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Topic: Bible Calendar

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Calendar in Bible Times: Which calendar was Jesus and his disciples using in their time?

Catholic traditions: Is holding one's hands a certain way restricted to the priests?
B.C. & A.D.: How did people date the years prior to the BC & AD identifiers? And when was this instituted?

Timeline-Decrees: Can you clarify the timeline regarding the rebuilding of the temple, Artaxerxes and Zerubbabel. and the decrees? [Ezra 4, Nehemiah 2].

Caesar Calendar Keeping track of the years of Christ from when He was born

Old Testament Chronology: Can you refer me to a resource to help me put the Old Testament books in a chronology [].

Grounds for Divorce: Is actual adultery, as opposed to carnal knowledge, desertion & physical abuse, grounds for divorce?
Date of Writing of the New Testament: Were all the books of the new Testament were written before 69 A.D.?
Reincarnation: How do you view reincarnation?

Calendar: How & when did the calendar make distinctions come about AD/BC?

Methuselah & the Length of the Year: The length of a year in the day of Methuselah's day?

Jewish Calendar: Can you explain the new moons & the Hebrew Sabbaths. I thought the calendar interrupted the 7th day Sabbath?

Job: Where in the timeline does Job fit in?
The Gap Theory: What can you tell me about the Gap Theory, & is it legitimate? [Genesis 1:1-2]

The 6th Month: What is the "6th month" referring to, the 6th month of the year? the 6th month of Elizabeth's pregnancy? [Luke 1:36]

Dating of the Year of Jesus' Crucifixion: The caller thinks the date of the exact year of Jesus' crucifixion was about 30 AD. The Naval Observatory weighed in on it recently.

Timeline of the New Testament: Do you know a detailed reference timeline for the New Testament?

Jewish Calendar for Prophetic Reckoning: David Hawkins thinks the Jewish Calendar has to be used when calculating Prophecies in Daniel.
Anti-Christ being in the 3rd Temple: Rebuilding the 3rd temple, the anti-Christ is going to be IN the temple, so how can he be in the temple if it doesn't exist?

Calendar Change: I've heard that BCE & CE is in place of A.D. & B.C., what's up w/ that?

Lent: Where did Lent come from?

The Calendar: Jesus was born 4-5 bc? Why did we start using BC/AD for the calendar?

Calendars (followup): Caller just wanted to explain about calendars from a previous call.

Calendars: When did we start keeping calendars? How far back would we have to go?
Website Forum: Is there a place one can go on the website to ask questions?
Age of Accountability: Can Steve please explain the "Age of Accountability"?

Laughter is Medicine: Is there any verse in the Bible about Laughter being good for the soul? [Proverbs 17:2]
The Date During Noah's Flood: Could they keep track of the years back then? Do we know the date way back then?

BC to AD & Constantine: Why did the Calendar change from BC to AD & when did they implement that system/calendar & who was Constantine & the cross he wore that had nothing to do w/ Christianity?

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