; Psalm 19]?
Jesus' Arrest: John MacArthur said that 600 people came to arrest Jesus, is there anything to substantiate that?

Word of Faith: What is your opinion about Joyce Meyer? Is the Word of Faith movement occultic?

YWAM-Bethel: Is YWAM in Redding, CA connected with Bethel church?

Two Ages in the Bible? What is Don Preston's (a full-preterist) view of the resurrection? Are there only two ages? [Acts 2:7-9] neither marry or given in marriage/ Luke 20:34

Teaching Different Beliefs: Teachers teaching different interpretations of scripture, different ideas, how far would you allow that to go?
Charles Spurgeon: Was Charles Spurgeon a Calvinist? He was talking about getting out of being lukewarm, so why would a Calvinist be saying that?

John Vernon McGee: What do you think of John Vernon Mcgee? He says we are going to rapture up before the tribulation, but before we are raptured, we have to hear the trumpet sound. What do you say? [Revelation 1:10

Supporting Your Ministry-The Narrow Path: What would you say if I were to stop supporting other ministries in order to support your ministry?

Jan Markell & Jack Hibbs: Should we go listen to Jan Markell and Jack Hibbs when they are going to be in his area?
Date of Writing of the Gospels: Do you know when the four gospels were actually written?

David Hunt: is David Hunt a reliable Bible teacher?
Harlot in Revelation: Is the harlot the Catholic church? [Revelation 17]

Christian Literature on all your information: What was the website you were talking about? Are there any resources, printed material, on all your info? [

Paul Tillich & Don Cupitt: Have you ever heard of these people?
Jesus Calling Himself Messiah: Why didn't Jesus ever call Himself the Messiah?

Ray Comfort: What do you think of Ray Comfort's ministry's evangelism method?

Irvin Baxter: Do you ever listen to Irvin Baxter, End of the Age? How does your view align with his?

David Hocking What is the difference between you & David Hocking?

Charging for Ministry - Financial Peace University: Charging for the ministry, that shouldn't be. It should be free. What about ministries like Dave Ramsey & Financial Peace University?

R.C. Sproul: What do you think about R.C. Sproul's writings?

Stan Monteith: Did you associate with Stan Monteith a lot? What did you think of his conspiracy theories?
Jesuits: Caller thinks there's a massive conspiracy involving Jesuits.

Steve Learning from others: Do you think you can learn from someone else? Are you willing to learn from Doug Batchelor during the debate you are going to have w/ him about the Sabbath?

Knowing Koine Greek: Just because you understand New Testament Greek does not mean that you know all the truth, error-free.
Eastern Orthodox Church: What do you think of Hank Hanegraaff switching over to eastern orthodox church? How can he possibly still be a legitimate host of The Bible Answer Man?

John Dominic Crossan: John Dominic Crossan, and other "apologetics", what do yo think of them?

Children of the Light: Who are the children of Light that Jesus is referring to? [Luke 16:8]
Charles Stanley: Do you know of & ever listen to Charles Stanley?

Jesus Physical Appearance: Jesus humble looking at His first appearance and attractive at His second coming.
Billy Graham: Any thoughts about Billy Graham?

Pathway to Victory, Robert Jefferess: What do you think about Pathway to Victory and Robert Jeffress?

Commentary in the Gospel of John: In John 5:14, why did Jesus say, "see, you have been made well. Sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon you"? [John 5:14]
A. W. Tozer & The Pursuit of God: What are your thoughts on A. W. Tozer? What do you think about his book, "The Pursuit of God"?

Don Stewart: What can you tell me about Don Stewart?

Wealthy Pastors: Pastors who have a lot of money in their accounts, charging for the ministry.

Irvin Baxter: Are you familiar with an Irvin Baxter? Eschatology discussion

Dani Johnson: Someone had just asked about Dani Johnson, so caller wanted to chime in that she became very wealthy as she was in the process of accepting Jesus.
Near Death Experience: Caller would like to know where he really was during his near death experience after being shot several times?

Dani Johnson: What can you tell me about Dani Johnson?

Perspective's Course Announcement: Wanted to inform Steve's listeners about a perspective course happening in Southern Washington State.

Bill Hybels: I'm wondering what you think of Bill Hybels, his philosophy of making the church as big as you can?

Matthew 24 Being Fulfilled: Is reading a book by john l bray called, Matthew 24 fulfilled beneficial? Isn't he a full preterist?
Johann Blumhardt: Discussion about Johann Blumhardt & the exorcism he performed of a girl who was demon-possessed.

Water Veith (Adventist Minister): Have you ever heard of Walter Veith, who is an Adventist minister?
Adventists, Sabbath Keeping & other Rituals: Can you discuss Sabbath keeping & the New Covenant & Rituals?

Answers in Genesis - Ken Ham: Have you ever heard of the ministry, "Answers in Genesis" & who Ken Ham & if you have, what do you think of them?

The Kingdom of God: "Understanding the purpose & power of prayer" by Myles Monroe, is a book about the Kingdom of God. Have you ever heard of or agree with him?

The Story of Jonah: Is the story of Jonah literal? Do you know why he was so adamant against going to Nineveh?
Pathway to Victory: Do you know anything about the, "Pathway to Victory" ministry?

Neil Cole & the Book Organic Church: Have you ever heard of Neil Cole, & his book Organic Church? What do you think about his ministry?

Todd White & Healing: Do you know anything about todd white who believes in healing?

Andy Stanley & Rick Warren: Andy Stanley & Rick Warren, wondering what do you think of them?

Darik Frank & the Let Lion Roar: I'm wondering if you've ever heard the video by darik frank, let the lion roar that emphasizes on the jews & Israel?

Old Man or Old Self: Why do some Bible translations change it from "old man & the new man" to "old self & new self"? [Colossians 3:10]
Concepts of Faith & Charles Capps: Are you familiar with the radio show, "Concepts of Faith" with Charles Capps?

The Narrow Path going off the Radio: Is there a danger of you going off a certain radio station?
Conrad Mbewe: Have you ever heard of Conrad Mbewe out of Africa? I thought he was pretty good.

Brian McLaren & the Emergent Church: Have you ever heard of Brian D. McLaren & what do you think of him & his teachings? He belongs to the Emergent Church Movement.

New Perspective's Course & Islam: Just wondering if you have ever heard of the new perspective's course teaching about Islam?

Matthew Henry & the Nation of Israel: Matthew Henry believed that Israel would come back to God as a country even before Dispensationalists started teaching it, going by [Romans 11:25-27]

Steve's Mom, A. Wetherell Johnson & Bible Study Fellowship (BSF): So Steve's mom learned under A Wetherell Johnson's teaching in BSF?
Preterism, Church Fathers & John at Patmos: Eusebius says that John the Revelator was exiled at Patmos in 95 AD, so wouldn't that put a damper in the book of Revelation being written before 70 AD? [Revelation 1:9]
Dating of the Book of Revelation: So you use both external & internal evidence, & one of those categories gives more evidence for a late date, but the other one gives more evidence for an early date, is that right?

Manifested Sons of God: What do you think about the Manifestation of the Sons of God because there used to be someone who taught on that & he passed away, & I've never heard anyone teach on that since then. [Romans 8:19]
Bob Larson - Demon Deliverance Ministry: Where does Steve stand on demon deliverances?

Peace Apostolic Ministries - John Alley: Does Steve know anything about this person or ministry?

Women Preachers: At the end of the program yesterday, a caller had asked about women preachers, but Steve never had a chance to answer it, & another caller was interested in it herself. [1 Timothy 2:12-14]
BSF (Bible Study Fellowship): What does Steve think of that group? Would they be Dispensationalists?
Dispensationalism: Can Steve please give a brief summary of Dispensationalism.

Good Book recommendations Can Steve please recommend some good Christian books, as the caller has appreciated his recommendations in the past.

Ronald Dart - Soul Sleep: What does Steve think about Soul Sleep? (Caller revealed later that Dart was part of the World Wide Church of God, not SDA)

John Paul Jackson: Is John Paul Jackson a good preacher to listen to?

Missions Work: Is modern-day Mission Work Biblical? It seems a little bit different than what happened in the 1st century church.

The Meeting House - Bruxy Cavey - Anabaptist: Does Steve know anything about the Meeting House or Bruxy Cavey?
Jim Cymbala -Brooklyn Tabernacle Fresh Fire: Does Steve know anything about Jim Cymbala & his ministry?

A Day Representing 1,000 Years - Jeffery Bartell: 6 Days represent 6,000 years, & then Jesus comes at the beginning of the Millennium so we could "rest". What does Steve think of this idea?
KJV-Only Advocate: The caller is a KJV-Only Advocate but thinks you also have to pick the right year. Most say the 1611 is, but he contends the 1769 is the BEST year & translation.

Joseph Prince - Grace Message: Caller wondering about the Radical Grace Message that Joseph Prince teaches, Grace, Faith & Works.
Losing One's Salvation: Caller would like Steve to talk about the possibility of losing one's salvation."

"The Way of the Master": What does Steve think of using "The Way of the Master" method in witnessing?

Perspective's Program: Announcement about a ministry program

John Noe - Full Preterist, Part II: Follow-up call about John Noe, who is a full preteris.

Jimmy Swaggert: Caller called to give further insight about Jimmy Swaggert, but got cut off.

Jimmy Swaggert: What do you think of Jimmy Swaggert?

Soul-Sleep: Being on a operating table, being under anesthesia, makes me think of soul go out & then you are suddenly being woke up!
The Knowledge of the Holy by A.W. Tozer I enjoyed this book very much & see parallels of what you teach.
Put to death fleshly things: Isn't choosing to put away fleshly, carnal things a matter of an Act of Will, so doesn't that take away the idea that it's just all up to God?

Dispensationalism & the 144,000: After the Rapture, David Jeremiah suggested that the 144,000 would be a future group, 12,000 people from each tribe, & they'll evangelize the entire world of the people are "left behind". What do you think?
Date of the Book of Revelation: Was the book of Revelation written after 70 AD, or before?

Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola & George Barna: In a book called, "Pagan Christianity", which is about what's gone wrong in the Institutional church, it talks about the Pastoral Leadership mentality, which is more like tradition of man than biblical thing. What are your thoughts?

Mirror Bible Translation: Do you know anything about the Mirror Bible?
Santa Cruz School of Ministry: Do you know anything about the Santa Cruz School of Ministry?

666 & the Mark of the Beast: What does 666 mean? What is the Mark of the Beast?
Arnold Murray & Shepherd's Chapel: Caller thinks the previous caller needs to listen to Arnold Murray from a ministry called Shepherd's Chapel.

Sozo (Salvation): What does Steve know about Sozo classes?

Steve's Apocalyptic Interpretation vs Bible Scholars: Caller contends most Bible Scholars disagree w/ Steve Gregg on Apocalyptic Language, & Steve seems to be too dismissive of it.

Mark Driscoll - Mars Hill Church & the EFCA: Has Steve heard anything about Mark Driscoll & know what's happening with him & Mars Hill Church? Caller is concerned that the EFCA has some shenanigans about donations going where people don't want them going.

Bible Scholars: Who are all these Bible Scholars that you keep mentioning?

The Bible Answer Man: How did you happen to be on Hank Hanegraaff's show, The Bible Answer Man?
Genres: Can you explain Genres, & what genres are what in the Bible?

Church Fathers & Restoration of Israel: You had a caller say that some Church Fathers believed in the Restoration of Israel, then another caller called & gave you some citations. Did you ever have a chance to look at them?
One left, One taken: You wrote an article for CRI (Christian Research Institute) once about One left & one taken. I couldn't find the article. Do you know where I could find it?

Homeless Minister: A Homeless Minister raised 100K, & caller is wondering if Steve heard about it on the news yet.

Tom Morris Debate: I enjoyed the debate you had with Tom Morris.
Strategies for Unity: Will the meeting you are doing tomorrow night be recorded?

Molinism Middle Knowledge analogy: Have you ever seen the movie, Next? It seems to be an easy example of Molinism.
6th Hour or 3rd Hour: Why the differing times of when Jesus was crucified, the 6th hour or the 3rd hour? [John 19:14, Mark 15:25]
Shane Wood: Do you know anything about Shane Wood? He seems to hold the same view as you in Revelation.

Melissa Scott: Do you know anything about Melissa Scott?

Phil Robertson & the Kingdom of God & the God of Man: Caller is concerned about Phil Robertson's theology, not understanding that the Kingdom of God & the Kingdom of Man are 2 different things.

Begotten: The word "begotten", does that mean Jesus being begotten from the God the Father like it seems to say in some places of the Bible or is it when He was resurrected? [John 3:16]
Shane Willard: Do you know anything about a Shane Willard? He uses Rabbinical Orthodox Judaism to flush out the New Testament.

Pranic Healing - Energy Medicine: What do you think of a practice called, "Pranic Healing", Engergy Medicine?

John Macarthur & reign of Domitian: John Macarthur says the book of Revelation probably wasn't written until the end of the reign of Domitian. What do you think? [Revelation]

Witness Lee & Watchman Nee What do you think of the teachings of Witness Less & Watchman Nee? They use a Bible called, "The Recovery Bible".

Glory Invasion by David Herzog: Do you know anything about the book called, "Glory Invasion" by a David Herzog?

Ananias & Sapphira: Regarding hell "scaring people into Salvation", isn't that sort've what happened during the incident of Ananias & Sapphira & throwing fear into the church? [Acts 5:1-11]
United Reformed Church: Do you do you know anything about the United Reformed Church?
R C Sprouls & the Reformed Church: I was wondering what the United Reformed Church was being "reformed" from?

Elijah House Ministry: Is Steve familiar w/ the Elijah House Ministry?

Websites of good bible speakers: Caller wanted to followup on where to go to listen to good tv sermons: &

TV Evangelists: Caller enjoys watching TV Evangelists just to see how they conjure people out of their moneys.

TV & Radio Ministers: Can Steve recommend some good tv or radio ministries to listen to?

Bart Ehrman & the Suffering Servant: Could Steve comment on a paragraph that the caller wants to read on something Bart Ehrman wrote about the Suffering Servant in Isaiah? [Isaiah 42:1-4. Isaiah 50-59]

Jesus' Birthplace: Did I hear that there was a discrepancy of where Jesus was born?
Bart Ehrman: I've been getting my information from Bart Ehrman & was told he was a scholar. What do you think of him?
Scripture is God-breathed: I know there are 2 Scripture that says the Bible is inspired or God-breathed. Can you point me to them? [2 Timothy 3:16-17, 2 Peter 1:19-21]

Reasons to Believe - Hugh Ross What do you think of Hugh Ross & the Reasons to Believe his ministry?

David Bercot - Will the Real Heretic stand up: A caller calls to reply to a previous caller of good resources, & David Bercot would be a good one with some of his books, but especially his encyclopedias. (

Israel being a part of Church: What are the main Scriptures you'd use in Romans & Galatians & elsewhere where it says that Israel is not separate, but incorporated w/ the church now? [Romans 9-11, Galatians 3:26-29]
Richard Foster & Christian Disciplines: What do you think about Richard Foster & his disciplines such as prayer, fasting, meditation, simplicity, solitude, submission, service, confession, worship & guidance?

The Faith of George Mueller: Have you read of any of George Mueller of Bristol? People like him, & others, like A. W. Tozer, just seemed to have complete joy in their life, a genuine relationship with God. Not like modern people where a lot of Christians just want God to be their genie.

Divinity of Christ, Monotheism & Dennis Prager: My father-in-law is a very intelligent man, but he doesn't believe in the Divinity of Jesus, but he believes in God & he gets a lot of his information from a Dennis Prager. Can you tell me pointers to share with him as I dialogue with him? (Lengthy discussion)

144,000 & Gregory A. Boyd: Did you ever hear anything about the 144,000 being a (spiritual) army? That's what Gregory Boyd thinks.

Discipleship & Obedience: We need to become a Disciple of Christ when we become Christians, is that not right, but some just want to make sure they stay out of hell, but shouldn't we be craving to learn about Jesus as much as can, & do anything He asks? Isn't a major part of Discipleship making more disciples of Christ? Why such a minority of people wanting to do that?
Extravagancy: What if we are living way more luxurious than we should, instead of giving to missions? [Romans 14:4]

John Wimber Vineyard Church: What do you know about John Wimber & the Vineyard Church?

Amillennialism: What can you tell me about Amillennialism?
Israel the capital of the world: Isn't Israel pictured as the capital of the world during the Millennium? [Isaiah 2:1-4]
R. B. Thieme - Bible Ministries: Are you familiar w/ RB Thieme?

Sons of God, Daughter of Men, Nephilim: A friend of mine has the Jimmy Swaggert Expository Bible, & it says that the "sons of God" is talking about angels. What do you think? [Genesis 6:1-4]
Bethel Church in Redding: Do you know about Bethel Church in Redding, California?

Orthodox Priesthood encounter: I want to help a ministry that is helping the people in Syria & the Middles East, but I'm afraid of asking a priest for help. How should I go about that?
4 Kingdoms in Daniel 2: Does each succession nation have to be stronger than the one it's supplanting? Is the Rock that's coming to crush the toes possibly talking about the 2nd coming of Christ? [Daniel 21-45]

Healing & Benny Hinn's healing ministry: Even though my wife & I have personally experienced healing, I don't believe in a formula to be healed. Will God heal you whether a Christian or not? Is it possible you could be being healing from something other than God? What do you think of Benny Hinn?

Graham Cooke, David Wilkerson & modern-day Apostles: What do you think of Apostles for this day & age?
Alcohol: What do you think about drinking hard liquor?

Matthew Henry & the NLT (New Living Translation): What do you think of Matthew Henry? What do you think of the NLT, especially in Spanish, where they seem to change a lot of things?

Jesus' Death being a Surprise to Satan: Was Jesus' death on the cross a surprise to Satan? Is there a possibility he didn't know Jesus was going to rise again & really defeat him? [1 Corinthians 2:7-8, Psalm 16:10]
Wednesday Crucifixion: Is it possible Jesus was crucified on Wednesday & not on the traditional view of Friday?
Bible Translations & Andrew Murray: So do you think the NKJV is the best, & what do you think about Andrew Murray?

Oral Roberts & Kicking Adam in the Chins: Caller heard a guy say on the radio that when he gets to heaven he's going to have a debate with Oral Roberts & the caller heard another televangelist say that he's going to kick Adam in the chins for listening to Eve.
Pre, Mid or Post Tribulation: Is Jesus coming before or after the Tribulation?
Anti Christ, Mark of the Beast & His Number: What about the anti-Christ, the mark of the beast & 666?
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