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Topic: Nathaniel

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The Many "James" in the New Testament: Could you help me sort out the various "James" (the less, Adelphos, brother of Jesus, etc.) in the New Testament, and the relationships of His cousins or brothers? [Genesis 13:8, Luke 2:7, Matthew 1:27].

Nathanael: What was Nathanael doing under the fig tree before Philip called him? Was there something significant about it? [John 1]
Angles Ascending & Descending out of Heaven Jacob saw angles ascending & descending out of heaven on a ladder, & then Jesus said the Son of Man would be ascending & descending, that what Jacob saw in Genesis was refer to Him. [John 1:52, Genesis 28:12]

Nathanael & Jacob's Ladder: Jesus told Nathanael that he'd see greater things, seeing the heavens open & angels ascending up & down on the Son of God. What does that mean? [John 1:49-51, Genesis 28:10-13]

Angels Ascending & Descending: Is there a record of this actually happening, Nathaniel seeing angels ascending & descending on the Son of Man? [John 1:47-51, Genesis 28:12]

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