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Topic: gods (little or pagan)

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Eternal Council of Gods (Elohim): Can you clarify the reference to the "eternal council of gods" (Elohim) or Him sitting in the "congregation of the gods", referred to in Psalms? [Psalm 82:1-8, Genesis 1:1, I Corinthians 10:7, Deuteronomy 32:17, John 10:34, Exodus 21:6, Exodus 22:8, Exodus 7:1].

"God of all Gods" Contradiction: Is there not a contradiction about God's singularity in these verses in Psalms? [Psalm 136:2, Psalm 95:3, I Corinthians 10:20, I Corinthians 8:4].
Conflict of God & Jesus' Will: Isn't there a conflict when Jesus says, "Not my will, but thine", indicating that God and Jesus did not have the same mind and will? [Luke 22:42].

Elohim & Nephilim: Caller comments on "Elohim" & Nephilim. [Genesis 6:1-4]

God Created Evil: What do you say about the verse about God creating evil? [Isaiah 45:7].
You are gods: How do you explain the verse where Jesus says, "you are gods"? [Ezekiel 28:2, John 10:34].

"The Unseen Realm" by Michael Heizer: What do you think of the book, "The Unseen Realm", by Michael Heizer? [Psalms 82].
Meaning of Elohim: What do you think of his interpretation of the word, Elohim, meaning a class of gods, rather than God the father? [Genesis 1:1, Psalm 82:1-6].

Counsel of the Gods & Michael Heiser: What do you think of Michael Heiser's ideas, especially the "counsel of the gods"? [Psalm 82].

Worshipping False Gods: Are you worshipping a false God if some of the traditions you celebrate originated from pagan cultures-even if you have no idea who those gods are? [Jeremiah 2:10].

Other Gods: Michael Heizer, are there "other gods", like the JWs believe? Counsels of the gods

Satan god of the world: Is satan the god of this world? Can you comment on what that means? [2 Corinthian 4:4]

Mormonism: Do Mormons ever try to use Psalms & John on you about why we can become gods? [Psalms 82, John 10:34-38]

Church Fathers & Becoming gods: What is your thought on what a Mormon told me, saying that even the Church Fathers said that we can become as gods like the Mormons believe, "as God is man can become, as man is God once was"? (THIS CALL IS CARRIED ON PAST THE BREAK EVEN THOUGH IT SEEMS LIKE STEVE ENDED IT IN THE FIRST HALF.)
Baptists What are the main differences between Baptists & Presbyterians?

"ye are gods": What did Jesus mean when He told the Pharisees, "you were gods"? [john 10:34, Psalms 82:6]

"Ye are gods": I was talking to some Mormon friends the other day, & they were pointing to me a verse in Psalms that talked about gods plural. What is being said there? [Psalms 82:6]
The Wedding Feast of Cana: Mormons have told me that Jesus married 3 people at the wedding where He made water into wine, marrying Mary Magdalene, Martha & the other Mary.

Hindu god Statues: We are getting ready to have some remodeling done & a company we are considering using has a Hindu statue in their showroom. Should we use them?

Hindu Worships gods & Jesus: I've been talking to a Hindu who believes in worshipping many gods, & also claim that he worships Jesus, could that be true?

Two Gods: Caller thinks there are 2 Gods, in reference to the Trinity.

Being gods: Why in scripture does it call people "gods"? [John 10:34-35, Psalms 82:6]
Steve Gregg's Devotion Life: What does your daily devotion look like?

Cyrus the Great: What is the Christian view on Cyrus the Great? Was he ultimately saved? [Isaiah 45:1]

Bowing Down to People: Joseph's brothers bowing down to Joseph, or Nebuchadnezzar bowing down to Daniel, were those instances inappropriate, bowing down to them? [Genesis 42:6, Daniel 2:46]
The Prince of Persia: The Prince of Persia in Zachariah are both referred to as men & angels, that it is interchangeable. So he thinks Isaiah & Ezekiel is talking about the devil, Satan, once being Lucifer. [Zachariah 1, Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28]

Jesus & Horus: Are you familiar with the supposed similarities between Jesus & the Egyptian god Horus, such as the Virgin Birth?

A Heavenly Mother (goddess): What does Steve think about a Heavenly Mother?

"You are gods": Another caller wanted to opine about "you are gods". [Psalm 82:6, John 10:24-26]
Understanding Truth: Sayings in one language & cultures would not be understood in other languages & cultures.

Hebrew language & Ezekiel: Caller wants to continue talking about the discussion of "gods" & "man", he just wanted to confirm that Steve was right.

"You are gods": "You are God's" in the possessive sense, is that possible? [Psalm 82:6]
A good commentary: Do you know of good commentaries that you'd recommend?

"You are gods": What does it mean in Psalm 82:6 "you are gods"? [Psalm 82:6, John 10:24-26]
Jesus as the Son of God: Is this why the Jews were so offended when Jesus called Himself the "Son of God", they knew Psalms 82 was just poetic language calling people gods? Why did Jesus call Himself the Son of Man? He got that from Daniel 7:12, right? [Daniel 7:12]
Jesus as the Son of Man: But what about Ezekiel even being called that more than Jesus?

Deification (becoming gods): So we can become gods? I have an LDS background, & Paul seems to agree w/ that idea, didn't he?

"He judgeth among the gods": What is this referring to, "gods" plural? [Psalm 82]

Elohim - Elohiym: Is the word "Elohim" plural, & is it referring to the Trinity?
Shama: The Lord God is one & your God alone, can you explain this about? He's only one? [Deuteronomy 6:4, 1 Corinthians 8:5]
Allah: Is the word, "Allah" referring to the same God as the Judeo-Christian God?
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