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Topic: Worldwide Church of God

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7th Day Adventists: As a former 7th Day Adventist, I have watched your debate with Doug Batchelor, and your lectures and want to share with my family, but there is so much material, and so much to tackle, where would you suggest I start? Comments about the World-Wide Church of God and its changes and relationship to the Hebrew Roots movements.

World Wide Church of God: Do you know of a network of a world wide church of God, & they they believe in sabbatarian worship.

World Wide Church Of God: Were you familiar w/ Herbert W Armstrong & Worldwide Church of God?

Worldwide Church of God & Herbert Armstrong: Worldwide church of God no longer a cult.

Philadelphia Church of God: The Philadelphia Church of God, world-wide church of God, can you explain about them?

Ronald Dart - Soul Sleep: What does Steve think about Soul Sleep? (Caller revealed later that Dart was part of the World Wide Church of God, not SDA)

World Wide Church of God: Steve doesn't consider the World Wide Church of God a cult anymore, but mainstream? What were the changes that were made?

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