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Topic: Alcohol

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Lot's Drunken Incest: Could you bring clarity to the passage about Lot being so drunk that he didn't know he was having sex with his daughters? [Genesis 19:30].

Drugs & Alcohol: What would you advise a brother who seems to be toying with alcohol, particularly in light of a previous problem with drugs and alcohol?

Hypnotherapy: Is it OK to see a Christian hypnotherapist? [I Corinthians 6:9-11, Philippians 4:6-8, I Peter 5:7].

Alcohol & Addiction (Twelve Steps Programs): Do you think that drunkeness is an addiction, as they say in 12-step programs, or it that an inappropriate term? [Galatians 5, I Corinthians 6:9-11].

Twelve Step Programs: Don't you think that some people get a little carried away with aspects of twelve-step programs? Rec Lecture: "Biblical Counsel for a Change". [2 Corinthians 13:5].

Drinking Alcohol for Better Health: Should I take a shot of whiskey every day, as it seems to be suggested in Proverbs? [Proverbs 31:6].

Wine and Other Alcohol: My sister, who is diabetic, would like to drink alternate alcohol, rather than wine, and wonders if it is a sin.
Daniel 11 & the Antichrist: Could you explain Daniel 11:36-38? [Daniel 11:36-38]. Antiochus Ep, Herods, Rome, 70 weeks

Addiction, Physical or Psychological: Are people just of addictive nature from birth, or is it more developed by abuse and other outside influences and events? [ John 6:36, Galatians 5:22-23, Romans 7, Romans 8:2-4].

Drug Spiked Wine in the Bible: Do you have any information regarding drinking drug spiked wine in the Bible, while being at the devil's table ? [I Corinthians 10:21].

Christians Drinking Alcohol: What do you think about a believer drinking alcohol?

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous): What do you think of the Twelve Step Programs like AA (Alcoholics Anonymous)? [Galatians 5:16, I Corinthians 6, Galatians 5].

Communion-Wine or Grape Juice: How should we handle the issue of communion, especially in light of those that struggle with alcohol addiction?

Weaker Brothers in What Way? When Paul talks about eating various foods, etc., and the weaker brothers, what does he mean? [Romans 14, I Corinthians 8].

Wine at the Last Supper: I disagree with your position that wine was served at the last supper?
Wine in the Millennial Kingdom: Can you imagine wine being served in the millennial kingdom and the saints being drunk?

Alcohol in an Church Evangelistic Outreach: I wonder what you think about the response I got from my pastor regarding my objections regarding our church plans to serve alcohol for an evangelical outreach? [I Corinthians 9:22, Galatians 6:10].

Alcoholic Beverages for a Church Fundraiser: Our church is considering getting a alcoholic beverages license for a fundraising event, what scripture would you use to discourage it?

Wine & Alcohol: Caller comments on his tendency toward addictions to explain why he thinks Christians should not drink. Why do you think Jesus made alcoholic wine, rather than grape juice?

Drinking Alcohol: What is the application of the verse in Leviticus when the priests were instructed not to drink if they were going to approach God? And should we abstain as a preemptive precaution? [Leviticus 10, Luke 10:34, I Timothy 5:23].

Drinking Alcohol: Would you not agree that making allowance for a little bit of alcohol use, would also make allowance for the use of other damaging drugs? [I Corinthians 11:21, Proverbs 31:6, I Timothy 5:23].

Tithe: Doesn't this passage indicate that we must still pay tithes? [Matthew 23:23].
Drinking Alcohol: Can we still get to heaven if we drink alcohol?

Drinking Alcohol: Is it a sin to drink alcohol? [Matthew 11:18-19, I Corinthians 11:21, Ephesians 5:18].

Alcoholism - Reason for Divorce: Is alcoholism a legitimate reason to end a marriage by a divorce?

Drinking Alcohol: Did they drink real wine in the Bible? Should we serve wine now? [I Timothy 5:23, I Corinthians 11:21, Ephesians 5:20-24].

Wine: Was the wine really alcoholic, or was it grape juice?

Wedding Wine Miracle: When Mary told Jesus about running out of wine at the wedding, why did He address her the way he did and what did Jesus mean by "my hour is not yet come." Why did He ultimately end up performing the miracle? [John 2].
Praying to Mary: What about praying to Mary?

John Bevere: Have you (Steve) ever heard of John Bevere?
Alcohol: Is drinking alcohol sinning? Being drunk?

Jesus & taking Vinegar on the Cross: Is vinegar considered wine?
Amillennialism: When Jesus said that some standing there in that generation would not taste death until all these things happened be a pro-Amillennialism statement? [Matthew 24:34]

AA & Celebrate Recovery: Do you endorse AA or the Celebrate Recovery program?

Fasting & Wineskins: I am a little confused about references to fasting and general meaning in the passage about the new and old wineskins [Matthew 9:14-17].
Fasting: Is fasting a legalistic thing?

Helping the Addicted: How does one handle it when a friend who is addicted to drugs, keeps saying she wants to get clean & sober, but then never does?

Wine Purifying the Water: Did they know that wine intoxicates back then even though they used it to purify?

Alcohol & the Christian: Is drinking alcohol a sin or is it just being a drunkard that is?
Churches Displaying the Rainbow Flag: What about churches that display the rainbow flag?

Noah & his son Ham: Did Ham molest his father? what is going on in this story? [Genesis 9]

Animals in Heaven: Do animal souls go to heaven?
Second Chance after Death: Is there another chance to be saved after physical death? [Hebrews 9:27] 1064
AA Celebrate Recovery: What about 12-step programs?

Drinking Alcohol: Where do we draw the line of how to drink but knowing drunkenness is against the Bible?

AA Meetings & Salvation: Can a person who doesn't drink anymore but who goes to AA & says that he is an alcoholic, can he be saved?

Jesus' first Miracle & Wine: Was Jesus' first miracle the turning water into wine & are Christians allowed to drink alcohol?

Drinking Alcohol: I was reading this passage of Scripture in Proverbs which says, "giving drink to the perishing|". How are we to take that Scripture since drink alcohol is a sin or is it a sin? [Proverbs 31:6-7]

Institutional Church & the Early Churches: Modern institutional churches is in complete contrast to the apostolic or early church of the 1st century. [Hebrews 10:25]
Grounds for Divorce & Remarriage Discussion: God's view of marriage & faithfulness, but you can get a divorce if there's any impurity, like if your spouse is or becomes an alcoholic.

12-Step Program, AA Celebrate Recovery: Caller relates about a person who went to a church that had the 12 step program.

AA Celebrity Recovery: Is AA Celebrity Recovery for the Christian?

A Pastor who Serves Wine at a Bar: What do you think about a pastor who owns & serves wine at a bar? [1 Thessalonians 5:22]

Weak in the Faith: Does Romans 14 go beyond diet, food & holy days? [Romans 14]
People being Dogmatic in Secondary Issues: What about people who are very judgmental in stuff that we each have the liberty to do or not do?

Baptism of the Holy Spirit: Wfhat is the proof of being baptized by the Holy Spirit?
Addictions: Can someone who is filled with the Holy Spirit still have trouble trying to overcome addictions?

Drinking Alcohol: Is it wrong to drink alcohol?

Pornography Addiction: Are addiction problems biblical or is it referring to people who are just out of control?

Wine or Grape Juice: Was the miracle Jesus performed of turning water into wine, was that only grape juice or real wine? [John 2:1-12]

Alcohol & Street Drugs not a Moral Issue: A lot of social workers try to say that alcohol & street drugs are not a moral issue but a disease issue, what do you think?

Alcoholism: What if somebody died as a drunkard, could they still inherit the Kingdom of God? [1 Corinthians 6:9-10, Galatians 5:19-21]

Playing Cards: What is your view about playing cards? (that's the original Q, but Steve talks about Alcohol & Gambling more than the actual playing of cards.)

Salvation Clear, but Complicated: Salvation is clear, what it takes to be saved, what the gospel is, but all this other stuff is so hard to understand, eschatology, Calvinism/Arminianism, whether we can drink alcohol or not.

Alcoholic Consumption: People tell the caller that Jesus only made UN-fermented wine when He did the miracle at the wedding. They suggest that Jesus would not sin by drinking alcohol. But caller thinks it might be just about not getting drunk.

Using Drugs (Marijuana) Recreationally: What are Steve's thoughts on using Drugs, especially Marijuana, recreationally since they are legal in the state of where the caller is calling from?
Alcohol vs Marijuana Effects: What about the effects of Marijuana verses Alcohol?

Alcohol & Drugs: Can a person who is addicted to drugs or alcohols, & even do petty theft to support their habit, can they still be considered Christians?
Richard Dawkins: Can Steve explain some of what is wrong w/ Richard Dawkins reasoning?

Testimony about Addictions: As a result of hearing a couple phone calls regarding the caller about homosexuality & alcohol, a caller wanted to share his testimony re: drinking.

Followup About Previous Show: Caller wants to comment about previous day's show re: Homosexuality & Alcohol & the lady who criticized Steve for missing the mark w/ him.

Encouraging First Caller: Caller wants to encourage first caller about Homosexuality & trying to cover it up w/ alcohol, & just to "forgive himself".

Wrong Advice re: First Caller: Caller is a little concerned that he missed a golden opportunity w/ the first caller re: homosexuality & alcohol.

Homosexuality: Caller is concerned about dreams he's having about being in homosexual relationships, & past sexual sins.
Alcohol: Is it a sin to have a couple glasses of wine every night to deal w/ these problems?
Jesus Communicating w/ Us: Does Jesus really commute w/ us, verbally? Has He ever personally talked to Steve Gregg?

Thomas B. Welch: Caller just wanted to know Welch was the first person to introduce the process of pasteurization of grape juice.

Jesus, Vinegar, & the Cross: What was the Vinegar, & why did Jesus refuse it at first & then accept it, & are there any examples of Him drinking wine? John 19, Mark 15:35
Fermented Wine: Did Jesus actually drink fermented wine or not?

Wine in the Bible: What does the Bible say about wine in the Bible & strong drink?

Jesus Turning Water in Wine: Jesus reaction to His mother seemed like He was a little angry at her for asking, & wondering if anyone heard Him say that, & after all that, He ended up performing it anyway. [John 2]

Alcohol & Drugs: Caller comments on previous call about drugs & alcohol.
Annihilationism: Comments about the first call regarding hell, but not universalism, but annihilationism.
Evolution for Creation: Can you combine both Creation & Evolution, God using Evolution for Creation?

Marijuana & Prescription Drugs: Caller has been using marijuana & legal drugs for quite sometime, & wondering if they are okay to use.

Righteousness exceeding Pharisees: Whoever breaks the LEAST of the commandments will be the LEAST in the Kingdom of God & exceeding the Pharisees. [Matthew 5:19-20]
Overcoming Drunkenness: Caller has been struggling w/ intoxication, & wonders what he should do.

Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage: My wife divorced me because of my alcoholism. What should i do?
Alcoholism: How do i get out of my alcoholism?

An alcoholic & drug addicted Dad: How am I supposed to honour my father who is drunk all the time & addicted with drugs?

Mary, Jesus & turning the water into wine: Did Mary know Jesus could do this type of miracle because of things she had possibly seen Him do before the "first" miracle of turning water into wine? [John 2:1-10]
Noah cursing Canaan: So if Ham was the one who saw Noah's nakedness, why was Canaan cursed by Noah & not Ham? [Genesis 9:25]

Recovering Alcoholic Testimony: Caller is on fire for the Lord, & says that Steve is right about depending on AA & the 12-step programs. He thinks it might even be an occult.

AA Meetings: What if, even though not believing in Christ, places like AA are able to tap into the "power of God"? Is that possible?

More Reaction to First Call about Addictions: A previous caller needs to not enable his g/f, financing her ability to be able to buy her drugs & alcohol.
Speaking Engagements by Steve Gregg: How do you determine where you will speak?

Addictions (first call follow-up): Advice for the first caller's g/f who is exhibiting addictive behavior.
Face for Radio: You said you didn't have a face for radio, but I think you do.

Graham Cooke, David Wilkerson & modern-day Apostles: What do you think of Apostles for this day & age?
Alcohol: What do you think about drinking hard liquor?

Alcohol: I gave up alcohol, but my family & friends are saying there is nothing wrong with consuming alcohol. What do you think? [John 2:1-11, Proverbs 20:1, Proverbs 23:30-33]

Forgiveness over & over: How can God possibly forgive people with addictions, them asking for forgiveness, but then falling right back down?

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