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Topic: Suicide

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Suicide of an Unsaved Loved One (Addict): What do you say to someone who has lost an unsaved loved one-in this case, an addict's suicide? [Luke 12:47].

Suicide and Illness Consequences: Caller shares her experience of God's faithfulness in caring for a sick mother, and contrasts it to choosing suicide.
Three Views of Hell: Is it possible that all three views of hell could be simultaneously true and relative to each individual's circumstances?

Planning My Own Suicide: What do you think of my plans to commit suicide in order to help someone else?

Christians Who Commit Suicide: Do Christians who commit suicide, go to heaven?

Euthanasia: What do you think of euthanasia for those that don't want to suffer an agonizing death? Do they go to hell?
Medical Intervention: Are we just circumventing God's will when we try to medically save ourselves with various medical interventions?

Angry About Sickness & Pain: At what point is my anger about my sickness and pain sin? [Job 1:21, 2 Corinthians 12:9].
Praying for Death: Since I am in chronic pain, is it wrong to pray for my own early death, or can I neglect it and hope for death? [I Corinthians 3:16, I Corinthians 5:19, 2 Corinthians 6:16, I Peter 4:19, I Peter 5:10, 2 Corinthians 12:9, 2 Corinthians 4:16].

A Repentant Judas Hanged Himself : Could you clarify the circumstances of Judas seeing that Jesus was condemned and then hangs himself. [Matthew 27:3-10, 2 Corinthians 7:10].

Drug Reactions & Violence: Comment about drugs inducing violent responses.

Damage from My Pastor Father-Losing Faith: How do I handle the brokenness of my pastor father who has also damaged my faith?

Devastating Events-Though God Promises Good: Can you help me understand how to apply the promise for good from Romans in my devastating circumstances, including my divorce and son's suicide? [Romans 8:28].

Sexually Transmitted Disease & Suicide Among Homosexual Community: Do you think that this passage may be referring to the numerous sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS, and the higher rates of suicide among the gay community? [Romans 1:26-27].

Repentant Suicide & Forgiveness: Is there anything in the Bible that addresses the ramifications if someone asks for forgiveness just before they commit suicide? [Isaiah 29:13].

Medical Approved Suicide: Do you think taking medical measures to end one's own life is acceptable by biblical standards?

Prayer for Caller: Caller encourages Clint, an earlier caller, asking that everyone pray for him as he has been contemplating suicide.

Suicide and Guilt: I am considering suicide because of guilt. I am not sure what to do? [I John 1:9, Romans 8, I John 3].

Christian Suicide: How should we council and think about Christians who are contemplating suicide? [Galatians 5:16, 6:2, I Corinthians 12:21].

Failure to Thrive: Would "failure to thrive" but suicide or sinful?

Suicide & Unplugging the Machines: Is it suicide to unplug yourself from machines? And if so, would one be condemned to hell?

Suicide & Salvation: While trying to find comfort having lost family members to suicide, I see that Saul committed suicide so he could be with the Lord? So is it possible that they can be with the Lord?

Suicide & Refusing Medical Care: Did you say that someone who commits suicide is evil? What about someone who refuses medical treatment?

God's Control Over Our Lives & Suicide: Is God actually in control of all the time from conception to death? Even in light of suicide? Will they go to hell?

Depression & Suicide: What would you advise in a situation where one has confided they struggle with depression and thoughts of suicide?

Suicide of a Believer: If a born-again believer takes their own life, will they go to heaven or hell? [Galatians 5:4-6, James 2, 3:2, I John 3:15, Job 5:7].

Christian Suicide: Will a Christian who commits suicide, will they go to heaven? And if it is someone with some mental challenges? [I John 3:15].

Suicide & Refusing Medical Care: Is it suicide to refuse life-saving surgery?

Suicide: What should you say to someone who is contemplating suicide? What can you say to help them find purpose for living?

Suicide: What does the Bible say about suicide? Is it a sin? [I John 3:15, Ezekiel 36:26]

Suicide: Is suicide a sin, and what are it's ramifications?

Suicide: If someone who was seeking God commits suicide, and goes to hell because of his suicide, then does God take into consideration the people still praying for them? [Luke 16:19-31].

Suicide: Is the verse about our bodies being a temple and the defiling of the temple resulting in destruction, actually about suicide not being forgiven? [I Corinthians 3: 16-17].

Suicide: Will you necessarily go to hell if you commit suicide? 2:13 [Romans 8:37-9, 2 Corinthians 5:8, John 15:6]

Child who Commit Suicide: What happens to the soul of someone who committed suicide, especially after being molested?

Assisted Suicide: Is assisted suicide murder?

Suicide: What happens to a Christian believer or a non-Christian believer when they commit suicide?

Suicide: Is suicide the unpardonable sin?

Revelation Written to Angels: Is there any chance the Book of Revelation was ALSO written to angels (since they can't die)? [Revelation 9:6]
Revelation referring to Suicide: Does this have anything to do with suicide? People attempting to & not able to? [Revelation 9:6]
Death Fleeing: Do Angels actually see death fleeing from people? [Revelation 9:6]

Suicide: A person considering suicide to financially support his wife.

Suicide & Euthanasia: Would you consider pulling the plug from life-support as suicide?
Water during Creation: Was the earth covered w/ water from the beginning? 08 04 01 869

Suicide: I was listening to a couple callers talking about Suicide, & I think it's a little different than murder or stealing, but just a desperation move.

Mental Illness: What about people with Mental Illness?

Suicide: People think it's a way to go by jumping off the Golden State Bridge, but if you are in a major crisis that leads you to want to commit suicide, God would forgive you, wouldn't He?

Mental Illness & Suicide: What is the bible's view about mental illness & suicide? What possible reason could someone want to commit suicide of they didn't have mental illness or demon-possessed?

Female Pastors: What are your thoughts on female pastors.
Suicide: Is suicide a sin if you have a mental illness?

Calvinism Effectual Call: "Effectual Call"/"Inward Call" doctrine of Calvinism [Acts 2:39]

Suicide: Is suicide a sin?

Islam/Muslims: Islam is a religion of Satan, what happens to a suicide bomber after he dies?

Traumatized Children with Anger Issues: What about people who are severely traumatized as a child & have anger issues?
Suicidal if off Meds: What about people who are suicidal if off medicine?

Bright & Morning Star: Who is the bright & morning star? Is it Jesus or David? [Revelation 22:16]
Wicked cutoff from the Land: In Proverbs where it says the wicked cut off from the land, is this talking about end time events? [Proverbs 2:21-22]
People who Commit Suicide: Can't God forgive people for suicide?

Repenting from Suicide: You have to repent from your sins in order to go to heaven, but that's hard to do if you commit suicide.

Refusing Medical a Form of Suicide: If a person turns down chemotherapy, is it a form of suicide?

Eternal Security: Eternal security, once saved always saved, & so a person who commits suicide who was saved will be in heaven?

God hearing the Prayers of a Sinner: Does God hear the prayers of sinners? What about someone living in sin?
Suicide: Is suicide a sin?

God's Sovereignty & Our Free Will: God has His sovereignty & He gave us free will, but what about Him allowing people to commit murder, allowing people to commit suicide? A person can shorten their life sooner than God was intending them to die, but they can't live longer than He wants.
God's Sovereignty & Child-bearing: What about a couple wanting children but God not allowing it?

encouragement about guilt over a murder-suicide: I just wanted to call & encourage the man who had a guilty conscience about a murder-suicide his father committed.
Celebrating Christmas: comments about a previous caller about not celebrating Christmas.

Assisted Suicide: Is Assisted Suicide okay, especially since the state legalizes it?

Suicide: If a person who commits suicide, could they be in Heaven?

SAINT Jesus?: Someone referred to Jesus as Saint Jesus, & caller was wondering Steve's thoughts about that.
We are the Temple of God: We are the Temple of God, can't kill ourselves, have to be careful what we put in it, & asks Steve about that. [1 Corinthians 3:16-17]

Suicide: Is there anything in the Bible that talks about Suicide?

Arnold Murray: Have you ever heard of Arnold Murray? You should listen to him.
Suicide: What do you think are going to happen to my friends who committed suicide?

Sabbath: Is Saturday still the Sabbath? How come we don't keep it anymore?

Suicide: Is it possible for a person to be forgiven who commits suicide?

Memorial Service: Call is following up on a call she heard about Memorial Services. She thinks they are pretty important.
Suicide: Caller comments that suicide is not a very good idea.

Suicidal Man: What should they do about someone who wants to commit suicide?

Suicide: What do you think happens to people who commit suicide?

Suicide: What is your take on suicide? Is it unforgivable?

Suicide/Euthanasia: Would God damn people to hell for committing suicide because of chronic pain?

Mental Illness & Drugs: Caller comments & discusses that you can't just put a band-aid on mental illness or emotional problems w/ drugs all the time.

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