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Topic: Christian Science

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The Biblical City of Bethel (Luz) Would you clarify when the city of Bethel (Luz) was named? [Genesis].
Mary Baker Eddy & Christian Science: What are your thoughts about Mary Baker Eddy (Christian Science)?

The Book, "The Secret": Have you read the book, "The Secret"? (Rec Lectures: Steve Gregg's "Word of Faith".)

Christian Scientists & Catholics: Could you comment on Christian Scientists and Catholicism?

Christian Science & Word of Faith: Could you clarify the differences between Christian Science and the Word of Faith? [2 Corinthians 4:17, Psalm 119:71].

Christian Scientists: What is "Christian Science"?

Old Man or Old Self: Why do some Bible translations change it from "old man & the new man" to "old self & new self"? [Colossians 3:10]
Concepts of Faith & Charles Capps: Are you familiar with the radio show, "Concepts of Faith" with Charles Capps?

Christian Science: Are the Christian Scientists just like any other denomination? Is there any place in the Bible we can exploit for healing?

Christian Science: Concerned about people who have joined Christian Science. What can you tell me about them?

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