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Topic: Money

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Compensation from Another Christian: As a Christian seeking compensation, can I ask my Christian dentist, to cover the costs of a botched attempt to fix my tooth? [I Corinthians 6:1-10].

Stealing (Theft): What is worse, stealing one dollar or a million dollars? [2 Samuel 12:4].

Planning My Own Suicide: What do you think of my plans to commit suicide in order to help someone else?

Parable of the Talents (Minas) and the Wicked Servant: Could you comment on the parable of the talents (minas) and the wicked servant in Luke and what happened to the servant who just buried his mina? [Luke 19:25-27].

Seven Churches Warning to Us: Do churches today face the same warnings as did the seven churches in Revelation?
Wealth & Riches Cause for Concern: Regarding the church of Laodicea's warning about them being wealthy and comfortable, how do we relate to that? [I Timothy 6:6-11, Matthew 13:1-9, Revelation 3:14-22].

Laying Up Treasure on Earth: Could you speak on the apparent contradiction between not laying up treasure on earth, and the preparation for the obligation to take care of one's family? [Matthew 6:19-21].

Charity Financial Responsibility: Caller suggests a site called "Charity Navigator" for checking organization's finances? (Compassion International, World Vision, Open Doors USA, Mercy Ships, etc.).

Tithing vs Giving: Could you talk to me about the difference between tithing and giving?

Seeking "The Kingdom of God": Is seeking "the Kingdom of God" the most important thing we are to do? [Matthew 6:33, Matthew 24:14].
Seeking Success in a Career: If we are disciples of Christ, should we be seeking financial success in our career? [I Corinthians 12, Romans 12, Acts 3:6, Matthew 10:8, Matthew 19:23, Ephesians 4:28, 2 Thessalonians 3:10, 1 Thessalonians 4: 11, I Timothy 6:17, I Timothy 6:9, I Corinthians 12:31].

Giving to Animal Care Rather Than a Church: Am I wrong to give money to organizations that care for pets rather than to the church? [2 Peter 3:9].

Giving Away One of Your Two Tunics: When John the Baptist directs that we give away one of our two garments, is that literal and applicable to us today? [Luke 3:11].
Investing and Saving Money: What about investing and saving money?

War - Christian Who Die are Ready: Caller comments on the call about "The Crusades", noting that Muslims are not ready to meet God, but Christians are.
Giving to Christian Ministries: Isn't giving to Christian ministries a requirement for the believer, and could neglect there be why we suffer at times? [Luke 12:48].

Love of Money, Root of Evil: Which translation of this verse about the love of money and the root of all evil do you prefer? [I Timothy 6:10, Ephesians 5:5].
Dispensationalism's Influences on Our Culture Today: How much influence do you think that Dispensationalism has had on the development of various technologies and idea about one-world government, etc.?

Cashless Society: What is the best answer for the Dispensationalist's concern over the threat of shortage of coins suggesting a coming cashless society? [Revelation 13:17].

Bankruptcy & Debt: What does the Bible say about excessive debt and bankruptcy? [Psalm 37:21]. [Editor's Note: Steve continues his thoughts after the break, even though it seems like he ended it before the break started.]

Financial Planning for Difficult & Unpredictable Times: In light of recent economic losses with the pandemic, though I remain fairly confident in the Lord's ability to provide, my family is not on the same page - how do I plan for what the uncertain future may be? [I Timothy 6:8-9,17, Proverbs 30:25, Genesis 41:46-57].

Plea the Blood of Jesus: Is it wrong to "plea the blood of Jesus" over your house or other goods?
Plea the Blood of Jesus: Is is wrong to "plea the blood of Jesus" over your house or other goods? [Revelation 12:11].
Distancing Oneself from One's Family Member: Is is wrong to distance myself from my brother, if I don't think he is a good influence around my family?

Tithing when you are Poor: Does not scripture suggest we should test God by tithing even if we don't have much, and He will supply our needs? [Luke 6:38, Matthew 6:33, I Timonthy 5:8].
Tithing when you are Poor: Can you give money to your poor mother, rather than to the church? [I Timothy 5:8].

Christian Music for Financial Gain: Isn't benefiting from writing and performing Christian acceptable, because it is still doing something good? [Matthew 10:8].

Compromised Songwriters: What are your thoughts on listening to worship music written or performed by those of groups that have some really compromised or nonscriptural doctrines or behavior? [James 1].

Giving & Stewardship: Could you talk about the gift of giving, and how the early church dealt with their finances, giving, and communal living and care for one another? [Acts 2:44, 4:34, 5:4, 11, 2 Corinthians 8:15, Exodus 16:18].
Financial Management-Descriptive or Prescriptive: Do you think that some of the financial references in scripture is more descriptive, rather than prescriptive, particularly because of special depressed circumstance? [Acts 11].

Money=Blessing: Is it true that just because someone has money, they are blessed, especially in light of Matthew 5? [Matthew 5:1-12, 25:15].

Money Management & Doing Favors: I don't fully understand this parable regarding money, particularly verse 9 and the context? [Luke 16:9, Luke 14:33, Acts 4:32, I Timothy 6:9].

Charging for Ministry: Is it acceptable to accept gifts for ministry, if I don't actually charge for my service? [I Corinthians 9].
Greater Works & Miracles: What does it mean by "greater works", when Jesus said we would do greater works than He did? [John 14:12-14].

Adamic Curse: Are we not free form the Adamic curse?
The Salvation Army: Is The Salvation Army a good group to donate to?

Excess Funds: How should handle sudden excessive funds or a financial windfall? [I Corinthians 6:20].

Lost Retirement Investment: Do you have any advice for one who has lost most of their savings for retirement, through no fault of their own? [Matthew 6:19-20].

Financial Stewardship: Retiring, Saving, Living by Faith, Giving, What to do financially?

Streets of Gold: Why are the streets of gold so often emphasized? Seems like it would not be important? [Revelation 21:21, Isaiah 35:8].

Usury: What about usury in the Bible? Investing wisely? Parable of the talents [Luke 6:35, Matthew 25:14f]

Tithing: What is our obligation in regard to tithing?

Charging Interest on Loans: What are your thoughts about Christians charging interest on loaned money?

Living Together, Unmarried: What would you say about a committed Christian couple who live together, but decided to remain unmarried for the financial benefits?

Mark of the Beast: Could the "mark of the beast" really be referring to an image on a coin due to mistranslation?

Lottery Winnings & Tithing: If you win the lottery and Tithe with the money, would God be happy with your offering?

Taxes: Tax laws & being deceitful

Parable of the talents: Isn't it good to save money for retirement?

Coffers: Are these 2 passages of scripture talking about the same thing where everyone just put all their money in one pot & people took what they needed? [Acts 4:34, Hebrews 10:34-36, 1 John 3:18]

Supporting Your Ministry-The Narrow Path: What would you say if I were to stop supporting other ministries in order to support your ministry?

Tithing & Giving: Isn't our first responsibility to tithing and giving to be in our own homes?

Steve's Financial Needs: If you don't take money from donations, how do you make your living?
A Prodigal Son: I have a prodigal son situation, should I fellowship with him or keep my distance from him?

Eternal Security: Can you lose your salvation?
Giving to the Narrow Path Ministry: Can I give to your ministry instead of my church?

Tithing: What do we owe to God now as far as tithing?

Freezing Debt: Is it ok to freeze the growing debt owed to someone to avoid bankruptcy?
Housing Illegal Immigrants: We need to open our home to sojourners, does this apply to the immigration issue?

Joel Osteen & Getting Rich: Joel Osteen says that we can get rich from God. [2 Kings 4:1-7]

Tithing: Tithing in the OT was different that the NT because it wasn't just cash. Is tithing optional or is it required?

The Book of Ecclesiastes: Would you say that Ecclesiastes was basically the life of an unbeliever?
"Much study is a weariness": In end of the matter, study will make you tired, is that he saying?

Tithing: I am surprised that you told a caller that they might want to ask the church how much they expect in their monetary contribution.

Michael Murdock & the Seed: What is Michael Murdock & seed money ministries saying by growing the seed? My mom thinks I should send him some moneys.

Pastors receiving a Salary: Should pastors receive a salary? [Matthew 10]

Panhandlers: What do we do about panhandlers? How do we respond to them?

Parable of the Talents: In the Parable of the talents what is the severity of the master about? [Matthew 25:14-30]

Tithing: My husband & I have been being convicted to tithe, wondering how to do it, who to give it to?

Monetary Tips: Is it godly to give tips in restaurants?

Charging for the Gospel: Why do Ministers charge for the gospel?

Tithing: If you miss your tithe last month you have to place catch up & pay 20% this month, plus the 10%, is this true?

Charging for Ministry - Financial Peace University: Charging for the ministry, that shouldn't be. It should be free. What about ministries like Dave Ramsey & Financial Peace University?

Suicide: A person considering suicide to financially support his wife.

Ministers Living High on the Hog: Ministers that are living in luxury, how is that okay?

Stewardship: If everything of ours is God's including our money, what if we want to buy a new car, or something else extravagant that we don't really need?

Tithing in Christian History: When did tithing start becoming a thing in the Christians church?

Tithing: Is tithing a biblical principle?
Life in Other Parts of the Universe: Is there life in other parts of the universe with which God interacts?

Wealthy Pastors: Pastors who have a lot of money in their accounts, charging for the ministry.

Twisted View of First Fruits: About tithing, pastor says we need to give our entire first fruits, our entire pay check, to them.

Ten Talents Parable: What does the parable of the talents mean? [Matthew 25:14-30]

Gift of Giving: Gift of giving & other spiritual gifts. [Romans 12:3-8]

Becoming Financially Independent: Providing for one's household. [Matthew 6:19-33, 1 Timothy 5:8]

Dani Johnson: Someone had just asked about Dani Johnson, so caller wanted to chime in that she became very wealthy as she was in the process of accepting Jesus.
Near Death Experience: Caller would like to know where he really was during his near death experience after being shot several times?

Dani Johnson: What can you tell me about Dani Johnson?

Wealthy People: You were talking about wealthy atheists giving money the other day, & Warren Buffet, "There are many ways to get to heaven, but this is a good way" after he gave a whole bunch of money. How would you rebut that?

Giving Sacrificially: Even though atheist gives billions, it's a drop in the bucket to them. They need to give sacrificially in order for it to count. [Mark 12:41-44]

Steve's Financial Needs: How does God support you financially? It's true that you ask for money for you radio show, but never for yourself.

Freely Giving: I'm w/ you on the not being legalistic about tithing, but we still need to exercise the practice of giving

Parable of the Talents: what does the money represent in the parable of the Talents

Christians Shouldn't Work: When I look at some scripture I see we as Christians shouldn't hold a job. What do you think of that? [Matthew 6:24, Romans 6:16, Luke 14:33, 2 Thessalonians 3:10, Proverbs 21:25]?

Pastor Wanting more & more Money: Concerning giving money, she is concerned that her pastor wants her to give more

Stewardship: A discussion about Stewardship, money & wealth for the believer.

Tithing: We don't have to pay tithe, is that true? How do we support the local church?

Cruise Ship Ministries: Is a cruise ship ministry a legitimate ministry or not? Spending a lot of money to go on a extravagant vacation? What about helping the poor instead of spending it on yourself?

First Fruits into the Storehouse (Tithing): Involving tithing, who was responsible to bring the first fruits into the storehouse?
Giving over entire Check: Pastors say that people's first check of the month has to be given over to them. Is that true?
Mount of Transfiguration Experience: Was the Mount of Transfiguration a vision or an actual appearance of Elijah & Moses?

Tithing Controversy: What did the early church look like as far as tithing?

Winning the Lottery: What would you do if won a lot of money from the lottery?

Donations: Caller has a Question about donating to the ministry.

Temple Institute - Rebuilding the Temple: Would it be a sin or offense against Christ to financially support the building of the 3rd Temple in Israel?

Paul's writings hard to understand: Peter said that some of Paul's writings were very hard to understand. What things was Peter talking about? [2 Peter 3:15-16]
The Fish & the Coin: Why did Jesus have Peter do it this way? Why didn't they just take the money out of the treasury, the purse Judas was always carrying around? [Matthew 17]

Sowing & Reaping: Caller is having financial hardship which is having an effect upon giving. [2 Corinthians 9, Luke 6:38]

Wealth & The Ministry: What is wrong w/ ministries getting a lot of money?

Socialism & Slavery: How can Steve be against socialism but be in favor of slavery?
Old Covenant debt relief laws vs Modern day Redistribution of the wealth: Weren't the old covenant laws for debt relief similar to redistribution of the wealth in modern days?

Divorce for Financial Benefit: She will NOT do that after listening to Steve on that, divorce because it's more expedient financially!
Two Witnesses: Have the 2 Witnesses already happened or not? [Revelation 11]
Views on Hell book: It never made sense about the Traditional View of Hell, people burning forever & ever, it's so against God's character.

Happy Birthday Steve & Asking For Money: Caller just wanted to wish Steve Gregg a Happy Birthday, & wants to say he DOESN'T manipulate people to give money.

Asking Money for Radio: Caller thinks Steve contradicts himself by saying he never "begs" for money, that if God is not blessing the ministry on its own merit, it will fail, otherwise He will bless it by funding it, w/ out asking/begging for money.

Church Building Project Followup: Caller had called before talking about the new building project her church wants to do. It is failing, & people are being told they are not following the Spirit of God for not pledging to help. Congregation needs to be in "one accord", according to the pastor. [Acts 2:46]

Pastoral Income: How should Pastors derive at their income? Should they all make tents like Paul did?

Gambling: Is it ever okay for the Christian to Gamble?

Shmita - 7th Year Rest - Jubilees: What does Steve know about the Shmita, every 7 years letting the soil rest? What about Jubilees?
America's Economy: Is America's economy about to collapse?

Bankruptcy: Does Steve have any thoughts on the Biblical perspective of Bankruptcy?

Tithing: Is it unbiblical to divvy out the 10% to different churches instead of just one church?- storehouse tithing.

Church Building Expanding Project: Our church is thinking about expanding the physical church by purchasing more property, but wondering if that's a good idea since are many needy people.

Finances - NT/OT version: There seems to be a completely different role of the importance of finances in the Old Testament vs the New Testament.

Laborer is worth his hire: You don't ask for money, but the Bible does say the Laborer is worth his hire. [1 Timothy 5:18]

Lottery - Gambling: Is it a sin to play the Lottery or Gamble?

Robbing God: Jesus asked if we were going to rob God w/ our tithes & offerings? [Malachi 3:8, Mark 12:38-44]

Future Economy & Preparing: What do you think about the future of the economy, & if we do think it's going to go into a tailspin, should we as Christians prepare for it?

Earning a Living & Sharing the Gospel: Aren't we supposed to be earning a living & sharing the gospel at the same time?

One Flesh: Does getting married & becoming "one flesh" mean that we have to put all our money in the pot together or can we have separate financial responsibilities, separate bank acounts?
Formal Education: Does Steve Gregg have any formal education in the study of the Bible since he seems so well-versed in it?

Forgiving a Debt: So following up on your answer about forgiving a loan, say you forgave them, & they came a week later & wanted to borrow another $1,000, if you don't let them, does that mean you're still holding the other debt against them & haven't really forgiven them or just being cautious?

Your Eye being the light of your Soul: What does it mean when Jesus said that if your eye is good, your whole body will be good, & if your eye is bad, your whole body will be bad? [Matthew 6:22-23, 1 Timothy 6:10]

Gambling a form of Stealing: Is Gambling a form of stealing?

Advancement & Decline of the Kingdom of God: The Kingdom of God is like a Mustard Seed, but it seems like it will grow really strong for awhile, & then decline, such as in Europe, North America. How is it ever going to come to a climax if it continues like that?
America & 3rd world Countries: Should we invest in our own country or 3rd world countries since there doesn't seem to be much fruit here lately?

Tithing: Where do we get the idea of 10% of our income for tithing because didn't they in OT they actually have to pay 33%?

Jesus' Financial Support: How was Jesus financed? Judas was the treasurer. Where did they get money for the treasury?

Financial responsibility to Church Leadership: Is it the responsibility of the Body of Christ to financial support everything that goes on in the church such as the church building, the pastor's salary income, maintenance workers?

Tithing: We SHOULD give as much as we can because God DOES bless us! [Malachi 3:10]

Discipleship & Obedience: We need to become a Disciple of Christ when we become Christians, is that not right, but some just want to make sure they stay out of hell, but shouldn't we be craving to learn about Jesus as much as can, & do anything He asks? Isn't a major part of Discipleship making more disciples of Christ? Why such a minority of people wanting to do that?
Extravagancy: What if we are living way more luxurious than we should, instead of giving to missions? [Romans 14:4]

Orthodox Priesthood encounter: I want to help a ministry that is helping the people in Syria & the Middles East, but I'm afraid of asking a priest for help. How should I go about that?
4 Kingdoms in Daniel 2: Does each succession nation have to be stronger than the one it's supplanting? Is the Rock that's coming to crush the toes possibly talking about the 2nd coming of Christ? [Daniel 21-45]

Gambling: Why is Gambling considered a sin, & where is the Scripture that says that it is?

Paul Being whipped: Paul being whipped the first time, but when he said the second time that he was a Roman Citizen he saved himself from being whipped, and they were in great trouble for whipping. [Acts 22:22-29]
Financial & Marriage difficulties: How do you take care of yourself in order to help someone else, namely my wife, since we are both having financial difficulties right now, & I don't know what to do.

Printing U.S. Money (follow up): Coinage refers to paper currency also, according to the caller.

Printing of U.S. Money: The U.S. Constitution did NOT grant the Federal Government to authorize the printing of paper money. Yes, it did the coinage, but not paper money.

David cutting Saul's skirt: Was Saul sleeping or using the bathroom when David managed to cut part of the Saul's skirt off?
Federal Reserve Money: Our Federal Government can & does print money without having gold or silver to back it up, & it's legit to do that.

Usury & Money: How does the Bible define usury & money?

Loaning & not being Paid Back: So we should just consider loans given to family as a gift, & if we get paid back, it's considered a bonus? [Luke 6:34-35]

Donating: Donating to Steve Gregg personally & donating to the Ministry, how does he do both?
Apostle Smith: Apostle Smith wants to charge for the gospel.

Supporting Missionaries in Africa but Living back in America: What about supporting missionaries who were supposed to be in Africa but then came back to America? Do I have to continue supporting them?

Renunciation: What do you think about Renunciation (giving up one's material possessions)? [Luke 14:33]

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