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Topic: Donald Trump

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Biblical Language for Politically Evil People: Is there Biblical language that describes what the disrespectful press and leftist people are doing to Trump, and what can He say to them more effectively?

Donald Trump as Leader: Should people look to Donald Trump as a new sovereign?

Donald Trump & MLK jr: I have a bone to pick w/ you about your support of Donald Trump but yet you talk against Martin Luther King jr.

President Donald Trump: Trump & his questionable character & the way he says things in the office of the president of the United States, what do you say about that?

Donald Trump Prophecy: That prophecy about Trump predicted by Mark Taylor is true, the caller thinks.

Mark Taylor Prophesies: Mark Taylor prophesies Trump will stimulate a revival?
End of Prophecy: Are there still prophets & prophecies today based on Hebrews 1:1? [Hebrews 1:1]

Donald Trump: Caller doesn't think Donald Trump is a Christian & is certainly not very humble.
Spiritual Warfare: What should we know about it? did you say that you've performed an exorcism before?

President Donald Trump: Does donald trump claim to be a Christian, & if he thinks he is, he sure is a bad example of one, don't you think?
Abortions: Is there exceptions for abortions, such as violent rape, incest, the health of the mother?

Cyrus & Donald Trump: Have you heard of people equating Cyrus to Donald Trump? [Isaiah 45]

Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton: Caller inquiring as to why Steve didn't like Hillary Clinton but likes donald trump

Trump Having a Revival: Conspiracy of Trump having a revival.

Donald Trump: Trump has a less than desirable history.

501c3's & Churches endorsing Politicians: Pastors not wanting to endorse candidates because of the 501c3 forbids it.
Obama doing a whole bunch of bad stuff on last few days of employment: Does what Obama did in the last few days of his reign parallel to what the unjust steward did in the parable? [Luke 16:1-13]

Health Issues: Jim, a regular off & on caller, talks about his on-going health issues.
Presidential Election: What does Steve think about the presidential controversy?

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