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Topic: Euthanasia

Episode Topic Audio

Euthanasia: What do you think of euthanasia for those that don't want to suffer an agonizing death? Do they go to hell?
Medical Intervention: Are we just circumventing God's will when we try to medically save ourselves with various medical interventions?

Euthanasia: What do you think about euthanasia and how it might intersect with scripture? Is there an element of mercy to be considered? [1 Samuel 22:17].
Fixing Your Eyes on Jesus What does fixing your eyes on Jesus really mean? [Hebrews 2:9, 12:2, 2 Corinthians 3:18].

Suicide & Euthanasia: Would you consider pulling the plug from life-support as suicide?
Water during Creation: Was the earth covered w/ water from the beginning? 08 04 01 869

Refusing Medical a Form of Suicide: If a person turns down chemotherapy, is it a form of suicide?

Euthanasia of Pets: How do you feel about the euthanasia of animals & pets?

Assisted Suicide: Is Assisted Suicide okay, especially since the state legalizes it?

Suicide/Euthanasia: Would God damn people to hell for committing suicide because of chronic pain?

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