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Topic: Joshua

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All the Land and Promises Fulfilled to Israelites: Doesn't scripture say that the Lord gave the Israelites all the land that he had promised? [Joshua 21:43-45].
Not Until All is fulfilled: What does it mean in scripture; "heaven and earth will pass away, but not one jot or tittle will until all is fulfilled"? [Matthew 5:18, Luke 21:30].

The Promised Land: What was the size of the promised land for the Jews and did they receive all that they had been promised? [Joshua 21:43-45, I Kings 4:24].

Promise from God: How do you know when the promise is to us? Rather than to a particular person, instead? [Joshua 1, Psalm 118].

Captain of the Lord's Hosts: Who was the commander of the Lord's army (Captain of the Lord's Hosts)? Could it have been Michael the archangel? [Joshua 5:13-6:5]
Achan: Why did Achan's entire family have to die? [Joshua 7:1f]

Land of Israel Didn't God promise to give the all the land back to Israel? Is this verse in Joshua hyperbolic? [Joshua 21:43]

Meditation: How does meditation help with warfare? [Joshua 1:8]

Book of Jasher: Have you ever seen or read the Book of Jasher?

Jesus' Name: Where did the name "Jesus" come?

Not Willing that any should Perish: Not willing that ANY should perish, but why did Joshua wipe away every men, women & children?

Vision of Joshua in Zechariah: Can you talk about a vision Joshua had in Zechariah? [Zechariah 3]

God's Wrath in the OT: I don't understand the violence in the Old Testament, especially since God is a God of love. It almost seems like what's going on with ISIS? [Joshua]

There Stood a Man: Can you explain who the Person/person was that Joshua confronted in Jericho? [Joshua 5:13]

Judging the 12 Tribes of Israel: What did Jesus mean by His Apostles judging the 12 tribes of Israel? [Matthew 19:28]
The "Joshua" Chapter: What was being said in what is called the "Joshua" chapter in Zechariah? [Zechariah 3]

Jehovah's Witnesses & the Military: My nephew got out of the military to join the Jehovah's Witness cult, but godly people in the Bible had to go to war, belong to armies.

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