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Topic: Questions asked by Kids

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Why is Not More Being Written in the Bible Today: Why are God's people not still writing more to add to the Bible?

Worry, Fear, Concern: Could you talk about worrying for the believer, especially if their child goes missing for a few days? [Matthew 6:24-31, Proverbs 30:25, 6:8-11].

Soul vs Spirit: What is the difference between your soul and your spirit? [I Corinthians 14, Romans 8].

Word of Faith: If my grandmother believes in the "Word of Faith" doctrine, how can I be sure she is actually saved and sincere? [Acts 17:30].

Leadership Are you born a leader or do you learn to be a leader?

Sin on the New Earth: Will people be able to sin on the new earth?

Miracles of Jesus: Why did Jesus command people not to tell others about His miraculous works, especially since He was doing it in public? [Matthew 9:5-6, 17:9, 12:28].

Oaths Forbidden: When Jesus forbid oaths, what did He mean [Matt 5:33-38]?

Dinosaurs: Did the dinosaurs die during the flood?

Reincarnation: What does the Bible say about reincarnation?
God Speaking to us: Does God speak to us through other people?

King Saul: Did Saul go to heaven?
Demons in the Pigs: What happened to the demons after they went into the pigs? Did they die? [Mark 5:10-20]

God loves but Sinner's in God's Wrath It says that God loves us but it also says that all the sinners are in God's wrath

God Testing us: If God knows everything, then why would He need to test us?

Ash Heap: What is the ash-heap? [Job 2:8-10]

Unbelievers in Heaven after Death: Do Believers & UNbelievers go to heaven to wait until the judgment?

Call no one Father: What did Jesus by not calling anyone "Father"? [Matthew 23:9]

Destroying the Earth with Fire: God will destroy the earth w/ fire at Jesus' Second Coming, is that literal or symbolic?
Adam's Rib: Did God actually take Adam's rib to create Eve, or did He just use the DNA?

Calling someone a Fool: Does calling someone a fool make you in danger of hell? [Matthew 5:22]

Kingdom of God & Kingdom of Heaven: Kingdom of God and Kingdom of Heaven, what is the difference? [Matthew]
Kingdom of God & Kingdom of Heaven in OT: Is the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Heaven mentioned in the Old Testament? [Exodus 19:5-6, Daniel 2:44]

Noah & Abraham: How come Noah isn't considered the father of all nations but instead Abraham?

Liking the Narrow Path Show: A caller & her granddaughter just wanted to check in & say how they liked the show!

Angels & Stars: Who are the angels & stars that are talked about Revelation 1? [Revelation 1:16-20]

Book of Genesis Author: Who wrote the book of Genesis?

Becoming Angels when we die: Do children who die become angels? Where do we go after we die? (technically this call was asked by a kid, so put it in the questions asked by kids topic.)

Satan being a Fallen Angel: If Satan was an angel, how could he have been a snake?

Michael the Archangel: Who is the Michael the Archangel?

Leaven: What does leaven mean in a parable Jesus gave? [Luke 13:20-21] (same phone call as above, but different caller)

Map to Heaven: The Bible is the only way to Heaven. cute comments by a 9 yr old who had called 2 days prior about God creating us.

God Creating Us: How long was God waiting in Heaven before He created us?

Honoring Parent Despite Abuse: Caller is wondering how she & her sister should honor their father despite his abuse.

God's Love for us: Why does God love us?

Creating Satan: Why did God create Satan if He knew was going to do bad things?

Holy Spirit: When does the Holy Spirit come to live inside you? [1 John 4:13, Romans 8:9]

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