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Topic: Betrothal (Engagement)

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Mary & Joseph Married or Not: Could you help me sort out if Mary & Joseph were married or espoused (betrothed)? [Matthew 1, Luke 2].

Once Saved, Always Saved (Eternal Security): Would you talk about "once saved, always saved" (eternal security)? There are several arguments about being sealed, born and unborn, and bride of Christ or betrothed? [Ephesians 1:13, Revelation 7:3, Luke 15:11-32, 2 Corinthians 11:2, Romans 7, Revelation 19:6-9, John 15:6].

Marriage License: Why do I need a piece of paper to get married?

Pre-Marital Sex: A couple has been having sex before they got married, but the guy is a non-Christian, so should they get married because she is pregnant? [2 Corinthians 6:14]

Biblical Marriage Ceremony: What is the biblical pattern of a wedding ceremony to follow?

Passion for Your Pre-married Spouse: Paul says it's okay to have passion for each other & NOT be sinning, but to get married, so isn't he basically saying sex before marriage is okay? [1 Corinthians 7:36]

Marriage License issued from the State: Getting married without a state license.

Couples having sexual relations while engaged: Is it okay to have sex while you are engaged, before you are officially married?

Biblical Definition of Marriage: What is the biblical definition of marriage?
Engaged Couple being Intimate: What would you say about a couple are living together, having sex & justifying it because they are going to be getting married?

Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage Situation: A preacher told the caller that he can't remarry unless his ex-wife is dead. Is this true? [Caller shares his story.]
Porneia - Fornication: Pastor sent him an article that the greek word, "Porneia", is only talking about the betrothing period or of a harlot.
Street Preacher: The preacher telling the caller all this is actually railing on him because he had been in this situation himself.

Marriage: Fiancé got his fiancée pregnant, so got married at a court, but is wondering if they should get married in a traditional wedding at a church in front of a whole bunch of people.

Dating: Does Steve have anything on the subject of dating?

Christians Dating non-Christians: Should Christians date non-Christians? [2 Corinthians 6:14]

Dating: What do you do instead of Dating since you are against dating?

Betrothal: What is a Betrothal? What is the difference between it & an Engagement? Could a person be betrothed & not know it?

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