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Topic: Christian Entertainment

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Charles Stanley & Michael Youssef: What do you think about Charles Stanley and Michael Youssef?

Bob Dylan's Christian Influence: Do you know what happened to Bob Dylan and his walk after he made his Christian albums?

Biblical Movies: Do you think Biblical movies like those of Cecil B. DeMille, and posting of The Ten Commandments, is actually a good influence?

Apostasy & Christian Entertainment: Have you ever seen the "Apostasy Report"? What do you think about pastors and theologians that seem to align themselves to some of the popular Christian entertainers that don't really seem to be exemplary believers:

Christian Television: Have you ever been interviewed on Christian television network shows?
Street Ministry: Have you ever witnessed on the street, holding up signs?
New Age Higher Consciousness: Have you ever reached a higher state of consciousness?

Wood, Hay, Stubble What if we have a pastor who has a church service that is designed to entertain? {1 Corinthians 3:15}

Playing Pool & Smoking Pot: I love to play pool, is that a sin? What about smoking pot?

Playing Cards: What is your view about playing cards? (that's the original Q, but Steve talks about Alcohol & Gambling more than the actual playing of cards.)

Recreation in Heaven: Will there be recreation on the other side of glory? Is recreation acceptable here on earth for that matter?

The Bible Mini-series: Caller didn't really think the Bible mini-series by Downey and Burnett was not biblical & wondered if Steve thought the same way.

Civil law & Persecution: What is our duty about obeying the "law of the land" but not wanting to be persecuted or not wanting to obey some questionable laws?
Christians at Liberty: Are Christians allowed to enjoy themselves? or do we have to give everything up, "forsaking" ourselves?

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