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Topic: Technology

Episode Topic Audio

Computer Language (Binary Code): Is it possible that the universal computer language of "ones" and "zeros" (Binary Code) is useful to Satan?

Satan Released with Technology: Could you clear up a story I heard you tell about a preacher who indicated that Satan had been released with the development of technology and could it relate to this Daniel? [Daniel 12:4]

Partial & Full Preterism & the Historicists View: Is it possible that Doug Batchelor isn't aware of partial-preterism as opposed to full-preterism? What about the Historicist view of Revelation?
Sabbath Keeping: Is it not true that you would keep the Sabbath if you thought it was a requirement of Christians and in that case would it not be legalistic to do so? [2 Timothy 3:2-4]. website information (various benefits and uses).

Video Games: What do you think of video games?

The Pyramids: Is there a legitimate Christian view of how they built the pyramids?

The Narrow Path DVDs or CDs: Caller tells a bit of his testimony, then asks if there are CDs or DVDs available, since he has so little technology available to him.

Love of Money, Root of Evil: Which translation of this verse about the love of money and the root of all evil do you prefer? [I Timothy 6:10, Ephesians 5:5].
Dispensationalism's Influences on Our Culture Today: How much influence do you think that Dispensationalism has had on the development of various technologies and idea about one-world government, etc.?

Government Interjecting Thoughts: What does the Bible say about the government manipulation of its citizens by interjecting thoughts and ideas into minds?

PayPal & Planned Parenthood: Caller comments that PayPal gives to Planned Parenthood.
Working for Non-Christians: Do I have blood on my hands if I work for companies that donate to Planned Parenthood?
Listening to The Narrow Path on the Phone: For the older generation, you might consider setting up a bridgeline to allow for people to just listen to the show on a phone line.

Call Incomplete-The Pope: Repeat caller about trying to indicate that the beast is the pope. Steve ends the call.

Adam, Eve & Technology: Since Adam & Eve were presumably smarter than us, how come they weren't technologically advanced as we think we are now?
Self-Interpretation of Scripture: Does it say somewhere in the Bible that we aren't supposed to have self-interpretation of Scripture? [2 Peter 1:20-21, 2 Timothy 3:16]

Inappropriate Television: Is it inappropriate for me to monitor the television shows that my wife watches and ask that she eliminate certain ones? [Matthew 4:29].

Exegesis and Eisegesis: Can you clarify the difference between "exegesis" & "eisegesis"?
Mary: What do you think about the answer I got from a Catholic about how could Mary hear prayers of more than one person at a time?
Debating Catholics: Would you debate a Catholic radio host?

Television Portrayals of Bible Characters: Portrayals of Biblical characters on networks (the History Channel, etc.) seem so poorly done, should we avoid them? And what about some of the things they say, seem to contradict the Bible?

Radio Directives: friendly reminder of normal radio call-in procedures

Tips on Calling the Narrow Path Radio Show: 3 suggestions when making a question on the Narrow Path Radio show.

Callers-Write Down Your Questions: Listener writes to encourage callers to be more precise and articulate when they call, suggesting that they write them down ahead of time.

Lost Call: Lost call

4 Hebrews in Book of Daniel: Shouldn't the 4 Hbrews of Daniel go by their Hebrews name instead of their Babylonian names?
Former Dispensationalist because of Narrow Path: I'm no longer Dispensationalism as a result of listening to your work. I appreciate it.
Refuse to be Offended Lectures: Can't seem to burn CD's of your lecture of, "Refuse to be Offended". Why can't I?

Call-in Radio Etiquette: Important announcement about how to make a phone call on a radio show!

History Channel & Aliens: I'd like to be able to answer people who after watching the History channel who have all these Qs about aliens. Can you help me out?

Microchips: Where does the belief come from about a computer chip in our hands? [Revelation 13]

Steve gets reconnected: (Steve comes back on the air after getting kicked off by the internet)

Technology: Is technology part of God's intended creation?

Christian Literature on all your information: What was the website you were talking about? Are there any resources, printed material, on all your info? [

Videos of your Verse by Verse Lectures: Do you have a VIDEO of all your verse by verse?
Eternal Life: What will eternal life be like?

Old Archives of the Radio Program: Where can I listen to past radio archives?
Stumbling Blocks if No Anointing: If you haven't received an anointing you will receive road blocks?

Virtual Marriages: I hear people are getting marriage certificates online, getting married right there online. Are you familiar with that?

"Best of" Radio Programs: It'd be awesome if you could always post the re-broadcasted or "best of" programs to your website.

Idolatry & Television: I heard you talking about idolatry earlier, couldn't watching too much TV be an idol, how you conduct your time?

Very Choppy Audio: [Editor's Note: I'm just adding this track to say that this show's audio is very choppy. Steve Gregg must've had a bad internet connection because audio would skip AND at the later part of the show, there was a major delay, showing that it was something to do with the internet.]

Husband/Father not Involved with Family: Husband doesn't engage with the family but is attached to computer, phone & TV, & it's just as if it's not a real marriage & wondering what to do.

Narrow Path on the Air: How long has Steve been on the air? what is the audience numbers like?
Christmas over Easter: Why do we celebrate Christmas more than Easter?

Televangelists: What do you think of television evangelists?
Joseph Prince: What do you think of Joseph Prince & other grace preachers?

Pastor & Church Issues: The size of the church has been shrinking, & they are going to beam in another pastor's sermon virtually. Is that a good idea?

Good Bible Websites: Finding good Bible Websites online. &

No Internet: Caller doesn't like not having Internet & is envious of people who do get to listen to all of Steve's archives.
Wormwood: Caller would like to know about Wormwood & the Trumpet Judgment. [Revelation 8:11]

Crossing the Red Sea Documentary: What do you think about the documentary about evidence of the crossing of the red sea?
Hebrew Language: When did the Hebrew language start?

The Narrow Radio Path Radio Show: I am in dire straights & your show brings me comfort so please stay on my local station at least until the end of the year because i have no access of the internet.

Donating to The Narrow Path: How can one donate to you if they have no computer?
Pre-Incarnate Christ, to being made Man, to Glory Now: How did Jesus change from when He was w/ God before His birth & what is He now?

Appreciates the Narrow Path Radio Program: I REALLY appreciate your program, & I just want you to know that!

Best of Programs: Caller really likes the "Best Of" programs, because they really are the best of the questions!
Immortality of Soul: Most people believe in the inherent immortality of the soul, so what scriptures are there for only having a mortal soul?

The Jesus Notes, Sarah Young Book: The book, "The Jesus Notes" (followup).
The Flat Earth: Discussion about the Flat Earth, & if the earth was flat, how would radio & television reception happen?

Blue Letter Bible Website: Blue Letter Bible Website Endorsement.
Slapping on the right cheek: Slapping on the right cheek. [Matthew 5:39]

Steve Explaining His Current Experiences in Africa: Steve is live from Cameroon, Africa, & explains a little bit about being there, & internet access, no electricity or water & so on.

Calling a Live Bible Program Etiquette: Steve opens the show with suggestions on how to make a call to a live Bible program.

Battle of Armageddon Statistics: Do you remember the call about the person who called in about the Battle of Armageddon, 200 million tanks?
Dispensationalism vs Preterism: Can you say what each camp DOES say about the 200 million army, both of Dispensationalism & Preterism? [Revelation 9:15-18]

Jack Hibbs Video: You just announced about the Jack Hibbs video, but do you have just an audio version of it?

Jack Hibbs Video: Steve Gregg comments/announces about the Jack Hibbs video.

Follow-up to Zechariah Lectures: Steve comments on the Zechariah lectures they had talked about the day before, that they are up on the website.

Zechariah Lectures: Where are they?

Hebrew Roots: Comments from a radio station manager caller.
Adding a station on the FM Band: He just wanted to share, though, that they have their station on an FM station, potentially DOUBLING Steve's audience in the area.

Talking to Steve After Show: Caller would like to have a private conversation w/ Steve in after the show.

Application (Ap for The Narrow Path): Is the guy who is in charge of the APP for the Narrow Path ever going to be able to get the lectures about the 3 Views of Hell on there?
Charts: Where can he get the chart for the Millennium & Israel? (Editor's Note: The answer is, at True, that wasn't the answer when then question was originally asked, but anyone who sees & hears this question NOW will know.)

Demon-Possession Lectures: What happened to your Demon-possession Lectures?
"Equality w/ God": Caller is having a hard time w/ the phrase, "Who did not think equality w/ God a thing to be grasped", & would like Steve's thoughts if he could grasp what it means. [Philippians 2:1-11]

Radio Manager to Explain Commercials: Steve was mentioning about commercials interrupting his shows on some stations earlier in the broadcast & so the Radio Manager called to explain that it wasn't them!

Reading the Bible Out Loud: Would Steve ever consider reading the entire Bible for audio?
Speaking the Truth (in love): John the Elder, the loved Disciple of Christ, is not loving because of the negative things he said about the anti-Christ.

Archived Radio Shows: Where are your archived radio shows? They are not up on your website. [Editor's Note: You can find them on]

"Refusing To Be Offended": Where can that lecture be found on the Narrow Path Website?
Tithing: Caller thinks the onus is on Steve Gregg to show where it says we don't need to tithe? [Revelation 22:18-19]

Two Witnesses & 666: Has Steve ever heard of 666 being the WWW? (World Wide Web)

Websites of good bible speakers: Caller wanted to followup on where to go to listen to good tv sermons: &

Addictions (first call follow-up): Advice for the first caller's g/f who is exhibiting addictive behavior.
Face for Radio: You said you didn't have a face for radio, but I think you do.

Computer literacy Programs: Libraries give lessons on how to use a computer.
Skin of the animal required blood of animal: Even the animal skins that Adam & Eve got from God, that required blood from the animal.

Lost Internet Connection: Steve explains what happened when he was talking to the first caller. (He even got disconnected several times as he was explaining.)

Radio Station having problem carrying show: Caller thinks radio station he is listening to has been preempting Steve Gregg's show.

"Earthly things": "If I have told you earthly things, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of heavenly things?", what does Jesus mean when He says "earthly things"? [John 3:12]
Being led by the Holy Spirit: Caller believes the Holy Spirit has been leading her to study things she then hears immediately on the radio show.

Oral Roberts & Kicking Adam in the Chins: Caller heard a guy say on the radio that when he gets to heaven he's going to have a debate with Oral Roberts & the caller heard another televangelist say that he's going to kick Adam in the chins for listening to Eve.
Pre, Mid or Post Tribulation: Is Jesus coming before or after the Tribulation?
Anti Christ, Mark of the Beast & His Number: What about the anti-Christ, the mark of the beast & 666?
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