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Topic: Moabites

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Moabites & King David: Moabites were not allowed to enter the tabernacle till the 10th generation, so how come David was allowed to be king or worship at the Tabernacle? So there are exceptions to Old Testament law & God was possibly just talking to legalists that everything is just not absolute exact about it? [Deuteronomy 23:3-4, Psalms 27]
Abraham & Isaac: What about God asking Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac? Doesn't that go against God's own law?

An Israelite marrying a Moabite: I was just reading in the Deuteronomy that if a Jew married an Moabite that they could not enter the temple & were unclean for 10 generations. So how did David get away w/ being able to enter the temple since it hadn't been 10 generations yet....or Solomon for that matter? [Deuteronomy 23:3]

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