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Topic: Conspiracy Theories

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Conspiracies-Anxiety or Surrender: Since I have gotten caught up with various conspiracies like the illuminati, etc., I decided to just surrender to God, particularly since I don't have any control anyway, but I am also conflicted, because I feel as though I am giving up. Can you help? [Isaiah 8:12, I Peter 3:15, Revelation 20:3, I Corinthians 15:25, Psalms 110:1, Psalm 2:1-7, Acts 4:25-26].

All the Conspiracies: As a fairly new Christian, I am finding some of the vast amount of conspiracies theories out there very unsettling, so how do I sort that? [Psalm 2, Isaiah 8:11-15, I Peter 3:15].

QAnon & Conspiracy Theories: What do you know about QAnon? Are Christians more susceptible to conspiracy theories lately?

Jesus as "The Word": Could you explain more about Jesus being "The Word"? [I John 1:1, Psalm 33:6].
Coronavirus: What do you think about the "Coronavirus" drama and government overreach?

MK-Ultra Mind-control: Is the use of MK-Ultra Mind-control sinful?

Conspiracy Theories: Is there a global conspiracy and what should we do about it? [2 Corinthians 10:5-7].

The Illuminati: Is the Illuminati a false religion? [Psalm 2:2, Isaiah 8:12].

Conspiracy Theories: I've been paying attention to a lot of conspiracy theories lately, & there's one in particular about the Illuminati, who are Luciferians. Have you heard anything about this?

Stan Monteith: Did you associate with Stan Monteith a lot? What did you think of his conspiracy theories?
Jesuits: Caller thinks there's a massive conspiracy involving Jesuits.

Globalist Conspiracy for the Beast Power to Come About: Is there a global conspiracy for the beast to come to power?

Jesus Coming or Going: Did Jesus say He wasn't going, or wasn't going yet? It seems to be saying contradictory things depending on which translation of the Bible you are using. [John 6:6-9]
Septuagint: What can you tell me about the Septuagint Bible? (A Bible that was translated to Greek the Hebrew language of the Old Testament.)

Illuminati: What are Steve's thoughts on the Illuminati?

Illuminati, Conspiracy Theories: Is it important to know all this intrigue stuff, all these FEMA camps, Centration Camps, because even it were true, what can we do about it?

Conspiracy Theories involving our Government: I'm getting concerned of our government & all the sins that they are committing & the Christians that are doing nothing about it, but what are we supposed to do about it?

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