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Topic: Homelessness

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Giving to the Poor: Could you talk about giving to the poor and sorting out who to give to in good conscience?

Giving to the Unbelieving Poor: If you are generous to poor unbelievers, does it count meritoriously to God? [Matthew 25:40, Galatians 6:6, Galatians 6:10].

Homeless Who Don't Want Help: Caller comments that he too has found that often homeless folks do not want to go to facilities, etc., in agreement with Steve's previous comments.
Begotten Son of God: Would you comment on the word used for "begotten" used for Jesus [Revelation 1, Colossians 1:18].
Jesus- The Eternal Son: Have you read the book by Gregory the Great on his view of Jesus as the Eternal Son?

Christians Attitude Toward the Poor: Why do Christians have such a bad attitude toward the poor in America?

Being Guilty: Feeling guilty for not helping the homeless, & so it got me thinking, doesn't Satan have a counterfeit for everything good from God?

Homeless Christians Oxymoron: Does this verse mean there are no homeless Christians since God provides for all one's needs? [Matthew 6:33]

Prayer for a Homeless Person: Caller wants prayer for somebody who has recently found themselves homeless.
Advantage Being Raised Solidly: Being raised correctly, having a solid, well-adjusted family gives you more of an advantage over some who had a troubled life. [Proverbs 22:6]

Homeless Minister: A Homeless Minister raised 100K, & caller is wondering if Steve heard about it on the news yet.

Homeless Ministry: Do you remember a homeless guy by the (nick)name of John 3:16 from the Jesus Movement?

Homelessness: Becoming homelessness to evangelize. What if you become homeless not of your own choice?

First shall be last, Last shall be first: What did Jesus mean by "the first shall be last, & the last shall be last"? [Matthew 19:30]

Pastors Licensed by Mail Order: What do you think about me getting a Pastor's License to preach & do marriages in all 50 states for only $180?
Preaching to the Homeless: What if I just want a "preacher's license" to help the homeless?

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