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Topic: Friends

Episode Topic Audio

Secular Friends: What do you think about having secular friends?
Feeling the Holy Spirit: Is it possible to be filled with the Holy Spirit and not feel anything? [Romans 8:16].

Old Friend Call: Just an old friend calling to say hi, & talk about the paypal thing for a second.

Friendship: Is there anything in the Bible that talks about friendships or friends?

Correcting a Friend: How do we know when to correct/rebuke a friend and when not to?

Broken Friendships: Is there anything I can do to reconcile a relationship I used to have with people?

Slave or Friend: Are we a slave or a friend of Jesus?

Forgiveness: Just because you forgive someone doesn't mean you have to be their best friend afterwards.
The Crippled Beggar at the Temple: How many times did Jesus, if at all, pass this crippled man? Jesus knew he was going to be healed eventually but just not by Him. That gives comfort to the caller. [Acts 3:1-10]

Friends & Relatives Who Die Lost: How do we deal w/ the thought of people we know who have died who were not followers of Christ?

Relatives in Hell: How can you possibly be happy at ALL if you have ANY remembrance of someone you know burning in hell for eternity?

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