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Topic: Numerology

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Gematria & Numerology: Do you think Christians should get into "Gematria" or study numerology? [Proverbs 24:16, Proverbs 9:1, Psalm 119:164].

Jesus Humor: I can think of only one verse that might refer to Jesus having a sense of humor. [John 21:25]
Numerology & the Bible: After Isaiah chapter 40, there appears more alignment with the New Testament message, & there may also be a relationship between the 39 chapters of Isaiah to the 39 books of the Old Testament. Do you think that numerology has anything to do with this? [Lamentations, Psalm 119].

Bible Verse Numbering & Significance: Is the numbering of the verses in John 6:66 miraculous, because it seems so relevant to The Beast's number, 666? [Revelation 13:18, John 6:66].

Numerology in the Bible: Is there any validity to biblical numerology? Is 13 really a bad number? what do you know about 888?

Greatest Revival: Do you think we are about to have one of the greatest revivals that has ever taken place?
Numerology in the Bible: Don't we have to believe in Numerology?
Jesus' Innocence: Wouldn't Jesus having had sex compromised His innocence?

KJV Translation of the Bible: The King James Version only because it's good w/ the Numerology.

Theomatics: What do you think of the principle/theory of Theomatics?
Peace & be not Troubled: What is John 14:27 talking about? [John 14:27]

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