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Topic: Abortion

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Middle Eastern Historical Sites: Is it not a concern that all these historical sites in the Middle East are being destroyed?
Abortion Options: Since women are often put in a situation where there are only two bad options for her, why isn't there more emphasis on avoiding pregnancy in the first place?
Dispensationalist & the Millennium: Why do Dispensationalists put such emphasis on God needing a 1000 years (Millennium) to accomplish what He needs to?

Right to Life-Abortion vs Capital Punishment: If I am against abortion, should I then, logically be against Capital Punishment (Death Penalty)? [Genesis 9:6, 2 Thessalonians 3:10].

Christians Who Support Abortion: How can true Christians support abortion? [John 4:24].
Political Pastors: What is this movement of political pastors who only stir up anger on political issues?

Abortion & Capital Punishment: If I am against abortion, should I also be against capital punishment? [Genesis 9:6, Act 25:11]..

Comment on Atheist Views: Caller comments on previous atheist caller and positions on evolution and abortion.

A Baby Not Aborted: Caller shares her story of her mother choosing not to abort her for health reasons.
Head of Household: Caller shares an illustration of a man's value in being the head of household.

Atheist's Defense of Abortion: Atheist caller objects to the Christian's view toward abortion and how it is unfairly characterized?
Ethics of Slavery: Why didn't God make the first commandment; "You shall Not Own Other Human Beings"?

Steve's Way of Handling a Disagreement Call from an Atheism: Caller commends Steve's way of handling callers who disagree with him, particularly one with an atheist regarding abortion:

Pro-choice & Restrictive Views of Christian: Pro-choice caller defends the position, criticizing the religious Christian community, particularly for imposing their restrictive views on others.

Commending of Steve Gregg's Humility and Gentleness: Caller commends Steve's patience with a previous caller, which exhibited the spirit of the Lord. [2 Timothy 2:25].
Human Value & the Miracle of Conception: Caller enthusiastically shares view of the miracle of conception.

"Black Lives Matter": Unbeliever calls to propose a hypothetical question relating "Black Lives Matter" and challenges Steve's integrity about what he read at their website.

Abortion, Repentance & Eternal Security: If I had two abortions in my past, and even today, I think I would do the same thing, so does that indicate that I can lose my salvation? [Luke 8].

Abortion, Eternal Security & Repentance: Though I repented of my past, If I would have another abortion, under the same circumstances, I was in before, would lose my salvation?

Vaccine from Fetal Cells: What do you think of the vaccine using fetal cells? [Psalms 139:15, Acts 15:29}.

Democratic Party Platform: How can people support the Democratic party platform, if they are believers?

Not Taking Action as Believers in Current Events: How can God forgive us for neglecting the truth and not taking action against the evil actions in current events-in the political maneuverings and human trafficking, etc.?
Separation of Church & State: Has not the phrase "separation of church and state" been misused?

Pastor Who Doesn't Like Trump: How do you respond to a pastor who supports leftist views and berates President Trump's personality.
Voting as a Democrat: Is it unChristian to vote as a Democrat?

Is an Embryo Alive: Where does it say in the Bible that the embryo is living? [Luke 1:41, Leviticus 17:11].
Baby Dies in Womb, Where Does it Go: If a baby dies in the womb, does it go into another body for another chance to live?

Abortion vs Lying: Caller comments on previous caller's inability to see the indefensibility of comparing killing babies to lying. [I John 3:15, Numbers 35:33].

Life Begins at Conception: If we believe that abortion is wrong, then should be not be writing our lawmakers about the fact that life begins at conception?

Lying Worse Than Abortion: How can anyone say that lying is worse than abortion?

Abortion: Caller comments on the horrible act of abortion and current political issues:
Sick Family May be Cursd: What do you think about someone telling a family suffering sickness, is under some kind of curse? [I Peter 4:12].

Christians Against Trump: Caller criticizes Steve's comments about Christians who don't use their brains, and will support abortion and Biden. [Proverbs 6:16-19].

Caller compliments Steve: Caller compliments Steve on his stellar ministry noting him as the best contextual teacher.
Pro-Choice: What do you think of the slogan, "Pro-Choice is Pro-Death".
Age of the Earth & Evolution: Could you talk about your views of the age of the earth and evolution, etc.?

Abortion, Choice & Voting for Democrats: What can I say to someone who is against abortion, but thinks that women should still have a choice, and plans to vote Democratic?

Impending Civil War & Christian Involvement: What does the Bible tell us about the possible impending war, and if we, as believers have limitations or responsibilities?
Antifa Needs to be Stopped: Does a stand need to be made against Antifa and other violent offenders? Will the Holy Spirit guide us in this situation?

Paradise & The New Jerusalem: Is not the New Jerusalem called "Paradise" [Revelation 2:7].
Abortion to Save the Life of the Mother: What is your thoughts on an abortion in the case of threat to the mother's life?

Abortion: Is this verse making a case against abortion? [Genesis 15:33].

Can a Real Christian Vote as a Democrat: What is your opinion on whether a Christian can vote for the Democrats? [I Timothy 5:22, Romans 13:1].

Abortion and the Beginning of Life: When do you think life begins? What do you think about abortion? [Leviticus 17:11].

God's Sovereignty: Isn't God completely sovereign? If God wants a child to be born, is there anything we can do to prevent that? [Matthew 10:29, Genesis 50:20, Acts 2:23].

Eternal Security: Do you have lectures available on the topic of "Once Saved, Always Saved"?
Judgment Because of Abortion: Do you think that we are suffering judgment because of our sinfulness and supporting abortion? [2 Kings 21].

Politics & the Pulpit: How much should politics be presented from the pulpit? [Ephesians 6:13].

PayPal & Planned Parenthood: Caller comments that PayPal gives to Planned Parenthood.
Working for Non-Christians: Do I have blood on my hands if I work for companies that donate to Planned Parenthood?
Listening to The Narrow Path on the Phone: For the older generation, you might consider setting up a bridgeline to allow for people to just listen to the show on a phone line.

The Bible - "The Message": Do you know anything about the translation of the Bible called "The Message" (paraphrases)?
Abortion Comment: Comment about the ramifications of abortion.
Life Application Bibles: What do you know about the Keen Application Bible?

Abortion Stand Causing Family Division: I stood my ground on the issue of not supporting abortion, by telling my family, including my own parents, that I don't want them around my own children, since they support it. Did I go too far?

Elijah-Prophecy Yet to Come: Is the prophecy from Elijah about "turning of the hearts of the fathers toward the children" about abortion and prophecy to still be fulfilled? [Malachi 4:6, Matthew 11:14, 17:10].

Breath of Life & Abortion: Since the bible refers to "the breath of life", is this justification for aborting babies because they are not really alive until they take their first breath?

Defending Others Against Abortion: How should I step when seeing someone committing a crime, like abortions?

Christian Abortion Supporter: Would you consider those who support abortion still your Christians?

Medical Research and Fetuses: What should we be considering regarding using fetuses for medical research?

Hell-3 Views: What do you think about the Annihilistic (Conditional Immortality) view of hell? Especially in light of the current abortion policies, and the fate of unborn babies? [Matthew 25: 41-46].

Abortion: Is it a sin to abort a child who has been determined to be handicapped?

God's Anger & Vengefulness: How does one understand and align the anger of God relative to the gentleness of Jesus? [Genesis 9:6, John 18:36]
Death Penalty-Justice: How can one justify putting to a criminal to death, but not be supportive of abortion, with the 'right to life' reasoning?

Abortion: How does one competently defend the life of a fetus when opposing abortion? Any specific scriptures? [Luke 1:41].

Abortion: Isn't the devil, by having 14 million babies aborted every year, just making a whole bunch more people go to heaven?

Doomsday Predicted: Doomsday is right around the corner, according to former California governor Jerry Brown, & Abortion is legal in NY up until the day of birth.

Democrats-Liberals: Caller was wondering Steve's thoughts about Democrats/Liberals?

My Parents stopping having Children before Me: If my parents had stopped having children before I was born, would I have possibly been born somewhere else?
Aborted Babies: Do aborted babies have souls?

Hillsong-Emergent Church: Caller was watching the Pastor a the Emergent Hillsong Church & observed that he was not able to answer tough questions, like is abortion sin?

Judging People who get Abortions: Should we judge or not judge people for getting an abortion, support them or not support them?

Christians who are pro-choice & who have no problem w/ Infidelity: I'm having a hard time dealing w/ Christians who claim to be Christians but have no problem with being unfaithful to their spouse, or remarrying or who are pro-choice. What should I do?

Abortion Rights in contrast to Gun Rights If the young people & Democrats don't like guns & want to ban them because they don't like killing, then they need to be consistent & ban abortion. That's the deal.

President Donald Trump: Does donald trump claim to be a Christian, & if he thinks he is, he sure is a bad example of one, don't you think?
Abortions: Is there exceptions for abortions, such as violent rape, incest, the health of the mother?

Abortion in Numbers 5: Is the passage in Numbers 5 describing an abortion? [Numbers 5:11-31]
Appointing Someone to a Church Position: Should you appoint qualified people when there is an open position in a church organization?

Christian Activism Against Abortion: Caller insists that Christians need to do stop a bill that requires California state universities to give out abortion pills.

Christians and Voting: Why do African American Christians & White American Christians vote differently?

Hell: Do babies go to hell if they die?

Abortion: Can people who've had abortions, & another person who enabled it to happen, can they still be saved?
Sex Offenders: Can sex offenders be saved?
Death: What happens after we die?

Offending Children: Is this talking about abortion? Allowing children to come unto Him. [Matthew 18:1-7]

Liberal Christians: I've been asking Fundamental Liberal Christians fundament basic 101 questions, & they won't directly answer.

Unwed Couple Advice: More advice to on couple who the g/f is pregnant & he doesn't want to get married necessarily, there's always adoption.

Unwed Couple: A couple living together, got pregnant, do they have an obligation to tie the knot for the sake of the child? The mom is threatening to abort baby if not married in a week.

Jesus Rising Again: What does it mean that Jesus rose again, why "again"?
Abortion & Science: What happened to all the harvest videos from planned parenthood?

Guilt: I need help with guilt.
Preaching Politics from the Pulpit: What about preachers who preach politics from the pulpit?

Our Days being Numbered: Can you tell me some verses about God knowing how many days exactly we have? [Psalms 139:16]
Aborted Babies: What about babies who are aborted?

Steve's Speaking Engagements: Does or would Steve ever come to Spokane, Washington?
Nothing Inhibiting Jesus' Coming: Are all the prophecies fulfilled to not prevent Jesus from coming back right now, or does the 3rd Temple still have to be built?
Planned Parenthood: What about planned parenthood (abortion)?

Retreat Supports Abortion & Homosexuality: My church goes to a retreat that is pro-abortion & pro-gay, so should I participate?

Holy Spirit & Unborn Children: Do unborn children have the Holy Spirit? [Luke 1:15]

Abortion: How can God be against abortion when at one time He drowned the whole world in a Flood except for 8 people?

People in Heaven: Would God rather have people in heaven of their own volition or aborted babies in Heaven?
Thomas Jefferson: Discussion about caller's disagreement w/ Steve over Thomas Jefferson not being a Christian.

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