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Topic: Childbearing

Episode Topic Audio

Why Have Children?: Why would anyone want to have children if they may possibly suffer for a lifetime or go to hell? [Psalm 127:4-5, Genesis 1:22].

Women Ministry & Childbearing: Would you help me with the passage about women in ministry and "saved in childbearing"> [I Timothy 2:12-15, Acts 17:30, ].

Intermarriage Consequences in Adamic Period: Why were there not more birth defects in the early days of Adam and Eve, when there was so much intermarriage within families?

Bible Interpretation: What does this mean, when it talks about being "saved in childbearing"? [I Timothy 2:15, 4:16, Philippians 2:12]

Having Children: Caller wanted to follow-up & encourage the person who called before her to be encouraged about having children.

Having Children: What does Steve think about having children in this day & age? [Psalms 127:3-5]

Mary & her young age Pregnancy: Why is 13 the age that Mary was impregnated? Why then isn't that age OK for sex?

My Parents stopping having Children before Me: If my parents had stopped having children before I was born, would I have possibly been born somewhere else?
Aborted Babies: Do aborted babies have souls?

Barren Women in the Bible: Women in the Bible that were absolutely barren.

Debate w/ Doug Batchelor: Thank you for doing the debate w/ Doug Batchelor re the Sabbath
Baptism: Baptism needs be done as soon as possible for so many reasons.
Saved in Childbearing: What does this mean that women will be saved in child bearing? [1 Timothy 2:15]

Adam & Eve & Noah: How old were Adam & Eve before they started having children? What about Noah & his wife?

Pregnancy: Is it acceptable to ask God to become pregnant when your age is beyond child bearing years?

Increasing Birth Pains: Adam & Eve ate the Forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, & as a punishment, her pain in child-birthing would increase, so does that mean she had children before?

Adam & Eve Cursed: Were Adam & Eve cursed, or just the ground & the serpent? It was certainly more difficult for them, toiling the land & giving birth. [Genesis 3]

God's Sovereignty & Our Free Will: God has His sovereignty & He gave us free will, but what about Him allowing people to commit murder, allowing people to commit suicide? A person can shorten their life sooner than God was intending them to die, but they can't live longer than He wants.
God's Sovereignty & Child-bearing: What about a couple wanting children but God not allowing it?

Eve & Childbearing: Why would Eve know about childbirth if she hadn't had children before? [Genesis 3:16]

God's Punishment to Eve: Why would God extend the pain of child-birth to all women since it was only Eve that sinned? Did He choose that punishment for a reason? Is it okay to use drugs to dull the pain during childbirth? [Genesis 3:16]

Martin Luther: Caller thinks Martin Luther lost his first love.
Liberty & Child-bearing: It's your prerogative if you want to have children or not when you are having sex.

Birth Control: Is it okay to use Birth Control to limit the amount of children that happen in a family, especially if the father is not emotionally supportive in raising them?

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