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Topic: Military

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The Crusades: Was what happened in "the Crusades" actually justified as self-defense due to Christians being persecuted and killed?

Kingdom of God: Could you elaborate Jesus' statement in Luke 16, about the kingdom of God, pressing into it, and the fulfillment of the law? [Luke 16:16-17, Matthew 11:12, 19:23, 16:24, 5:17].
Absent Military Family Member: Can you encourage me as I struggle with my wife's absence in the military?

Joining the Military: Is it wrong for a Christian to join the military?

Christians & Military Duty: Should Christians be a pacifist?

War & Passivism: What are your views about non violence but also the "just war theory"?
Gun for Self-Defense: What about having a gun to defend your home?

War Time Killing: Vietnam vet wonders if the killing he did during war will condemn him to hell?

Self-Defense: What do you think about Christians being in the military, of kids learning martial arts to defend themselves?

Steve Gregg commenting about that day's show's calls: Steve says commentary about politics dominating the show that day.

Military Life: Caller also wanted to respond to the second caller about the military. (followup to caller #2)

Taking an Oath in the Military: Taking an oath in the Military.....a previous caller misrepresented the facts.

Sanctuary Cities: I disagree about your view about sanctuary cities, I think they are good, the American way; being in military; protests

Christians in the Military: Christians going in the military followup.

Christian in Politics & other government positions: What about Christians being in politics, holding protests, being in the military, enforcing the law?

Joining the Military: Caller doesn't think there's anything wrong with joining the army or bearing guhs.

Jehovah's Witnesses & the Military: My nephew got out of the military to join the Jehovah's Witness cult, but godly people in the Bible had to go to war, belong to armies.

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