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Topic: Commentaries

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Andrew of Caesarea: Are you familiar with Andrew (Andreas) of Caesarea's commentary from 1614 and did you figure out what his view of Revelation was? [Revelatioin 13].

Dispensationalism Defended: Because the Plymouth Brethren and John Nelson Darby were the orginators of Dispensationalism, and were linquists & scholars, how can you disparage their belief system? [Matthew 11:25, Acts 4:13].

Study Bibles: What would be recommend as the best study Bible? And which ones should I avoid?
Approaching Church About Improving: What is the best way to inform your church leadership about your concern for heightening their ministry and help me grow?

Coffman Commentaries: Have you ever studied James Burton Coffman commentaries?

Biblical Writers Offer Their Commentary: When the writers of the New Testament appear to explain something that Jesus said, isn't it considered similar to a teacher's commentary today-as in the story of Nicodemus? [John 3:1-21].

Baby considered a Sinner: Why are we considered sinners as soon as we are born, even before we have a chance to sin?
Bible Study Tools: Do you have any recommendations for tools to study the Bible, like a good Interlinear Bible that you use? A lexicon?

Good Commentaries: What commentary would you recommend?

Midrash: "Not in God's Name" by Rabbi Johnathan Sacks (caller calls it, "Not in the Name of God" by Rabbi Jeremy Sacks), but the caller would like to know about the Midrash?

Interlinear Study Bible: Is a good interlinear bible the best thing to have when studying the Bible?

Greek Bible Book: Did you say something about being able to read references that you can read along w/ the Bible? (followup, call cuts in & out)

Reading & Relying on Commentaries: I had a person tell me Matthew was only for the Jews, but anyway, i read a lot of commentaries. It is okay to rely on a good commentary?

Commentary that Agrees with Steve's Views: What commentary would recommend that aligns w/ your views?
Bethel of Church in Redding: What are your thoughts about the Bethel church in Redding?

Understanding Greek using Lexicons: Caller wants to be able to understand the Greek language, using the different forms of tenses, using a Lexicon.

Good Commentaries/Dictionaries: Caller called back from a few a shows ago, asking for clarification about good commentaries & good Bible Dictionaries, & wants knowledge like Steve.
Apostles in Moderns Time: Are apostles & prophets for the present time?

Commentaries: What is Steve's favorite commentary? Where do you go to a church where they are charismatics, believe in ALL the Gifts of the Spirit?

"You are gods": "You are God's" in the possessive sense, is that possible? [Psalm 82:6]
A good commentary: Do you know of good commentaries that you'd recommend?

Steve's Wonderments: Do you have any questions you need answered to? Where do you go for your answers?
Studying the Bible: What are some good resources for the studying the Bible?
Starting point: Where's a good point to start studying the Bible?

Tyndale Commentaries & D.A. Carson: What do you think about the Tyndale Commentaries? How about D.A. Carson & his commentaries called, "Understanding the Times: New Testament Studies in the 21st Century"?

Commentaries: How come you didn't like a certain commentary a previous caller mentioned?
Sunday Worship: Following what you just said about not being influenced by outside sources other than the BIble itself, where do people get the idea that Sunday Worship is mandated?

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