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Topic: Tree of Knowledge

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Remaining in Christ: Do you think this verse indicates that "remaining" in Jesus affirms Pelagius' ideas about free will, grace, and choice? [John 15:5, James 1:17].
Adam & Eve Needing to Eat of the Tree of Life: If Adam & Eve had to eat of the tree regularly, why did they only have to eat of The Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil once to be forever cursed with death? [I Timothy 6:16, Revelation 22:3].

Satan Bound: Would you help me sort out the meaning of being "bound" and just how Satan was bound? [Matthew 12:29, Revelation 20, I John 5:19].
Adam & Eve & The Tree of Knowledge: Did Adam communicate fully to Eve about not touching the tree in the garden?

Tree of Good & Evil: Why did God not want Adam & Eve to eat of the "Tree of Good & Evil", since knowing good and evil clearly would be beneficial? [Genesis 2:15-17].
Tree of Knowledge Death Penalty: Why would death be the penalty for Adam & Eve Eating of the Tree of Knowledge?

Eating of the Tree in Eden: Who was the first to eat of the tree in Eden? [Genesis 3].

Tree of Life or Knowledge: Sometimes the tree in the garden is call the Tree of "Life", and other times it is called the tree of "Knowledge"? Which is it? [Genesis 2-3, 2:9].
Similarity between Christians & Other Cultures Histories: What do you think about all the similar characteristics in Sumerian cultures and Christian stories, and how their stories overlap?

Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil: Do we now have that knowledge that we were supposed to have as a result of eating the tree?

God Holy & being around Sin: If God is holy where did sin come from since He can't be in the presence of it?

Trinity & Tree of Knowledge being feminine: Something about Tree of Knowledge being feminine, spirit of wisdom, feminine entity. I actually have no idea what he's saying, just like the last time he called. [Proverbs 3:18]

Tree Of Life & Knowledge of Good & Evil: In the future kingdom, will we have a memory of our previous life?

Sex the Sin in the Garden of Eden: Was the sin in the Garden of Eden about sex?

Women Learning in Silence: Women being silent in the church, what does this mean? Paul says it's because Eve was the one who was deceived, but wasn't Adam stand right there beside her the whole time? [1 Timothy 2:6]
Novice Christians as Elders: What was Paul saying about newly converted shouldn't be elders of the church lest they fall into the same downfall of pride as Satan did? [1 Timothy 3:6]

Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil: Why not know the knowledge of good and evil in the first place so God could've prevented all of this?
Fall & the rest of Creation: Why did all the rest of creation have to fall & be corrupted as a result as Adam & Eve's sin? [Gen 3:17, Romans 6:23]

Adam with Eve: Where was Adam when Eve was being deceived by the serpent?
Jehovah's Witnesses: Where do Jehovah's Witnesses stand w/ Jesus?

Adam & Eve Reproducing: God had a time plan to when Adam & Eve started reproducing, the caller thinks.
The Forbidden Fruit: Was Eve the "forbidden fruit"?

Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil: The tree of knowledge of good & evil, what was it all about?

Adam with Eve during Fall: Were Adam & Eve together when Eve was deceived by the serpent?

Tree of knowledge of good & evil & Tree of life: Can you explain the 2 main trees in the Garden of Eden? [Genesis 2:9]

Conscience as a faculty: So when Adam & Eve ate the Tree of the knowledge of good & evil, is that where we got our conscience? [Genesis 3:1-11]

Ekklesia - Calling out of or Congregation: Abraham was called out of his country, Israel being called out of Egypt, we are supposed to be as the new spiritual Israel called out of the world.
Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil: Is there another place in the Bible that references the Tree of the knowledge of good & evil? [Genesis 2:17, 3:1-24]

Tree of "Wisdom" (Knowledge of Good & Evil): Why did God put the Tree of "Wisdom" (he meant knowledge of good & evil) if He didn't want them to partake of it? For tempting? Testing? Was Adam an atheist?

Adam's & Eve Fall & Altering of the Human Spirit: Adam & Eve's decision to eat the forbidden fruit alter the Human Spirit forever, is that right? [Genesis 3:1-7]

Adam & Eve Eating Forbidden Fruit: How did Adam & Eve know it was a sin to eat the tree of knowledge of good & evil if they didn't have knowledge to know what was right or wrong? [gen 2:9]
Light before Sun & Moon: What was the Light for the 3 days before Sun & Moon were created? [Genesis 1:3]

Open Theism: Are there just some things that God does not know? Such as, Why the Tree of Knowledge if He knew Adam & Eve were going to eat it? Why the Abraham & Isaac test? [Genesis 3:4-7]

Adam & Eve & the Fall: If Adam & Eve hadn't succumbed to the eating of the Tree of the Knowledge, isn't it possible that someone eventually would have?

Spiritual Death - Dead in Trespasses: We are not really spiritually dead but have a death sentence against us! It seems it was Adam's banishment & knowledge of Good & Evil has affected us. Why the health curse on us? [Ephesians 2, Colossians 2, John 5]

Adam & Eve Sinning: Why did Adam follow along w/ Eve of eating the forbidden fruit since he wasn't deceived like she was? [Genesis 3:6, 1 Timothy 2:14]

Remarks about Calvinism: Caller makes a few short comments on Calvinism as a result of the previous call.
Adam Understanding Concept of Death: Was there already forms of death in the Garden of Eden before the Fall that Adam could relate to so he knew what God was talking about when He said he'd die if he ate from the Tree of Knowledge? [Genesis 2:17]

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