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Topic: Transgender

Episode Topic Audio

Occult Practices: Could you specifically define necromancer, sorcery, and similar words used in occult and witchcraft?
Transgender for Office: What do you think of a transgender running for political office?

Christian Persecution in Cuba: Cuban churches are being bulldozed for not supporting transgender & gay rights. We need to pray for our own country.

Sexually Transmitted Disease & Suicide Among Homosexual Community: Do you think that this passage may be referring to the numerous sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS, and the higher rates of suicide among the gay community? [Romans 1:26-27].

Transgenderism: If transgender people have always been drawn to the interests of the opposite sex from childhood, did God make a mistake?

Transgenders: How do we treat transgenders?
Fallen Away-Come Back: Can a believer who had fallen away, still come back to the Lord? [Hebrew 6:4-6, 10:26].

Addressing the Transgender: How should Christians deal with some of the awkwardness of mistaking the gender, or addressing a transgender? [Jeremiah 8:9].
Identity in Christ: What does it mean to have "identity in Christ"? [I Corinthians 3:4].

Homosexuality: How should Christians deal with the homosexuality community?
Church for Believers: Is the church an evangelical program or is it supposed to be only an assembly for believers?

Democrats-Liberals: Caller was wondering Steve's thoughts about Democrats/Liberals?

Alcohol & the Christian: Is drinking alcohol a sin or is it just being a drunkard that is?
Churches Displaying the Rainbow Flag: What about churches that display the rainbow flag?

Cross-Dressing & Homosexuals: Are homosexuals and cross-dressers going to hell? Does being attracted to the same sex automatically destine you to hell? [Deuteronomy 22:5]

Male & Female: Why can't people just let people do what they want as far as what sex people want to be, a Christian niece asks the person making the call, being influenced by college says. [Matthew 19:4]

Homosexuality: What does the Bible say about homosexuality? Can you explain why it is wrong?

Daughter being Gay: Christian parents struggling with the fact that their daughter said she was gay, & the daughter has self-destructive behavior.

Church Embracing Homosexuals & Lesbians: What are we do to about churches allowing gays & lesbians in with open arms?

Gifts of the Spirit not for Today: I attended a church that said that the Gifts of the Spirit are not for today, so is that right?
Transgenderism: Do you have a lecture on transgenderism?
Discipleship: Do all the believers have to physically go out & make disciples of Jesus? [Romans 12:3-8]

Homosexuality the Pinnacle of Sin: In Romans 1, is homosexual sex the pinnacle of sin? [Romans 1:26]
Recompence of Their Error: What do you think the recompence of their error is that Paul is referring to? A sickness?

Transgenderism Running Rampant: Transgender seems to be running rampant in western civilization

Christians Enabling Transgenderism: Adopted parents that are Christians & are leaders in the church, but who want to help their daughter changer her gender

Accepting LGBT in the Church: I'm trying to write a letter to my pastor who's about to embrace the LGBT community, what scripture should I use? [Galatian 3:28]

Abraham Lincoln Humor: Abraham Lincoln asked a witness once, "If we call a cow's tail a leg, how many legs does a cow have?".
State Micro-Managing Over People's Lives: The state seems to be involving itself in the transgender business, promoting it.

Lectures called, "Biblical Counsel for a Change" Caller talks about a series of lectures called, "Biblical Counsel for a Change", about how much he liked it.
LGBT Community: What should the church do w/ the LGBT community?

Steve Gregg's Answer to People on The Narrow Path: I just wanted to let you know that you are completely fair in the way you conduct yourself in the answers to your callers. They are the ones who are calling your show for YOUR opinion as a result of your knowledge of the BIble on something, and you don't just give your opinion, but several sides of an issue.
Women Having Long Hair: Women should only have long hair because it's her "glory". Do you know where it talks about that? [1 Corinthians 11:4-16]

"Lord, Save Us From Your Followers": Caller disagrees with the documentary, "Lord Save Us From Your Followers". A long discussion ensues.

Christian but Gay: Can you still be a gay Christian & go to heaven?

"Consensual Theology" (Homosexual Acceptance): Have you ever heard of “Consensual Theology”, which is approval of Homosexual monogamy?
Perseverance: Isn't perseverance a work rather than just a faith?

Reprobates Unqualified: Are reprobates rejected from being saved? What is a reprobates? What about homosexuals?

Preterism: What is preterism? What does it mean?
More & More Evil: What about Jesus said it will become more & more evil & prosecution will happen. Gender-neutral Bathrooms.

"Us" in Gensis (Trinity): Is the "Us" when God talk in possessive plura;, is it referring to the Trinity? [Genesis 1:26, 3:22]
Gays & Sex: Paul spoke on the subject of Homosexual sex, but the words he used in greek were ambiguous, so some gay sex was okay, homosexuals rationalize.
Creation Story in all Religions: The Creation story is in all the religions, so Genesis is not the first or original creation account (implying, so is it genuine?)

Same Sex Couples: A Presbyterian Church allows Same Sex Marriages within it. What does Steve think?

Homosexual Marriages: Caller wanted to do Bible studies on Homosexuality, find all the verses that talk about it, w/ his church leadership, because of the things that are being allowed, but they said no.

Same-Sex Marriage Ruling: Is this in prophecy, all this bad stuff happening, the priests abusing children, same sex marriage happening?

Same-Sex Marriage Ruling: Caller would Like Steve Gregg to weigh in on this ruling again about Same-Sex Marriage, & wants to ask a question to get him going on it: There's sort've a problem because even some of the Christian denominations are accepting it, so there's a lot of confusion by other Christians, but it's all about, "What did Jesus say about it?"

Celebrating Homosexuality: Standing up against the curriculum of College, protesting by not answering controversial questions on an exam.

Religious Activist against Same-Sex Marriage Caller just wanted to chime in about the recent same-sex marriage ruling by the Supreme Court.

Same-Sex Marriage: Can Steve please comment on the recent Supreme Court ruling on Same-Sex Marriages? Do Christians need to be concerned about this?

Homosexuality: A friend of the listener trying justify homosexuality by reinterpreting Scripture that talks about Homosexuality. [Romans 1:26-28]

Redefining Marriage: God has certain sins He detests, so what do I do about churches that are redefining what marriage is?

Sodom & Gomorrah's Sins: What was Sodom & Gomorrah's sin that they had a fiery judgment? [Ezekiel 16, Jude 1:7]

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