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Topic: Baptism

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Rebaptism: Would you recommend that I be rebaptized if I am not sure I was a true Christian when I was originally baptized?

Baptism of the Holy Ghost (Spirit): Is there a second work beyond being baptized into the faith, as in the "Baptism of the Holy Spirit", as scripture seems to indicate? [Ephesians 4:4-6, Acts 1:5, Acts 19, Acts 8, Hebrews 6:1-2, Ephesians 5:18].
Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Is "Baptism in the Holy Ghost (Spirit) the same thing as being "Filled with the Spirit"? [Acts 1:5, Acts 2:4].

Baptism by Mormon Priest Saves: What response would you have to a Mormon who indicates that one need to be baptized by a Mormon Melchizedek priest in order to be saved? [I Peter 3:21, Hebrews 7, Acts 2:38, Acts 3:19].

Baptism Required for Salvation: Does this verse affirm that one must be baptized to be saved? [I Peter 3:21, Acts 2:38, Acts 3:19, I Corinthians 15:1-2].

Baptism of John & Baptism of Jesus: Could you clear up the distinction between the baptism of John the Baptist, the baptism Jesus did, before His own death and then later, baptism after His death? [Acts 19:4, Romans 6:3-5, Colossians 2:12, Hebrews 6:1-2, Acts 1:5].

Spiritual Interpretation of Genesis: Have you interpreted any other chapters of the Bible in a spiritual way as you did in Genesis 1? [Genesis 1, I John 3, 2 Corinthians 3:18].
Conversion at Baptism: Could you help sort out the idea of conversion at baptism, rather than at a separate time? [Ephesians 1:13].

Truly Saved: What do you say to someone who thinks it enough to say you have been baptized or confirmed in a Christian church? [John 10:27-28, Luke 14:27, Acts 11:26].
Hate Your Enemies: Was Jesus referring to Old Testament scripture when he said you have been taught to hate your enemies? [Matthew 5:33, Leviticus 19:18, Luke 10:25-43].

Baptism vs Baptism in the Holy Spirit: Is "baptism" and "Baptism in the Holy Spirit" two different things?
Gideon's Battle: Could you help me find the story about God whittling down the number of men that are preparing for battle? [Judges 7].

Deism: Do you think it is more reasonable to consider a Deist view since God doesn't doesn't seem to micromanage things and free will seems more prevalent? [Proverbs 21:1, Hosea 8:4].
Need for Rebaptism: If I wandered away from the Lord at one point in my life, becoming a prodigal, but returned to Him, do I need to be rebaptized?
God's Voice (God Speaking): How do you know when it is God speaking vs just having one's own thoughts? [Acts 16:6-7].

Water Baptism Required: Is water baptism required for entering the "Kingdom of God", and if it is, then why do so many evangelists not require it? [John 3:5, Acts 2:38, Acts 9:10-21, I Peter 3:20-21 ].
Born of Water & Spirit: What does it mean to be, "born of water and of the spirit"? [John 3:5-6].

The Name Under Which We Should be Baptized: Since the name is in the singular form, is there one particular name of God we should know and be baptized ? [Acts 2:38, Acts 8:16, Acts 19:5, I Corinthians 1:12, Matthew 28:19, Colossians 2:9].

God's Emotion: Is God emotional and is He capable of lashing out? [Exodus 33:3].
Pharisees Wanting to be Baptized by John: Why would Pharisees want to get baptized by John the Baptist?
Jesus Supporting His Mother, Mary: Was Jesus supporting his mother, Mary? And why him instead of his brothers? [Luke 8].

Paul on the Road to Damascus: Could you comment on Paul's conversion, and if it was on the road to Damascus? [Acts 22, Acts 9:5-6, Romans 10:9, Romans 14].

Laying on of Hand, Fundamental to the Faith: I am studying the fundamental principles of the faith, and I am struggling with the "laying on of hands", can you help? [Hebrews 6:1-2].

Baptism Without a Church Fellowship: If someone does not have a home church, but has become a believer via radio ministry, where does one get baptized?

Steve Gregg to the East Coast: Do you ever get out to the east coast?
Moses, Elijah, and the Transfiguration: How did Peter know that it was Moses and Elijah during the transfiguration event? [Matthew 17:3].
Apostles and a Believers Baptism: Did the apostles have the another baptism, as believers, or did they just have the baptism of John? [Acts 19:5].

Method of Baptism: Is there only a certain way Baptism should be done?
Abraham's Sons: How was able to have more sons after Isaac if it was such a miracle to have Isaac?

Baptism Procedures: As a former Mormon, I think I want to be baptized again, could you discuss the proper way to go about this? [Acts 9, Acts 8].

Which Baptism?: Because there are so many different "baptisms", which one is he talking about in Ephesians 4? [Ephesians 4, Hebrews 6:1-4, I Corinthians 1, Acts 1:5].
Baptism for the Dead: Could you talk about being "baptized for the dead"? [I Corinthians 15:29].

Soul at the Time of Conception: Do we have a soul at the time of conception?
Baptism Requirement for Salvation: What do you think of those that indicate that just believing is sufficient for salvation, and do not mention baptism? [Acts 8].

Baptism of Jesus & Baptism of Repentance: Was the baptism of Jesus and the baptism of John's repentance the same baptism?
Born Again Before the Holy Spirit Came: Were people born again before the Holy Spirit came?
Thief on the Cross - Born Again: Was the thief on the cross born again?

Not Knowing One Must be Baptized: What is going to happen to those people who are not told that they need to be baptized? [John 3:5, Galatians 3:26-27].

Baptism: Could you explain the differences between "baptized in" and "baptized by"? [Matthew 3:11, I Corinthians 12:13].

Baptism and Verse from Old Testament: Could one link these verses to baptism? [2 Kings 6:6, Job 26:5].

Not to Baptize, but to Preach: Could you comment on I Corinthians when Paul says he was not sent to baptize, but to preach the gospel? [I Corinthians 1:17, Acts 19, John 4].

Baptized Again: Should my grandson be baptized again, even if he was baptized as a baby? [Acts 19:5].

Jesus and His Baptism: Why would Jesus be baptized if it is for repentance, and Jesus is sinless? [John 10:4].

Finding a Church to Baptize One: Would you advise me as to how to find a church in which to get baptized?

The Importance of Baptism: Can you describe the importance of baptism? [I Corinthians 1:13].

Another Gospel & Accursed Gospel: What is an example of "another gospel" and a gospel that would be accursed? [Galatians 1:8].
Baptism for Salvation: Is requiring baptism for salvation considered "another gospel"? [Galatians 1:8, Matthew 28:20, I Corinthians 1, I Corinthians 10].
Baptism Required for Salvation: Is requiring baptism for salvation suggesting that Jesus' death is insufficient?

The Water & The Blood: What do you think that the water and the blood stand for in I John 5? Does the blood represent baptism? [I John 5:6-8, John 4, 15, 19, I Corinthians 15}

Types & Antitype-The Flood & Baptism: Could it be that The Flood as a type, and baptism as its antitype, also be seen as baptism as a type of being washed in the blood of Jesus?

Baptism Required: The book of Mark seems to suggest that believers must be baptized, so is it required for salvation? [Mark 46:9-20].

Preterists & the Second Coming: What do Preterists believe about the future events surrounding the second coming?
Church of Christ; Full Preterism & Baptism: What do you think about those in the Church of Christ who believe in Full Preterism and that baptism being required for Salvation?

Baptism & Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Does the Holy Spirit baptize us into the body of Christ and is water baptism similar to a wedding and commemorating our entry into a relationship with Jesus? [I Cor 12:13].
Who is the Restrainer of the Man of Lawlessness: Who is the restrainer that restrains the Man of Lawlessness ? [2 Thessalonians 2, Daniel 7, Acts 17:7].

Cloud of Witnessess: The word used for the group of witnesses is cloud-could it mean "chiefs", or is it simply the natural vapor of clouds? [Hebrews 12:1].
Baptism: Is baptism like being branded, in identifying with your owner?

Baptism Requirements: Would you comment on a church that requires re-baptism in their own church with their stipulations on how to do so? [Acts 2:38, Acts 3:19-31, I Peter 3:20].

The Age for Christian Commitment: At what age do you think kids are able to actually make a serious decision for the Lord and be baptized?

Baptism-Immersion: How did we get the pagan practice of being immersed in the ritual of baptism? [Hebrews 10:9].
Baptism Ritual Ended: Didn't Jesus do away with the practice of baptism and other ritual washings? [Hebrew 9:10, 10:9, John 3:25, 4:1f].

Anointing the Sick & Baptizing: Who is qualified to anoint with oil for the healing of the sick? What about Baptisms, who is qualified to do that? [James 5:14]

LDS View-Unbroken Chain: How do you respond to the very important LDS view that one must have someone lay hands on them from an unbroken chain in order to be filled with the Holy Spirit, or baptize others?
Qualifications for Church Leadership: What do you think the scriptural qualifications are for starting or leading a church? [I Timothy 3, Titus 1].

Baptism of Fire: What is the "baptism of fire"? [Luke 3:15-18, Matthew 3:10-12, Acts 1:5].

Anabaptist & Waldensians: Could you clarify the positions and relationship of the Anabaptists, and the Waldensians-particularly about baptism?
Dietary Restrictions: Why were dietary restrictions ever imposed in the laws levied on Israel? [Acts 10:15, Leviticus 11].

Catholics-Saved or Unsaved: Can Catholics be true Christians and saved?
Infant Baptism & Salvation: If someone was baptized as an infant, as in Catholicism, could they still be saved without being re-baptized as an adult?

The Didache & Baptism: Do you think that the Didache is reliable?

Baptism Again: If one has been baptized as a child, should they be re-baptized? [Acts 19].
Secular Movies: Is it acceptable to watch secular movies with some moral or other value, even though they might have swearing and sex, etc. in them? [Proverbs 25:28, Matthew 5:29].

Baptized with the Holy Spirit: When a believer is baptized with the Holy Spirit, is it a different spirit, or is it simply getting in touch with the Holy Spirit one already has inside? [Romans 8:16, John 7:37-39, Acts 1:8, 2:4].

Child Baptism & Confession of Former Sins: Does my baptism at 12, still count, even though I have not really lived the Christian life until recently? And do I need to recount all my sins to be forgiven? [Acts 19:1-7, 2:38, 3:19, Mark 1:15].

Born of Water & Spirit: What is meant by being "born of water" in John 3? [John 3:5-6].

John's Water Baptism: What is the difference between John's baptism and religious Jewish washing rites? [Mark 1:4, Luke 16:16].

Child's Faith & Baptism: How does one assess one's child's level of faith and whether she is ready to be baptized?

Baptized for Salvation: Does interpreting the Greek word, "eis", as "on account of ", may clarify that we are not required to be baptized to be saved. [Acts 2:38, Matthew 12:41].

Mormons & Baptism for the Dead: Would you talk about the verse regarding the "Baptism for the Dead" that is a particular belief of the Mormon faith? [I Corinthians 15:13, 29].

Baptism & Tongues: How is the baptism of the Holy Spirit connected to water baptism, and what is the right way to do a water baptism? (Steve Gregg Lecture: Foundations). [Acts 2, 8-10, 19, Colossians 2:9].

Baptized in Water & Spirit: Do you still need to be baptized in public and does it need to be water baptized, if we are already baptized with the spirit? [Luke 3:16, Acts 2:38, Acts 10].

Baptism in Water vs. Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Can you explain the difference between water baptism and baptism of the Holy Spirit? [Acts 19:1-7, Acts 8].

Disciples (Apostles) Baptized: Were the disciples (apostles) baptized? [John 4:1-2].

Baptism Necessary: Is baptism necessary to salvation? [Matthew 28:20].

Baptism Required For Remission of Sins: Is baptism what actually decides whether you are truly saved with your sins forgiven, as possibly implied by scripture? [Acts 2:38, 3:19].

Women Baptizers: Is it acceptable for a women to baptize someone? [2 Corinthians 9:13, Acts 9:10-21].

Baptism: Is Paul talking about water baptism in Romans 6? [Romans 6:3-4].

Baptizing in the Name of Father, Son & Holy Spirit: When did the change take place to baptize in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit? [Matthew 28:19, Colossians 2:9].

While Yet in the Womb: Can the Lord actually work with a person while they are still in the womb-even to the point of being baptized there? [Psalm 27:10].

Baptism: Can Christians baptize one another? And what scripture can I use at a ceremony? [Acts 8:26-40]
Annihilation in Hell: What do you think of Arnold Murray's teaching about annihilation in hell?

Baptism: Should you get baptized in the name of "The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost", or should it just be in the name of "Jesus"? [Acts 2:38].
Baptism: Should you be baptized more than once? Or is it okay to be baptized more than once? Do you have to be completely covered?

Parenting, Communion, Baptism: Concerned that his kids may just going through the motions of baptism but not really meaning it, and wondering if they shouldn't take communion until they are baptized.

Baptism in Name of Jesus: Should we be baptized in the name of Jesus only, or in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit? [I Corinthians 1].

Baptism Precipitating Testing: Why does Satan get upset, and goes after us, when we are baptized? Why would Jesus be tempted by the devil, right after He was baptized? Is it not really important to be baptized?

Christian Foundations in Hebrews 6: Are the foundations listed in Hebrews 6, distinctly Christian? If so, then what about the use of the Jewish word used for baptisms (ceremonial washings), instead of the one used for baptism in other scriptures? [Hebrews 6:1-2, 5:11-14, John 3:25f].

Baptism: What is the best age for baptism? Should one be baptized, if they have been slack in their following of Christ?

Baptism: In one place in the Bible it says to be baptised in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit, but in another it says only in the name of Jesus. {Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 19:5}

Resurrection of Unbelievers: Is there a physical resurrection of unbelievers? [John 5:28-29, Revelation 20, Acts 24:12-15]
Replacement Theology (Supersessionism): Why do some use the term as a pejorative? What do they mean by it? So how does it fit in with the New Covenant vs Old Covenant [Hebrews 8:13]?
Baptism: Who has the authority to baptize? What about when a church does not recognize another denomination's baptism?

Knowing the True Church: Since believers are scattered throughout many denominations, how do we know who the true church and true believers are? What does the true church look like?
Baptism: How do we know if someone is really repentant and ready for baptism? Who has the authority to baptize?

Rebaptism: Should I be concerned if my church is requiring rebaptism for membership?

Once Saved, Always Saved: What do you think of someone who claims that they once went to hell in a near death experience, but had believed "once saved, always saved", so he thought he was safe. Should I get baptized in the Baptist church, even if they believe in "once saved, always saved"?

Baptism: Should I be re-baptized, if I was baptized before?
Holy Spirit: How do I become baptized with the Holy Spirit?
Salvation: How do I know if I am saved?

Signs of Salvation: What are the necessary signs of salvation? Do you have to be baptized or speak in tongues in order to be saved? What does being saved actually mean?

Baptism: Is being baptized only in the name of Jesus the same thing as being baptized in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Ghost?

Baptism; Should I get re-baptized since I didn't know what I was doing when I was first baptized?

Baptism-water & Holy Spirit: Will people go to heaven if you are not water baptized? What is the baptism of the Holy Spirit? How does one get baptized by the Holy Spirit? Are they 2 different things?

International Church of Christ: Do you know anything about the International Church of Christ?

Mormon Beliefs about Baptism: Can you talk about this discussion I had with a Mormon friend regarding what makes an evangelical saved & not saved? He believed only the Mormon/LDS was saved because of being baptized by the right people.

Age for Baptism: The Mormon church is putting pressure on me regarding my daughter's baptism, so at what age should I get her baptized?

Praying Directly to Jesus: I disagree that we can't or shouldn't pray directly to Jesus because of Stephen in Acts. Also, you say it's okay to be just baptized in Jesus' name, YET Jesus commanded to be baptized in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Ghost. [Mathew 28:18-20, Acts 7:54-60]

Relationship over Rituals: The New Testament seems to speak of relationship & condemn rituals, can you find any rituals besides the Lord's Supper & Baptism, & what about traditions?

Re-Baptism: Should I get re-baptized?

John the Baptist baptizing & getting Baptized: John the Baptist baptizing Jesus, & John getting baptized, & people in heaven, people in earth (I frankly have to idea what the caller is getting at.)

Baptism: Is it okay if a mother baptizes her son even though women are not supposed be elders?

Baptism Request: Would you baptize me?

Apostolic & Baptism: Being baptized in only Jesus' name or Father, Son & Holy Ghost, caller thinks being baptized in only Jesus' name is important.

Baptism: Do I have to be baptized? If Jesus were to come today & wasn't baptized, would I be saved, especially according to Romans 10:9-10? [Romans 1:16, Romans 10:9-10]
Jesus & His Disciples Baptizing: Why didn't Jesus & His apostles carry out baptism? [John 4:1-2]

Baptism of the Holy Spirit: We are stuck about the baptism of the Holy Spirit, being born of the water & the Spirit. They are saying the water is water Baptism, but isn't it talking about the natural birth of water because of what He says that which is born of flesh is flesh & the of the Spirit the Spirit. [john 3:5-6]
Baptized in the Name of Jesus: What is your opinion of being baptized in only Jesus' name or the Father, Son & Holy Ghost? [Matthew 28:19-20, Acts 2:38]
Missing Eternity because of a Technicality: A friend to me that even if a soldier was about to die who had been shot in the heart accepted Jesus in His heart would not be accepted because he was never baptized. [Luke 23:43]

Laying on of Hands to receive Holy Spirit: I've been listening to your lectures about Christian Foundation, & do I need to have the laying of hand to be filled w/ the Holy Spirit?

Sleep Paralysis: I, too, like felt a Sleep Paralysis, felt a force leave me.
Baptizing in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Ghost The term God the Father , The Son & the Holy Spirit, to use for Baptism, is not even in the Septuagint.

Church Classes at a Different RCC: My Girlfriend is trying to become a Catholic like I am, but she's taking the classes at a different church than she plans on being baptized at. Is that okay?
God Demands Justice: How do I explain that God does justice, but still loves people, both in the Old Testament & the New Testament?

Noah & the Flood a type of Baptism: Was noah & the flood some type of baptism, preserving the righteous?

Baptisms Performed Women: Is being baptized by women okay?

Baptism: Do you have to be dunked in water in order for our sins to be forgiven? [Acts 2:38]
Baptism on same Day of Salvation: When did the practice of not getting baptized on the same day you became saved happen?

The Book of Acts: Is the book of Acts a good book to learn about doctrine & how the gospel was preached?

Paul's Conversion: When was Paul saved, on the road to Damascus or not until Ananias came to him?

Salvation & Baptism: My Church of Christ says we are not saved until we are water baptized. Is that true? [Acts 2:38]

Mormonism - Baptism for the Dead: Is there anything in the Bible resembling baptism for dead like the Mormon church teaches? [1 Corinthians 15:29]
Mormonism & A New Name: What about getting new names when married in the Mormon Church? [Revelation 2:17, Revelation 3:12]

Taking Bible Stories Literal-Noah & Jonah: Do you take the stories of the Bible literal or figurative, especially Noah & the flood & Jonah?
Catholic Confirmation: Does catholic confirmation count as being saved? What about Infant Baptism?

Forgiveness & Baptism: I listened to most of your New Testament verse by verse, but I still have questions about forgiveness & baptism.

Teenagers Getting Baptized: What age should teenagers get baptized?

Debate w/ Doug Batchelor: Thank you for doing the debate w/ Doug Batchelor re the Sabbath
Baptism: Baptism needs be done as soon as possible for so many reasons.
Saved in Childbearing: What does this mean that women will be saved in child bearing? [1 Timothy 2:15]

God's Sovereignty: God making us suffer forever, is Calvinism rather sadistic, thinking God will only save some, but the rest are going to burn forever & forever & ever?
Ecclesia: Ecclesia in the KJV was changed to church building instead of church assembly, just like they didn't like translating baptize to immersion, because King James did not believe Immersion for Baptism.

Church of Christ: The Church of Christ will baptize you without having to join their church.
Satan entering Judas: Satan entering Judas Iscariot, was it preordained for Judas to betray Jesus? [Psalm 41:9, John 13:21]

Water Baptism: I was never baptized as an adult of my own volition. Should I get baptized? I don't really belong to a church, so how should I go about it?

Self-Baptism: Is there such thing as self-baptism?
Atheism by Default: Is there such a thing as being an atheist by default?

Baptizing for the Dead: Why does paul saying being baptized for the dead like the Mormons do? [1 Corinthians 15:29]

Saul on the road to Damascus Was Saul saved at the very point of his experience on Damascus? Or was it not until he was baptized? [Acts 22:1-21]

Repentance, Conversion & Baptism: Being a Christian, repent before baptism, serious commitment

Losing interest in Christianity: Daughter gave her life to Christ as a child, but at 13 seems to have departed from Christian activity, is she still saved?

Baptized in only Jesus' name I have church members telling me that we should only get baptized in Jesus' name. Is that true? [Acts 2:38]

Apocrypha-Lost Books of the Bible: Why is the Apocrypha not recognized by Protestants?
Baptism in Jesus Name: A preacher says you are to only be baptized in the name of “Jesus”.

Peter given Keys to the Kingdom: Peter was given the keys of the kingdom, so were the keys what he said in Acts about repenting & being baptized, and you'll be given the Spirit of God? [Acts 2:38, Matthew 16]

Falling Away: Departing from Christ, Falling Away & Judaism, what do these Scripture mean about Falling away & going to Judaism? means in scripture? [Hebrews 10:26, Hebrews 6:4-6]
Not Laying Again the Foundation: What does it mean, "not laying again the foundation of repentance"?

Holy Spirit Entering a Believer: When does the Holy Spirit enter the believer or when do they receive baptism of the Holy Spirit? By the laying on of hands?

Qualifications to Baptize: Who can do the baptizing? Can anyone baptize?

The Temptation of Jesus: How was the devil able to Jesus all the Kingdoms of the world in a "moment of time" during the temptation? [Matthew 4:1-11, Luke 4:1-13]
Water Baptism or Baptism of Holy Spirit: Is this walking about water baptism or the Holy Spirit? [Romans 6:3-4]

Baptism: Is there only one way to do baptism? what about a Buddhist baptism?

Jesus Baptizing John the Baptist: Was John the Baptist ever baptized by Jesus? [Matthew 3:14]
Not Worthy to Unlatch Jesus' Sandals: Why did he say he was not worthy to unlatch the sandal from His foot? [Matthew 3:11]

God Parent in the Catholic Church for Infant Baptism: Is it biblical to be a God-parent to an infant who is being baptized in the Roman Catholic church?

Baptism: Getting re-baptized if you didn't know what you are doing, & should you wait until they DO know what they are doing?

Baptism Essential: Is being baptized an essential part of salvation? [Acts 2:38]

Distinction between Infant Baptism & a Dedication: What scriptures would prohibit infant baptism? I know most people don't think infant baptism is right, that they should only be dedicated, but what benefits do they get from that?

Theme Music to the Narrow Path Show: Where did your theme music come from?
Baptism: You don't have to be "immersed" in baptism, but immersed into the Father, Son & Holy Spirit.

Re-Baptism Necessary: I was baptized as an infant, do I need to be re-baptized?

Baptism for the Dead: What does paul mean about baptism for the dead? [1 Corinthians 15:29]

Jesus Baptizing Himself: Why didn't Christ Himself baptize people? [John 4:1-2]

Baptism for Salvation: Do you have to be baptized, because isn't it just symbolic of our inner life?
Apologetics: I'd like some good books on apologetics.

Old & New Covenant: When did the old covenant stop & the new covenant start?

Formulation for Baptism: Is it okay to be baptized in just Jesus' name vs just saying "Father, Son & Holy Ghost". [2 Timothy 3:15, Matthew 28:19, Acts 2:38]

Conversion without Baptism: If someone on their deathbed receives Christ but are not baptized, are they still saved? [Luke 23:42-43]

Baptized into one Body What does it mean to baptized into one body by the Spirit? [1 Corinthians 12:13]
Joining a Local Church Community: Do we have to join a local church in order to be a true Christian??
No More Sacrifice for Sin: What does it mean in Hebrews no more sacrifice for willful sin once we have received Christ? [Hebrews 10:26]

Baptism Mandatory: Is getting baptized required?

Baptizing in only Jesus' Name: It says in Acts that people who were baptized only in the name of Jesus didn't receive the Spirit. Why not? ; why didn't they receive the Holy Spirit at conversion/water baptism then?
Receiving Holy Spirit: why didn't they receive the Holy Spirit at conversion or water baptism then?
Receiving the Holy Spirit & Being Completely Filled: How do you become completely filled by the Holy Spirit?

The Importance & Expediency of Baptism: Why isn't baptism emphasized as much as it should be? Why such tarrying in getting baptized verses immediately?

John the Baptist Baptizing Jesus: Why did John the Baptist need to baptize Jesus since he was baptizing for Repentance & Jesus didn't require repentance?

Baptism: You said that Baptism wasn't a REQUIREMENT for baptism, but I have some Scripture verses that contradict that: [1 Peter 3:21, Mark 16:16, Acts 2:38, John 3:5]

Infant Baptism: What are your thoughts about the practice of baptizing babies?

Baptizing for the Dead: What did Paul mean by baptizing for the dead? We don't practice that but some Mormons told me about it, & I didn't know what to think. [1 Corinthians 15:29]

Baptism: Does God accept both types of Baptisms, sprinkling & immersion?

Mormonism - Spirit Prison: Everyone that dies will go to one of 3 Heavens, & they believe in a somewhat Spirit Prison, & that they can get baptized out by living people. What do you think about this? [1 Peter 3:18-20, 1 Corinthians 15:29-30]

One Lord, one Faith, one Baptism: Being baptized in just Jesus' name or being baptized in the Father, Son & Holy Ghost is acceptable? [Ephesians 4:5-6, Matthew 28:19, Acts 2:38]

Baptism: Baptize in the name of the Father, Son & the Holy Spirit or Baptize in the name of Jesus only? [Matthew 28:19,Acts 2:38]

Baptism Should baptism be done in only the name of Jesus or the Trinity, God the Father, God the Son & God the Holy Spirit? [Acts 2:38, Matthew 28:19]

Sprinkling for Baptism: Where did this idea of Sprinkling for Baptism originate? [Ezekiel 36:25, Joel 2:29-29]
Equality w/ God - Trinity: (followup from day before) "Isn't Equality w/ God talking about the Trinity? Steve never mentioned about the Trinity, she says.

Baptizing for the Dead: What does it mean being baptized on the behalf of the dead? [1 Corinthians 15:29]

Concerned About Newly Baptized Person: Someone who just became baptized, & really engrossed into the sermons, was just found out that he is going through a divorce but hanging out w/ another woman who comes to church w/ him w/ all her kids, & wondering if it's he's in an adulterous relationship even after he just got baptized.

The Christian Church - Disciples of Christ: Does Steve know anything about "The Christian Church", especially their views re: Baptism?

Baptism: Were people baptized in the Old Testament? Why was John the Baptist baptizing people? What is the reason WE get baptized, to identify w/ the death & resurrection of Jesus Christ?

Baptism by Immersion: Does it have to be baptism by immersion only?

NIV Translation: Why are some verses missing?
4 different kinds of Baptisms: There are only 4 kinds of Baptisms in the Bible, is that right? Being immersed in Water, in the Holy Spirit, in Fire, & in the baptism of Suffering?

Salvation from the Bible: Taking our Salvation only from the Bible, Tom the Catholic disagrees. Baptism saves. [Matthew 19:25, 10:22, 24:13, Mark 16:16, John 6:50]
Church is built on Apostles: Church is gone, invisible!

Baptism: What is the difference between being baptized in only Jesus' name & being baptized in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Ghost?

Baptism: Being baptized in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit vs just being baptized in the only the name of Jesus.

Baptism & Partaking of the Lord's Supper: Can a person be a part of the Body of Christ, but not fully a member of the Kingdom of God, but yet be able to break bread (for example, if they haven't been baptized yet)?

Baptism: Is it necessary to be baptized in order to go to heaven?

(Infant) Baptism: The Jailer & Lydia, after they got baptized, went & had their whole household baptized, including possibly infants. [Acts 16:14-15, 33]

Rebaptism: Is it important to be re-baptized if I was baptized as an infant?
Belief You Can Move Mountain: If we have enough belief, we can move mountains?

Being baptized privately: Pastor of a church said that 2 kids were going to be baptized, but baptized privately because they were too embarrassed to do it publicly.

Disagreeing w/ callers: Caller thinks Steve does a good job debating, & handles w/ grace the callers.
Baptism: Wants to get re-baptized even though he was baptized as an infant, ever since he repented; should he?

Discipleship, Salvation & Sanctification: How do you forsake everything? [Mark 10:17-31, Matthew 19:16-30, Luke 18:18-30, Luke 14]
Baptism regarded as not important: Isn't the importance of Baptism sort've watered down nowadays?

NLT of the Bible: I personally like the NLT of the Bible. What do you think about that version?
In Whom I'm Well Pleased: Perhaps it was a future instance where God would be pleased w/ the people who believed in His Son later on? [Luke 2:14]
Jesus' Baptism & Resurrection When Jesus received the Holy Spirit in His baptism, is that when was able to perform miracles? Did He have to have the Holy Spirit in order to perform miracles? And then after His Resurrection, He even had more power?

Radio Programs & the Narrow Path: There are some radio shows that just seems to disagree with your teachings.
Date of the Book of Revelation: Wife & I debating the dating of the book of Revelation, my wife thinks way after 70 AD, i think before 70 AD.
Baptism: Is water baptism necessary for salvation?

Parishioner Living in Sin: A Church Member is committing Adultery but still has a leadership position or has church membership. The church, however, refuses to practice church discipline. [Matthew 18:15-20]
Infant Baptism: The church were the caller attends think that infant baptism is acceptable to become a member there. Isn't that an obedience problem, not obeying Jesus, doing baptism for the real reason?

Infant Baptism: What can you tell me about Infant Baptism?
Baptized w/ Fire (Baptism of the Holy Spirit): What can you tell me about the Baptism of the Holy Sprit, or being baptized by Fire?

God Lifting you up if you are called: What were you saying about being lifted up by God after offering your services to Him after He calls you?
Getting Re-Baptized: Should I get re-baptized?

12 Disciples Baptisms': Who baptized Jesus' 12 disciples?
John the Baptist's Baptisms: Was John the Baptist's baptisms the same as the Christians' version of what baptisms are today?

Water Baptism: A new Member didn't want be baptized because his previous church did require it either, so even though the church required it, they gave him an exception. What do you think?

Early Church & Breaking Bread: How often the early church is supposed to breaks bread has come up. We need sacrifice to the Lord, not a bloody sacrifice, but a sacrifice. [Malachi 1:11]
Paradise or Heaven: Jesus didn't really go to paradise on the same day He promised the thief that he'd be Him in Paradise? [Luke 23:43]
Baptism: Have you said that Baptism isn't necessary based on the Thief on the cross?

Water Baptism: Is Water Baptism necessary for Salvation? Some people use the thief on the cross as why you don't have to be.

Baptism: Is being baptized in just Jesus' name acceptable or do you have to be baptized in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Ghost? [Acts 2:38, Matthew 28:19-20]

Triune-immersion Baptism: How can I refute the doctrine of Triune-Immersion Baptism?

Jesus Preaching to the Souls in Hell: Can you explain the Scripture where it talks about Jesus preaching to the souls in prison when He supposedly went to Hades? [1 Peter 3:19-20]
Baptizing for the Dead: I was talking to a couple Mormons the other day, & we were talking about baptizing for the dead, & they brought up these Scriptures. My curiosity got the best of me. Can you explain them? [1 peter 3:19, 1 Corinthians 15:29]

Baptism: I can't understand baptism, if I need to do it again or not, if I met the conditions when I was baptized when I was 12 years old.

Baptism & The Church of Christ: Isn't it wrong to believe that someone isn't born again until they are baptized, that it's a matter of faith before they are baptized, but getting baptized is just a public announcement that you are a follower of Christ?

Baptism necessary for Salvation: Would you say it's not necessary to get baptized for Salvation?

Divinity of Christ pre-Baptism: Is it probably true that Jesus was not fully knowledgeable of who His ministry until after His baptism? [Luke 2:41-52, Matthew 3:13-17]

The term "Disciple": Did you say that the word "Disciple" always means followers of Christ, a Christian? [Acts 19]
Receiving the Spirit Immediately upon Baptism: Aren't we supposed to receive the Spirit as soon as we are water baptized? [Acts 19]

Water Baptism: Did you say you don't need water to be baptized?

Mormonism & Baptism: Going to have a dialogue with Mormons, & would like to know how to discuss the subject of Baptism with them.

John Calvin & Michael Servetus: Why did John Calvin have Michael Servetus burned at the stake? What is for his baptism views or the Trinity?

Jesus' Disciples Baptizing: What was the purpose of Jesus' Disciples' Baptism, or, how was it different than John the Baptist's disciples' baptisms? [John 3:22-24, John 4:1-4]
Church of Christ: The Church of Christ believes in instant baptism after conversion, that's one thing that's good about their belief system.

Holy Spirit - Like a Dove: When it says that the Holy Spirit came upon Jesus LIKE a dove, does that mean in the manner in which He did it & not so much it being an actual dove? [Matthew 3:16-17, Luke 3:22]

Infant Baptism: Discussion about Infant Baptism being "common sense".

Receiving the Holy Spirit before Baptism: Is this the only passage of Scripture where it says people received the Holy Spirit before Baptism? [Acts 10:44]
Cessation of the Gifts of the Spirit: Do the Spiritual Gifts still exist for today or not?

Jesus in His Early Life: The other day when you were talking about Jesus & His sinless childhood, it got me to thinking that John the Baptist was filled with the Holy Spirit from birth. I thought the same was with Jesus, but then He received the Holy Spirit after His baptism. [Luke 1:15, John 1:32]
Use of Logic: I was listening to "Focus on the Family" the other day, & he was saying it's okay to use logic an evangelistic tool when witnessing. (They figure it out at just about the end of the conversation that the caller had heard this on Focus on the Family.)

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