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Topic: Harlot

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The Seven Mountains in Revelation: Regarding to the seven mountains, are they referring to Rome or around Jerusalem? [Revelation 17:9, Revelation 11:8, Revelation 14, Isaiah 1].

The Harlot & Mystery Babylon: Could you talk about the Harlot and Mystery Babylon and what it means to "come out" of Babylon? [Revelation 18:3-4].

Roger Williams: Do you know anything about Roger Williams who was the founder of the Baptists?
Woman (Harlot) in Revelation: What do you think of the woman (the Harlot) in Revelation 17 represents? [Revelation 17:18].

Ezekiel's Parable of the Women: Caller comments on Ezekiel 16 about the parable of Israel an unfaithful women. [Ezekiel 16].
Creation: Do you think that plants were reproducing before the sun and the moon were created?

Destruction of Catholicism: Could you clarify Revelation 17, and if it could be about the destruction of modern day Catholicism (the new Israel)? [Revelation 14, 17, 19:2, Matthew 23, Romans 13].
Modern Day Israel: Isn't it reasonable to assume that modern day Israel is a temporary custodian of the land?

The Harlot of Revelation: Do you believe that the harlot in Revelation is Israel or Jerusalem? [Revelation 20, 18:20, 17:18, Acts 4:26, Isaiah 1:21, Jeremiah 2: 20, Hosea, Ezekiel].
Dating of Revelation: Does the possible earlier date of the birth of Jesus have an effect on the date of the writing of the book of Revelation?

Rapture Questions: How close are we to the Rapture? How long will the people who stay after the Rapture be here? Who is the woman, the Harlot, in Revelation 17? [Revelation 17]

Harlot: So you don't believe the Harot of Revelation 17 is the Catholic Church, so who is she?

David Hunt: is David Hunt a reliable Bible teacher?
Harlot in Revelation: Is the harlot the Catholic church? [Revelation 17]

Harlot of Revelation: Is the harlot describing the catholic church like a lot of people think it is? [Revelation 17]

Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage Situation: A preacher told the caller that he can't remarry unless his ex-wife is dead. Is this true? [Caller shares his story.]
Porneia - Fornication: Pastor sent him an article that the greek word, "Porneia", is only talking about the betrothing period or of a harlot.
Street Preacher: The preacher telling the caller all this is actually railing on him because he had been in this situation himself.
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