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Topic: Wise Men

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The Star & the Wise Men: What was the star that lead the wise men to Christ?
The Law & The Prophets: What does it mean when the Bible says that "The Law & the prophets are until John"? [Luke 16:16].

The Three Wise Men (Magi): From where did the wise men (magi) come? Were they pagans? What made them wise men? [Daniel 2, 9].

Gospel Writers: Where did the gospel writers get all their information, especially about Jesus' birth?
Wise Men - Magi: How come the people who journeyed to see Jesus at His birth never came to His ministry to visit Him?

Jesus Prophesied in OT: Prophecies of Jesus being born, which parts were fulfilled? (can't ever really articulate what he wants to ask, says he'll call again)

Magi: Can you tell me about the biblical Magi?

The 3 Wise men-Magi: How did the Magi even know to look for a star that was connected w/ the Messiah?

3 Wise Men: Why did the star lead the Magi to Jerusalem rather than straight to Bethlehem? If the star led them directly to Jesus, the slaughter of the innocents would've been avoided. What purpose could there have been in alerting the Roman government of the arrival of Israel's King?

The Wise Men & Jesus: How old was Jesus when the Wise men actually caught up with Him?

The Wise Men - Magi: Why did the wise men go in the first place? Did God direct them? It was a miraculous star? Why astrologers? Did it have something to do w/ the prophecy in Numbers? [Genesis 1:14,Numbers 24:17]

Special Revelation to offset such Violent Persecution: It's as if because people like John the Baptist & the Apostle Paul suffered such persecution, that God offset that by giving them special Revelation to keep them going. [Luke 12:48]
Timeline of Daniel being a Problem: Daniel & his companions were in a 3 year training program, so how could Daniel give insight to Nebuchadnezzar in only his second year of training? Is that why Nebuchadnezzar didn't originally call on them in the first round? [Daniel 1:1, Daniel 2:1]
Speaking in Aramaic & The King of the Statue: Why did the Chaldeans speak in Aramaic? [Daniel 2:4] The 4 Kingdoms of Daniel 2, the way my Bible has the subnotes identifying them, are they correct? [Daniel 2:36-39]
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