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Topic: Music

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Evangelical Deconstruction: If you are familiar with DC Talk's, Kevin Max, what do you think of his and other's ex-evangelical deconstruction? [Galatians 1:10].
Michael, the Buddhist: How is Michael, the Buddhist doing?

God's Foreknowledge: Shouldn't have God known in advance that Adam would need a helpmate, and that mankind would fail and He would need to send the flood?
Chuck Girard & Alisa Childers: Are you familiar with Alisa Childers, Chuck Girard's (Love Song) daughter?

Critical Nature-Blessing or Curse: Can you help me sort out the blessing and curse of having a critical nature? [Ephesians 4:15, Revelation 2-3].
Worship Music & Song: What do you think about a lot of the current worship bands, music and songs, coming out now? It seems rather self-centered. [James 1:17].

Welsh Revival Love Song: Are you familiar with the love song, "Here is Love, Vast as an Ocean", of the Welsh Revival?
Jewish View of the Virgin Birth: Did the Jewish people understand and believe the virgin birth? [Matthew 1].
Herod's Slaughter of the Innocents: Why did Herod seek to kill the infants?

Bob Dylan's Christian Influence: Do you know what happened to Bob Dylan and his walk after he made his Christian albums?

The Narrow Path Theme Song: Is that you playing the guitar and whistling?

The Intro Whistling Music for The Narrow Path: Is the whistling music yours?
Healing Promised to Christians: It appears as though there is a promise about guaranteed healing that doesn't seem to work out as indicated-are we missing something? [James 5:14-15, 2 Corinthians 12:7-10, Galatians 4:13, I Timothy 5:23, 2 Timothy 4:20, Philippians 2:27].

Disatisfaction with My Church's Worship Music: Can you advise about my disatisfaction with the worship music at my church?

Music Therapy: Caller suggests music therapy for one who is troubled by negative or demonic spirits. [I Samuel 16:23].

Drums Inappropriate for Worship: Caller presents case for drums not being appropriate for church or worship, claiming they represent the devil's choice of music.

Drums From the Devil: What do you think about drums being from the devil? [Psalm 150].

Church of Christ Bans Singing: Is the Church of Christ a cult because it bans singing?

Kenosis Theory & the Bethel Movement: Because of my concern about the Bethel movement and Bill Johnson's teaching, I am trying to sort out the "Kenosis Theory"? [Philippians 2].
Hillsong Music Bans: Do you think it is an over-reaction to not ban singing of Hillsong music?

Worship Service in Church: What form of worship should take place in church, when worshipping in Spirit & Truth? What should it look like on a Sunday morning as far as the raising of hands, singing, and so on? [John 4:19-24, 5:42, Isaiah 29:13].

Christian Music for Financial Gain: Isn't benefiting from writing and performing Christian acceptable, because it is still doing something good? [Matthew 10:8].

Compromised Songwriters: What are your thoughts on listening to worship music written or performed by those of groups that have some really compromised or nonscriptural doctrines or behavior? [James 1].

Satan Being Loosed: The binding of Satan and a thousand years of peace is described in Revelation, but why is Satan let loose for a little while at the end of the millennium? [Revelation 20].
Whistling in the Theme Song: Is that you playing the guitar and whistling at the beginning of your show?

Amazing Grace Lyrics: What does it mean when the song lyric says, "how sweet the sound"? Shouldn't the sweetness be Jesus, not a sound?

Peace: In Woodstock, was not there a similarity between its intent, and what Christ brings and what Christians are looking forward to? The ushering in of peace, joy, and love?

Government Control: When one has a 501c3, does the government limit what you can say, especially regarding homosexuality or endorsing candidates?
Christian Music: Is the Christian music industry entirely secular now?

The name Narrow Path & the Theme Music: Is the Scripture passage in Matthew why you named the program, "the narrow path"? Where did you get your introductory theme music? [Matthew 7:13-14]

Jesus & His Harp: Is there a possibility the Lord Jesus carried a harp while preaching, teaching, reaching, & declaring the kingdom? [Psalm 49:4].

Angels Singing: Is there anywhere in the Bible where it talks about angels singing in the Bible? What about in the book of Job? [Job 38:7, Revelation 4-5, Revelation 5:9, Revelation 4:10]

Keith Green & "Dying to Self": Do you have any information on or know where I can find "that's dying to self" song that you mentioned?

Calvary Chapel's Music: How did so many Christian Church bands happen to come out of the Calvary Chapel in the 70s?

Secular Music: What do you think about going into music as a career for a believer, not necessarily Christian music?

Sheep & the Goats: I like the song by Keith green called, "the sheep & the goats", but what can you tell me about the sheep & the goats, judging, & so on? [Matthew 25:31-46]

All about Angels: When were the angels created? When did Lucifer fall? Is the serpent satan? Was he a musician?

Losing your Faith: Just repent, start obeying Jesus again, if you find yourself start falling away.
Acapella Music: Caller thinks it's Church History that the church didn't use musical instruments for the first few centuries, but it was just for singing & making melody in their hearts.

Musical Instruments in the Church: Caller believes we are not allowed to use instruments,

Narrow Path's Show Introduction Music: I was always like your introductory music too.
Jesus Leaving it up to the Priests of the Catholic Church: So did Jesus really leave the Catholic church to tell us what to do? [Matthew 23:2-3]

Narrow Path's Show Introduction Music: I really the introduction music to your show. Is that you playing the guitar?
Blessing God & God blessing us & lifting Hands: You said recently said that the it's the greater man that blesses the lesser man, so God blesses us, more than we are blessing God, with praise & worship & the lifting hands in, but what about these verses in Psalms? [Psalm 63:4, Psalms 134:2]

Replacement Theology: Do you believe in replacement theology?
Keith Green: Did you personally know Keith Green? What did you think of him? His music?

Pre-Millennial & Pre-Tribulation: Is there a difference between being a pre-tribulation & pre-millennium?
Christian Music Only: A friend of mine who goes to the church I go to said that we shouldn't listen to any music that isn't Christian music, like the Beatles & so on.

Larry Norman: Did you read about Larry Norman, a good musician?
The Word "Jew": Where did the word "Jew" come from?

Theme Music for the Narrow Path Show: Where does the music come from for you show?
Tithing: Should we tithe? Aren't we sort've under bondage doing that?

Satan & Music: Someone said that Satan was responsible for all the music of the earth. Is this true?

Secular Music: What would you say about hip-hop music or any other music that is not Christian-oriented? They say hip-hop or rap music is of the devil.

Leading Worship at an International House of Prayer: We would like to lead praise & worship music for an International House of Prayer and we are concerned people might think we endorse his teaching.

Worship & Christian Music: What are your thoughts on contemporary Christian musicians?

Overwhelmed Dad, Husband, Wanting Alone Time: Caller needs time away from the pace of their life, but also knows he needs to care for wife and children. What should he do?

Worshipping Jesus & God the Father: Did Jesus ever command to be worshipped? What is required for worship? Worshipping God through song?

Music being a Gift: Is being a musician a (spiritual) gift?

Assurance of Salvation: I used to be in the Music business, but I developed problems with my ears, & can't do that anymore, but I've been looking at end time events seeming to fall in place, & I'm questioning my salvation & wondering what to do?

Liking the Narrow Path Show: A caller & her granddaughter just wanted to check in & say how they liked the show!

Theme Music for the Narrow Path Show: Wondering where you got your whistling theme song?
Calvinism vs Arminianism: Free will, sin nature, total depravity

The Narrow Path's Theme Music: Does your theme music have a name, & where did it come from?

Playing Guitar During Spare Time: I've been playing guitar & using an inordinate of time to play it, & wondering if I'm wasting my time?

Theme Music to the Narrow Path Show: Where did your theme music come from?
Baptism: You don't have to be "immersed" in baptism, but immersed into the Father, Son & Holy Spirit.

No Crosses Displayed: Every church I've visited, no crosses displayed outside or inside the building because they don't want to offend people. [Galatians 5:11]
Church's Music: What if i go to a specific church because of the form of a music they use make you feel good?

People Making Excuses for Racism: Caller thinks a person can't make excuses for people who are racists & possibly the reason some don't like rap music is because they are.

Rap Music is Not Peaceful: Jesus is the Prince of peace, & caller does not think that rap is peaceful. You are not being racist because you don't like rap.

Rap Music: What exactly makes Rap music so bad? What makes Christian music Christian?

Rap Music: Not all Rap Music is bad, according to the caller.
"...Make Man in OUR Image": Who is the "our" when God said, "Let us make man in our image"? [Genesis 1:26-27]

Rap Music: Caller doesn't like Rap Music at all, that there's nothing good about it whatsoever! That it's demons. That rap Christian music is an oxymoron.

Rap Music: Followup to the Rap music question of the previous day that there are good rap artists out there.

Rap music: What are your thoughts about listening to rap music laced w/ a lot of swear words even though it has an excellent message?

David Segal - David Beaudry: A few comments about the passing of a musician by the name of David Segal/Beaudry.
Powers & Principalities & Healthy living: Do we have to obey the government about man-dated vaccines?

9 to 5 Job affecting musical gift: I'm wondering what I should do about having a door close on me of being able to expound on my musical gift, & having to get a steady job instead. Should I just go back on tour because the goal was to serve my home community?

Jesus going to hell: Did Jesus go to hell when He died? [Acts 2:25-31, 1 Peter 3:18-22] (the audio skips a little bit here, but it seems to be only limited to this one & the next)

Follow-up to playing Christian Music: Caller wanted to encourage the caller who called about playing Christian music at his business to continue doing it.

Christian Music at a Business Establishment: Christian Music in a Business Setting offending others & the caller is worried about it.

Worship Songs in Church: Caller thinks there's too much vain repetition in worship songs we sing in church nowadays & it's too loud.

Drum Usage in Church: Does using drums in the church have a pagan connotation so they shouldn't be used?
Cremation: How is God able to put all the ashes back together if people are cremated?

Charging for the Gospel: There is a difference between charging for talent, but what about charging for the gospel, to hear the actual gospel? I never thought I'd see the day.

Healing Frequency Music: Have you ever heard of something called, Healing Frequency Music, & what do you think about it if you have?

Contemporary Christian Artists: If a Contemporary Christian Artist has awesome music, such as Steve Camp, but way off on their theology, does that mean we shouldn't listen to their music?

Holding my peace & letting the Lord fight: A caller wanted a previous caller to know where the phrase came from that he was asking about, "If I hold my peace & let Lord fight my battles", that it came from a spiritual.

Holding my Peace & Let the Lord Fight: Does it say anywhere in the Bible, "If I hold my peace & let Lord fight my battles" or is that from a song or something?
Sweat Lodge: A follow-up to the caller that was wondering if he should attend a Native American sweat lodge or not, just tell them that you believe in the Great Creator but that you don't want to attend.

Keith Green: What kind've guy was he, & can you talk about his music?

Finding a Church & the Music played in them: How do you go about finding a good church at an older age, or, what if the church you used to go to has radically changed since you last attended there in your youth?
Evangelical & Charismatic: Are Evangelicalism & Charismatic in harmony w/ each other?
Wesleyan Church: What can you tell me about the Wesleyan Church?

Title of Theme Song: What is the title of your Theme Song for your show?

Dispensationalism: Is there anything wrong w/ listening to preachers who believe in Dispensationalism?
Christian Music: There's a lot of good Christian music out there.

Music (follow-up): Spiritual music should appeal to our spiritual nature & not our fleshly nature, according to the caller.
Rich Man & Lazarus: Jesus wouldn't use a story that would introduce false or deceptive delusion that would cause us major confusion. [Luke 16:19-31]

Christian Contemporary (Rock) Music: I have a friend who is vehemently against Christian Contemporary Music, & I asked him why he was so against it. He says it does havoc on onee's emotions, dancing music is wrong, makes you think of drugs & sex & so on. What are your thoughts on loud, Christian type rock music, (& music w/ a beat to it)?

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