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Topic: Aliens

Episode Topic Audio

Aliens from Other Planets: Do you think that there is evidence of aliens having visiting earth, and do they need to be evangelized?

Alien Life Forms: If there are intelligent alien life forms that have a spirit, how would it upset the Christian faith?

Aliens, Extraterrestrial, Nephilim Theory: What do you think about my view of the possibility of aliens being of the mixing of angels with mankind described in Genesis? [Genesis 6, Daniel 2, 2:44, Jude, 2 Peter 2, Colossians 1:13].

Extraterrestrial Life: What is the Christian viewpoint of the possibility of extraterrestrial life and UFOs from other planets?

Universe & Life on Other Planets: Why did God make the universe so big? Do you think there is life on other planets?

Fallen Angels being Aliens: Are aliens just fallen angels?

Aliens - Extraterrestrials: As far as your call about extraterrestrials, & there are a couple documentaries about this kind've stuff such as Rare Earth, Privileged Planet.

History Channel & Aliens: I'd like to be able to answer people who after watching the History channel who have all these Qs about aliens. Can you help me out?

Aliens being Demons: Are aliens & UFO's by any chance demons?

Tithing: Is tithing a biblical principle?
Life in Other Parts of the Universe: Is there life in other parts of the universe with which God interacts?

Fallen Angels: Fallen angels like to deceive, & in the end times they are going to say that demons are aliens.

Illegal Immigration: Should we have compassion on Illegal Immigrants?

Extra-Terrestrial Activity or Demons: caller knows there's extra-terrestrial beings &/or demons

Demon-possession: Can Christians become demon-possessed since they are supposed to have the Holy Spirit in them? How can they have both? [Matthew 12:43-45]
Occult Practices: Is it possible that people who supposedly experience Alien phenomenon are really just experiencing demon phenomenon?

Land of the Giants: Bashan, Nephilim, are all these Giant people descendants of Adam? [Deuteronomy 3:13]
Gaza & Burning their children for Sacrifices: It says in the Bible that God didn't Israel conquer all the Canaanites, leaving Gaza alone, for example, & yet they did evil like burn their children for sacrifices?
Alien Shows on TV: We shouldn't trust shows on TV like the History Channel, that quote the Bible, because they often get it wrong.

Aliens & Angels: Are Aliens that we hear about possibly Angels? Or, are Angels Aliens?

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