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Topic: Jonah

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Jonah's Disobedience: Why did Jonah walk away from the assignment God gave him? [Jonah 4].

The Number Nights in the Tomb: How do you resolve the seeming contradiction between "3 days and 3 nights" and Jesus rising on the third day? [I Corinthians 1:4, Jonah 2-3].

Jonah Died in the Whale: Did Jonah die in the belly of the whale? [Jonah 2, Matthew 12:40].

Jonah Dead in the Whale: In the story of Jonah, did he actually die in the belly of the whale? [Jonah 2:2].

Jonah: Is the book of Jonah actually historical, or is it a parable or satirical story? [Jonah, 2 Kings 14:25, Matthew 12:40].

Jonah & Nineveh: Did Jonah set up a Jewish system of worship in Nineveh? How long did Nineveh's better behavior last before they were destroyed? [Jonah 3:8].

Rich Man & Lazarus Parable: Isn't the story of the Rich Man & Lazarus literal since it has real names in it?
Jonah going to Hell: The Jonah & Whale story, doesn't it say that Jonah's soul went to hell?

Jonah Fearing the Lord: It says that jonah "feared" the Lord, but he wanted to flee from the Lord [Jonah 1:3]

The Sign of Jonah: Jonah & the 40 days after he announced to Nineveh that it would be destroyed (but wasn't), is it parallel the 40 yrs after Christ's death the Temple perished?

The Story of Jonah: Is the story of Jonah literal? Do you know why he was so adamant against going to Nineveh?
Pathway to Victory: Do you know anything about the, "Pathway to Victory" ministry?

Jesus Descending to Hades: Caller thinks Jesus descended to hell like the Scripture seems to indicate because it was the "sign of Jonah". Steve's thoughts to that? [Ephesians 4:9, Matthew 12:40, Jonah 2:1-2]

Jesus being in the Heart of the Earth: Caller wants to give a view about Matthew 12:39-40. Literal 3 days & 3 nights Jesus being in the tomb discussion. [Matthew 12:39-40]

Forfeiting Grace: This seems like a profound verse, but doesn't seem to be out of place where it's put in Jonah's prayer? [Jonah 2;8]
Nineveh Repenting: Why did the Ninevites turn so quickly to repentance as a result of what Jonah said? Was there a previous event that warmed them up to it?

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